Can a webservice notify a user to make a webservices call?


I have written several Windows application with C# which use the same webservice.  I have used timers to call the programs to action and repeatedly contact the webservice to ask if there any new orders, for example.  It would be much nicer if the webservice could contact the application any time a new order comes in.

Is this possible?

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Remoting is great for this. As soon as a new order comes in your webservice, you can communicate with your applications.

This is a very easy-to-understand MSDN article:
of course, just add one action Listener

i dont know how you code your webservices.
for my understanding, when a new order come in, it will automatically raise your webservice. and the new order will be inserted into a related table, eg. workorder_table.
there should be a trigger that associates to workorder_table to deal with the new coming order.

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ba272Author Commented:
I appreciate the tip.  That sounds like a great first step.  But I came up dry when I did a quick search in the help for "action", "listener" and "action listener".  Would I add this to the webservice or the application using the webservice?  Could you give me a particular object name or an interface name that I can read about?

Thanks a lot.

if you talking about the webservice calling back the windows application..
I think it is not possible, not sure..

as it is a web based request, so webservice cannot call a function on the client application

Windows application needs to call the web service

Sorry, but I think you can't notify a client from a webservice.
A webservice works like a "normal" html / aspx page; a client could ask something and the webservice will answer, but only is this way, not the other way.

to notify a client the client must be listening to a specified port (with sockets or something like this) and the nthe webservice can connect to this port and notify the client. but this will "disable" the webservice functionality (and all of its advantages).
then this would be the same as a normal client-server-app (without webservices)

So I think your method with the timer is allready the best...

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