video card only works half the time radeon7000 (ALL MY POINTS Please help)

im having a prob with a new Radeon7000 AGP video card i got for my server.  the card only seems to work the first time it is booted. when i first put it in the system it worked no prob. after installing the driver it rebooted. when it rebooted the monitor turn on form power save mode but nothing whent on the screen (not even the post). to make shere it was a card prob i moved the new vid card in to one of my other comps (one with the same mobo ASUS A7V600). the card work ablsoloutly perfect in that comp.   i then tryed testing the AGP port on the mobo with a GFX5200 and it works perfecly with that card. (this is driving me crazy) as best as i can tell both the card and the mobo are working just fine.

the old vid card was a 4mb PCI card a RAGE II. if i place that card in the system change a vid card related seting (any vid card setting) in the cmos. and then put the new card in and boot the comp it works perfect till the system is shut down, then it won't boot again.

i've tryed puling out ALL other components (like nic's and modem's everything on the pci and usb ports.
it diden't help.

  im completly out of ideas can anyone help.

the system specs are:
Asus A7V600 mobo
ath 2200xp proc
PowerColor Radeon 7000 Multi-Desplay Edition
256mb ram
13gb hdd (maxtor) 120gb-SATA hdd  (WD)
lite-on dvd
Dlink 530TX Nic
Macronics 98715 Nic
Aopen 56k - PX modem
300watte PSU

any tips or thouts would be helpful thanx.
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All I can think of is a bad interaction between video card and motherboard.  You may have to live with using a different card and put the Radeon somewhere else.
I assume the other video cards work on the second and third reboots?  You may have the unfortunate problem of a slightly out-of-spec motherboard with a slightly-out-of-spec video card that won't work together.  If this card is new (which is strange, since it's such an old model), I would exchange it for another.  I have one myself which I have gotten a lot of use from.
mercury8001Author Commented:
yep the other video cards work on the second and thered boots. as for the posabliay of beeing out of spec, do u mean a small diferace in the way it was made? since the other motherbord i testd it in was the same model and rev.  since it seems to work with the other mobo ive been thinking of swaping the 2 mobos. do u now of any solftware that can test its stabillaty in the other system?
in the mean time ill check with my suppler to see about exchange polaceys.
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To compare the two systems, download and run Everest - it will also let you generate a report.
When you say server, are you by chance running 2003 server? If this is the case the system will have turned off hardware acceleration by default. Perhaps this is upsetting the card.

Chris B
mercury8001Author Commented:
by server i mean it is runing as a proxy server, file server and print server. the os was win2000pro now winXPro.
the error ocers even before the post screen will load.

iv switch the motherborad between the 2 systems. and elimanated any chance of the motherbord shorting agenst the case by using electrical tape anywhere i looks like it my come in contact with the case. however this motherbord that word with it before the switch is now showing the same prob as the first. the first bord is now in the other case and working with the card.

all that has not been change or other wise compensated for is the PSU in this case it is a 300w evotec. with only the mobo and vid card conected. (all other parts where removed.) the GFX5200 work fine like this. but the radeon7000 dose not work at all after the first boot.

im looking in to geting a nether PSU to test this with at the molment. is it posible that the radeon needs much more power than a GFX? or gets it power form a diferent part of the mobo power conector?

im also going run that everst software, ill post any result that seem usefull.
A Radeon 7000 requires very little power.  What may have happened is that you have a faulty power supply that damaged both boards - I hope that is not the case.
mercury8001Author Commented:
sorry for the long delay. was buzy with classes. i was unable to find any difereces between the 2 systems other than the hard drive witch whernt conected. and after changing the PSU the prob remand. im completly lost there must be somthing im over looking. any ideas?
mercury8001Author Commented:
i gess that the way it will have 2 be, my nefuw could use the upgade any way :-) lol
thanx for helping me for so long.
Sorry it didn't turn out better, but at least you know you have a card that does work.
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