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deep dynamic drop down

I have the need for a dynamic drop down similar to:


However I must go down 7 + levels (ie. country, state, area1, area2... etc).

I'm having trouble with creating the array to allow for that.  I can post code I have if it would help.

Thank you.
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Hi cfdynamics,

Where's your trouble?

cfdynamicsAuthor Commented:
It is in creating such deep arrays.  I've included the full form.  I need to start with country, then state, then each area - and it goes to 7 levels deep - this is only 3... 2 I have working, 3 or more I am not sure how to do.  You're more than welcome to shorten this up and give deeper examples.

Thank you.

<TITLE>Dynamic SELECTs</title>
<SCRIPT language='JavaScript'>
<!-- //

 // create js arrays to hold the data for selCity

 var aryCityData = new Array();

 aryCityData[0] = new Array();
 aryCityData[0][0][0] = new Option('Select a State','0','0');


      aryCityData[1] = new Array();

      aryCityData[1][0][0] = new Option('Dauphin Island','3');
      aryCityData[1][1][0] = new Option('Fairhope','4');
      aryCityData[1][2][0] = new Option('Fort Morgan','5');
      aryCityData[1][3][0] = new Option('Gulf Shores','6');
      aryCityData[1][4][0] = new Option('Mentone','7');
      aryCityData[1][5][0] = new Option('Orange Beach','8');
      aryCityData[2] = new Array();

      aryCityData[2][0][0] = new Option('Anchorage','10');
      aryCityData[2][1][0] = new Option('Big Lake','11');
      aryCityData[2][2][0] = new Option('Girdwood','12');
      aryCityData[2][3][0] = new Option('Homer','13');
      aryCityData[2][4][0] = new Option('Juneau','14');
      aryCityData[2][5][0] = new Option('Seward','15');
      aryCityData[2][6][0] = new Option('Sitka','16');
      aryCityData[2][7][0] = new Option('Soldotna','17');
      aryCityData[3] = new Array();

      aryCityData[3][0][0] = new Option('Alpine','19');
      aryCityData[3][1][0] = new Option('Arizona City','20');
      aryCityData[3][2][0] = new Option('Bisbee','21');
      aryCityData[3][3][0] = new Option('Flagstaff','22');
      aryCityData[3][4][0] = new Option('Grand Canyon','23');
      aryCityData[3][5][0] = new Option('Lake Havasu City','24');
      aryCityData[3][6][0] = new Option('Overgaard','25');
      aryCityData[3][7][0] = new Option('Phoenix Area ','26');
      aryCityData[3][8][0] = new Option('Ahwatukee','27');
      aryCityData[3][8][1] = new Option('Anthem','28');
      aryCityData[3][8][2] = new Option('Apache Junction','29');
      aryCityData[3][8][3] = new Option('Avondale','30');
      aryCityData[3][8][4] = new Option('Carefree','31');
      aryCityData[3][8][5] = new Option('Cave Creek','32');
      aryCityData[3][8][6] = new Option('Chandler','33');
      aryCityData[3][8][7] = new Option('Fountain Hills','34');
      aryCityData[3][8][8] = new Option('Gilbert','35');
      aryCityData[3][8][9] = new Option('Glendale','36');
      aryCityData[3][8][10] = new Option('Gold Canyon','37');
      aryCityData[3][8][11] = new Option('Goodyear','38');
      aryCityData[3][8][12] = new Option('Litchfield Park','39');
      aryCityData[3][8][13] = new Option('Mesa','40');
      aryCityData[3][8][14] = new Option('Paradise Valley','41');
      aryCityData[3][8][15] = new Option('Peoria','42');
      aryCityData[3][8][16] = new Option('Phoenix','43');
      aryCityData[3][8][17] = new Option('Rio Verde','44');
      aryCityData[3][8][18] = new Option('Scottsdale','45');
      aryCityData[3][8][19] = new Option('Surprise','46');
      aryCityData[3][8][20] = new Option('Tempe','47');
      aryCityData[3][8][0] = new Option('Pinetop','48');
      aryCityData[3][9][0] = new Option('Pinetop-Lakeside','49');
      aryCityData[3][10][0] = new Option('Sedona','50');
      aryCityData[3][11][0] = new Option('Show Low','51');
      aryCityData[3][12][0] = new Option('Tucson Area ','52');
      aryCityData[3][13][0] = new Option('Green Valley','53');
      aryCityData[3][13][1] = new Option('Oro Valley','54');
      aryCityData[3][13][2] = new Option('Saddlebrooke','55');
      aryCityData[3][13][3] = new Option('Tucson','56');
      aryCityData[4] = new Array();

      aryCityData[4][0][0] = new Option('Beaver Lake','58');
      aryCityData[4][1][0] = new Option('Eureka Springs','59');
      aryCityData[4][1][0] = new Option('Bull Shoals Lake','60');
      aryCityData[4][2][0] = new Option('Bull Shoals','61');
      aryCityData[4][2][1] = new Option('Peel','62');
      aryCityData[4][2][0] = new Option('Dardanelle','63');
      aryCityData[4][3][0] = new Option('Greers Ferry Lake','64');
      aryCityData[4][4][0] = new Option('Greers Ferry Lake','66');
      aryCityData[4][4][1] = new Option('Heber Springs','65');
      aryCityData[4][4][0] = new Option('Hot Springs','67');
      aryCityData[5] = new Array();

      aryCityData[5][0][0] = new Option('Central California','160');
      aryCityData[5][1][0] = new Option('Aptos','161');
      aryCityData[5][1][1] = new Option('Arnold','164');
      aryCityData[5][1][2] = new Option('Baywood Park','165');
      aryCityData[5][1][3] = new Option('Bear Valley','166');
      aryCityData[5][1][4] = new Option('Cambria','167');
      aryCityData[5][1][5] = new Option('Capitola','168');
      aryCityData[5][1][6] = new Option('Carmel Area','169');
      aryCityData[5][1][7] = new Option('Cayucos','175');
      aryCityData[5][1][8] = new Option('Dorrington','176');
      aryCityData[5][1][9] = new Option('La Selva Beach','177');
      aryCityData[5][1][10] = new Option('Lake Isabella','178');
      aryCityData[5][1][11] = new Option('Lake Nacimiento','181');
      aryCityData[5][1][12] = new Option('Los Osos','183');
      aryCityData[5][1][13] = new Option('Mammoth Mountain','184');
      aryCityData[5][1][14] = new Option('Monterey Bay Area','186');
      aryCityData[5][1][15] = new Option('Morro Bay','193');
      aryCityData[5][1][16] = new Option('Murphys','194');
      aryCityData[5][1][17] = new Option('Pismo Beach','195');
      aryCityData[5][1][18] = new Option('San Luis Obispo','196');
      aryCityData[5][1][19] = new Option('Santa Cruz','197');
      aryCityData[5][1][20] = new Option('Sequoia','198');
      aryCityData[5][1][21] = new Option('Shaver Lake','203');
      aryCityData[5][1][22] = new Option('Yosemite','204');
      aryCityData[5][1][0] = new Option('Lake Tahoe California','136');
      aryCityData[5][2][0] = new Option('North Shore','137');
      aryCityData[5][2][1] = new Option('South Shore','158');
      aryCityData[5][2][2] = new Option('West Shore','152');
      aryCityData[5][2][0] = new Option('Northern California','69');
      aryCityData[5][3][0] = new Option('Albion','70');
      aryCityData[5][3][1] = new Option('Bodega Bay','71');
      aryCityData[5][3][2] = new Option('Bolinas','72');
      aryCityData[5][3][3] = new Option('Boonville','73');
      aryCityData[5][3][4] = new Option('Clearlake','74');
      aryCityData[5][3][5] = new Option('Coffee Creek','128');
      aryCityData[5][3][6] = new Option('Crescent City','81');
      aryCityData[5][3][7] = new Option('Dillon Beach','82');
      aryCityData[5][3][8] = new Option('Elk','83');
      aryCityData[5][3][9] = new Option('Fort Bragg','84');
      aryCityData[5][3][10] = new Option('Gasquet','85');
      aryCityData[5][3][11] = new Option('Georgetown','86');
      aryCityData[5][3][12] = new Option('Graeagle','87');
      aryCityData[5][3][13] = new Option('Inverness','88');
      aryCityData[5][3][14] = new Option('Lake Almanor','89');
      aryCityData[5][3][15] = new Option('Mendocino','91');
      aryCityData[5][3][16] = new Option('Mendocino, Irish Beach','90');
      aryCityData[5][3][17] = new Option('Mount Lassen, Manton Valley','92');
      aryCityData[5][3][18] = new Option('Mount Shasta','93');
      aryCityData[5][3][19] = new Option('Napa County','94');
      aryCityData[5][3][20] = new Option('Nevada City','100');
      aryCityData[5][3][21] = new Option('Point Reyes Station','101');
      aryCityData[5][3][22] = new Option('Rio Vista','102');
      aryCityData[5][3][23] = new Option('San Francisco Bay Area','103');
      aryCityData[5][3][24] = new Option('Sea Ranch','110');
      aryCityData[5][3][25] = new Option('Shasta Lake, Lakehead','111');
      aryCityData[5][3][26] = new Option('Somerset','112');
      aryCityData[5][3][27] = new Option('Sonoma County','113');
      aryCityData[5][3][28] = new Option('Trinidad','126');
      aryCityData[5][3][29] = new Option('Trinity Alps','127');
      aryCityData[5][3][30] = new Option('Trinity Center','129');
      aryCityData[5][3][31] = new Option('Westport','134');
      aryCityData[5][3][32] = new Option('Willits','135');
      aryCityData[5][3][0] = new Option('Southern California','215');
      aryCityData[5][4][0] = new Option('Deserts','216');
      aryCityData[5][4][1] = new Option('Inland Empire','227');
      aryCityData[5][4][2] = new Option('Los Angeles County','233');
      aryCityData[5][4][3] = new Option('Orange County','270');
      aryCityData[5][4][4] = new Option('San Diego County','245');
      aryCityData[5][4][5] = new Option('Santa Barbara Area','262');
      aryCityData[6] = new Array();

      aryCityData[6][0][0] = new Option('Alma','289');
      aryCityData[6][1][0] = new Option('Arrowhead','290');
      aryCityData[6][2][0] = new Option('Aspen','291');
      aryCityData[6][3][0] = new Option('Avon','292');
      aryCityData[6][4][0] = new Option('Bachelor Gulch','293');
      aryCityData[6][5][0] = new Option('Beaver Creek','294');
      aryCityData[6][6][0] = new Option('Black Hawk','295');
      aryCityData[6][7][0] = new Option('Boulder','296');
      aryCityData[6][8][0] = new Option('Breckenridge','297');
      aryCityData[6][9][0] = new Option('Buena Vista','298');
      aryCityData[6][10][0] = new Option('Carbondale','299');
      aryCityData[6][11][0] = new Option('Cascade','300');
      aryCityData[6][12][0] = new Option('Clark','301');
      aryCityData[6][13][0] = new Option('Colorado Springs','302');
      aryCityData[6][14][0] = new Option('Copper Mountain','303');
      aryCityData[6][15][0] = new Option('Cordillera','304');
      aryCityData[6][16][0] = new Option('Crested Butte','305');
      aryCityData[6][17][0] = new Option('Crestone','306');
      aryCityData[6][18][0] = new Option('Cripple Creek','307');
      aryCityData[6][19][0] = new Option('Denver','308');
      aryCityData[6][20][0] = new Option('Dillon','309');
      aryCityData[6][21][0] = new Option('Divide','310');
      aryCityData[6][22][0] = new Option('Durango','311');
      aryCityData[6][23][0] = new Option('Edwards','312');
      aryCityData[6][24][0] = new Option('Estes Park','313');
      aryCityData[6][25][0] = new Option('Evergreen','314');
      aryCityData[6][26][0] = new Option('Fairplay','315');
      aryCityData[6][27][0] = new Option('Frisco','316');
      aryCityData[6][28][0] = new Option('Georgetown','319');
      aryCityData[6][29][0] = new Option('Georgetown','317');
      aryCityData[6][30][0] = new Option('Silver Plume','318');
      aryCityData[6][30][0] = new Option('Glenwood Springs','320');
      aryCityData[6][31][0] = new Option('Granby','321');
      aryCityData[6][32][0] = new Option('Grand Lake','322');
      aryCityData[6][33][0] = new Option('Gunnison','323');
      aryCityData[6][34][0] = new Option('Keystone','324');
      aryCityData[6][35][0] = new Option('Keystone Resort','325');
      aryCityData[6][36][0] = new Option('Lake George','326');
      aryCityData[6][37][0] = new Option('Manitou Springs','327');
      aryCityData[6][38][0] = new Option('Mesa Verde','328');
      aryCityData[6][39][0] = new Option('Cortez','329');
      aryCityData[6][39][0] = new Option('Ouray','330');
      aryCityData[6][40][0] = new Option('Pagosa Springs','331');
      aryCityData[6][41][0] = new Option('Ridgway','332');
      aryCityData[6][42][0] = new Option('Salida','333');
      aryCityData[6][43][0] = new Option('Silverthorne','334');
      aryCityData[6][44][0] = new Option('Snowmass','335');
      aryCityData[6][45][0] = new Option('South Fork','336');
      aryCityData[6][46][0] = new Option('South Park','337');
      aryCityData[6][47][0] = new Option('Jefferson','338');
      aryCityData[6][47][1] = new Option('Ranch of The Rockies','339');
      aryCityData[6][47][0] = new Option('Steamboat Springs','340');
      aryCityData[6][48][0] = new Option('Telluride','341');
      aryCityData[6][49][0] = new Option('Mountain Village','342');
      aryCityData[6][49][1] = new Option('Telluride','343');
      aryCityData[6][49][0] = new Option('Vail','344');
      aryCityData[6][50][0] = new Option('Wildernest','345');
      aryCityData[6][51][0] = new Option('Winter Park Area','346');
      aryCityData[6][52][0] = new Option('Fraser','347');
      aryCityData[6][52][1] = new Option('Sol Vista','348');
      aryCityData[6][52][2] = new Option('Tabernash','349');
      aryCityData[6][52][3] = new Option('Winter Park','350');
      aryCityData[6][52][0] = new Option('Woodland Park','351');
      aryCityData[7] = new Array();

      aryCityData[7][0][0] = new Option('Branford','353');
      aryCityData[7][1][0] = new Option('Guilford','354');
      aryCityData[7][2][0] = new Option('Mystic','355');
      aryCityData[7][3][0] = new Option('New Milford','356');
      aryCityData[7][4][0] = new Option('Niantic','357');
      aryCityData[7][5][0] = new Option('Norwich','358');
      aryCityData[7][6][0] = new Option('Old Lyme','359');
      aryCityData[7][7][0] = new Option('Old Saybrook','360');
      aryCityData[7][8][0] = new Option('Stonington','361');
      aryCityData[7][9][0] = new Option('Westbrook','362');
      aryCityData[8] = new Array();

      aryCityData[8][0][0] = new Option('Bethany Beach','364');
      aryCityData[8][1][0] = new Option('Dewey Beach','365');
      aryCityData[8][2][0] = new Option('Fenwick Island','366');
      aryCityData[8][3][0] = new Option('Lewes','367');
      aryCityData[8][4][0] = new Option('Millville','368');
      aryCityData[8][5][0] = new Option('Ocean View','369');
      aryCityData[8][6][0] = new Option('Rehoboth Beach','370');
      aryCityData[8][7][0] = new Option('South Bethany Beach','371');
      aryCityData[9] = new Array();

      aryCityData[9][0][0] = new Option('Central Gulf Coast','563');
      aryCityData[9][1][0] = new Option('Arcadia','564');
      aryCityData[9][1][1] = new Option('Cape Coral','565');
      aryCityData[9][1][2] = new Option('Cape Haze','566');
      aryCityData[9][1][3] = new Option('Captiva Island','567');
      aryCityData[9][1][4] = new Option('Charlotte Harbor','568');
      aryCityData[9][1][5] = new Option('Don Pedro Island','569');
      aryCityData[9][1][6] = new Option('Englewood','570');
      aryCityData[9][1][7] = new Option('Englewood Beach','571');
      aryCityData[9][1][8] = new Option('Fort Myers','572');
      aryCityData[9][1][9] = new Option('Fort Myers Beach','573');
      aryCityData[9][1][10] = new Option('Gasparilla Island','574');
      aryCityData[9][1][11] = new Option('Little Gasparilla Island','576');
      aryCityData[9][1][12] = new Option('Manasota Key','578');
      aryCityData[9][1][13] = new Option('North Captiva Island','579');
      aryCityData[9][1][14] = new Option('North Port','580');
      aryCityData[9][1][15] = new Option('Palm Island','581');
      aryCityData[9][1][16] = new Option('Pine Island','582');
      aryCityData[9][1][17] = new Option('Port Charlotte','586');
      aryCityData[9][1][18] = new Option('Punta Gorda','589');
      aryCityData[9][1][19] = new Option('Punta Gorda','587');
      aryCityData[9][1][20] = new Option('Rotonda West','590');
      aryCityData[9][1][21] = new Option('Sanibel Island','591');
      aryCityData[9][1][0] = new Option('Central-Disney-Orlando Area','423');
      aryCityData[9][2][0] = new Option('Altamonte Springs','424');
      aryCityData[9][2][1] = new Option('Astor','425');
      aryCityData[9][2][2] = new Option('Buena Ventura Lakes','426');
      aryCityData[9][2][3] = new Option('Celebration','427');
      aryCityData[9][2][4] = new Option('Clermont','428');
      aryCityData[9][2][5] = new Option('Davenport','429');
      aryCityData[9][2][6] = new Option('De Land','430');
      aryCityData[9][2][7] = new Option('Gainesville','431');
      aryCityData[9][2][8] = new Option('Haines City','432');
      aryCityData[9][2][9] = new Option('Howey-In-The-Hills','433');
      aryCityData[9][2][10] = new Option('Inverness','434');
      aryCityData[9][2][11] = new Option('Kissimmee','435');
      aryCityData[9][2][12] = new Option('Lady Lake','436');
      aryCityData[9][2][13] = new Option('Lake Buena Vista','437');
      aryCityData[9][2][14] = new Option('Lake Placid','438');
      aryCityData[9][2][15] = new Option('Lake Weir','439');
      aryCityData[9][2][16] = new Option('Lakeland','440');
      aryCityData[9][2][17] = new Option('Leesburg','441');
      aryCityData[9][2][18] = new Option('Mount Dora','442');
      aryCityData[9][2][19] = new Option('Ocala','443');
      aryCityData[9][2][20] = new Option('Orlando','444');
      aryCityData[9][2][21] = new Option('Plant City','445');
      aryCityData[9][2][22] = new Option('Sebring','446');
      aryCityData[9][2][23] = new Option('Summerfield','447');
      aryCityData[9][2][24] = new Option('Tavares','448');
      aryCityData[9][2][25] = new Option('Weirsdale','449');
      aryCityData[9][2][26] = new Option('Welaka','450');
      aryCityData[9][2][27] = new Option('Winter Garden','451');
      aryCityData[9][2][0] = new Option('East Coast','452');
      aryCityData[9][3][0] = new Option('Amelia Island','453');
      aryCityData[9][3][1] = new Option('Atlantic Beach','456');
      aryCityData[9][3][2] = new Option('Aventura','457');
      aryCityData[9][3][3] = new Option('Boca Raton','458');
      aryCityData[9][3][4] = new Option('Boynton Beach','459');
      aryCityData[9][3][5] = new Option('Cape Canaveral','460');
      aryCityData[9][3][6] = new Option('Cocoa Beach','461');
      aryCityData[9][3][7] = new Option('Daytona Beach','462');
      aryCityData[9][3][8] = new Option('Daytona Beach Shores','463');
      aryCityData[9][3][9] = new Option('Deerfield Beach','464');
      aryCityData[9][3][10] = new Option('Delray Beach','465');
      aryCityData[9][3][11] = new Option('Edgewater','466');
      aryCityData[9][3][12] = new Option('Flagler Beach','467');
      aryCityData[9][3][13] = new Option('Fort Lauderdale','468');
      aryCityData[9][3][14] = new Option('Fort Pierce','469');
      aryCityData[9][3][15] = new Option('Hallandale','470');
      aryCityData[9][3][16] = new Option('Highland Beach','471');
      aryCityData[9][3][17] = new Option('Hillsboro Beach','472');
      aryCityData[9][3][18] = new Option('Holly Hill','473');
      aryCityData[9][3][19] = new Option('Hollywood','474');
      aryCityData[9][3][20] = new Option('Hutchinson Island (N & S)','475');
      aryCityData[9][3][21] = new Option('Indialantic','476');
      aryCityData[9][3][22] = new Option('Jacksonville','477');
      aryCityData[9][3][23] = new Option('Jacksonville Beach','478');
      aryCityData[9][3][24] = new Option('Jensen Beach','479');
      aryCityData[9][3][25] = new Option('Juno Beach','480');
      aryCityData[9][3][26] = new Option('Jupiter','481');
      aryCityData[9][3][27] = new Option('Key Biscayne','482');
      aryCityData[9][3][28] = new Option('Lake Worth','483');
      aryCityData[9][3][29] = new Option('Lauderdale-by-the-Sea','484');
      aryCityData[9][3][30] = new Option('Melbourne Beach','485');
      aryCityData[9][3][31] = new Option('Merritt Island','486');
      aryCityData[9][3][32] = new Option('Miami','487');
      aryCityData[9][3][33] = new Option('Miami Beach','488');
      aryCityData[9][3][34] = new Option('New Smyrna Beach','491');
      aryCityData[9][3][35] = new Option('Ormond Beach','492');
      aryCityData[9][3][36] = new Option('Ormond By The Sea','493');
      aryCityData[9][3][37] = new Option('Palm Beach','494');
      aryCityData[9][3][38] = new Option('Palm Beach Gardens','495');
      aryCityData[9][3][39] = new Option('Palm Coast','496');
      aryCityData[9][3][40] = new Option('Pompano Beach','497');
      aryCityData[9][3][41] = new Option('Ponce Inlet','498');
      aryCityData[9][3][42] = new Option('Ponte Vedra Beach','499');
      aryCityData[9][3][43] = new Option('Port St. Lucie','500');
      aryCityData[9][3][44] = new Option('Satellite Beach','501');
      aryCityData[9][3][45] = new Option('Sebastian','502');
      aryCityData[9][3][46] = new Option('Singer Island','503');
      aryCityData[9][3][47] = new Option('St. Augustine','506');
      aryCityData[9][3][48] = new Option('St. Augustine Beach','507');
      aryCityData[9][3][49] = new Option('Stuart','508');
      aryCityData[9][3][50] = new Option('Sunny Isles','509');
      aryCityData[9][3][51] = new Option('Tequesta','510');
      aryCityData[9][3][52] = new Option('Titusville','511');
      aryCityData[9][3][53] = new Option('Vero Beach','512');
      aryCityData[9][3][54] = new Option('Wellington','513');
      aryCityData[9][3][55] = new Option('West Palm Beach','514');
      aryCityData[9][3][56] = new Option('Wilton Manors','515');
      aryCityData[9][3][0] = new Option('Keys','599');
      aryCityData[9][4][0] = new Option('Islamorada Area','600');
      aryCityData[9][4][1] = new Option('Key Largo Area','605');
      aryCityData[9][4][2] = new Option('Key West Area','608');
      aryCityData[9][4][3] = new Option('Lower Key','610');
      aryCityData[9][4][4] = new Option('Marathon Area','617');
      aryCityData[9][4][0] = new Option('Main Panhandle','373');
      aryCityData[9][5][0] = new Option('Alligator Point','374');
      aryCityData[9][5][1] = new Option('Cape San Blas','375');
      aryCityData[9][5][2] = new Option('Carrabelle','376');
      aryCityData[9][5][3] = new Option('Carrabelle Beach','377');
      aryCityData[9][5][4] = new Option('Fort Walton Beach','378');
      aryCityData[9][5][5] = new Option('Freeport','381');
      aryCityData[9][5][6] = new Option('Indian Pass','382');
      aryCityData[9][5][7] = new Option('Mexico Beach','383');
      aryCityData[9][5][8] = new Option('Navarre Beach','384');
      aryCityData[9][5][9] = new Option('Niceville','385');
      aryCityData[9][5][10] = new Option('Pensacola','386');
      aryCityData[9][5][11] = new Option('Pensacola Beach','387');
      aryCityData[9][5][12] = new Option('Perdido Key','388');
      aryCityData[9][5][13] = new Option('Shell Point','389');
      aryCityData[9][5][14] = new Option('St. George Island','390');
      aryCityData[9][5][15] = new Option('St. Joe Beach','393');
      aryCityData[9][5][16] = new Option('St. Teresa','394');
      aryCityData[9][5][17] = new Option('Steinhatchee','395');
      aryCityData[9][5][18] = new Option('Wewahitchka','396');
      aryCityData[9][5][0] = new Option('Panhandle Destin Area','397');
      aryCityData[9][6][0] = new Option('Holiday Isle','398');
      aryCityData[9][6][1] = new Option('Mid-Destin','399');
      aryCityData[9][6][2] = new Option('Other Destin Rentals','402');
      aryCityData[9][6][3] = new Option('Sandestin','401');
      aryCityData[9][6][4] = new Option('Scenic Highway 98','400');
      aryCityData[9][6][0] = new Option('Panhandle Panama City Beach Area','414');
      aryCityData[9][7][0] = new Option('Bahama Beach','415');
      aryCityData[9][7][1] = new Option('Bid-a-wee','416');
      aryCityData[9][7][2] = new Option('Carillon Beach','417');
      aryCityData[9][7][3] = new Option('Laguna Beach','418');
      aryCityData[9][7][4] = new Option('Panama City','419');
      aryCityData[9][7][5] = new Option('Panama City Beach','420');
      aryCityData[9][7][6] = new Option('Saint Andrews','421');
      aryCityData[9][7][7] = new Option('West Panama City Beach','422');
      aryCityData[9][7][0] = new Option('Panhandle South Walton Beach Area','403');
      aryCityData[9][8][0] = new Option('Blue Mountain Beach','404');
      aryCityData[9][8][1] = new Option('Dune Allen Beach','405');
      aryCityData[9][8][2] = new Option('Grayton Beach','406');
      aryCityData[9][8][3] = new Option('Inlet Beach','407');
      aryCityData[9][8][4] = new Option('Rosemary Beach','408');
      aryCityData[9][8][5] = new Option('Santa Rosa Beach','409');
      aryCityData[9][8][6] = new Option('Seacrest Beach','410');
      aryCityData[9][8][7] = new Option('Seagrove Beach','411');
      aryCityData[9][8][8] = new Option('Seaside','412');
      aryCityData[9][8][9] = new Option('WaterColor','413');
      aryCityData[9][8][0] = new Option('South Gulf Coast','592');
      aryCityData[9][9][0] = new Option('Bonita Beach','593');
      aryCityData[9][9][1] = new Option('Bonita Springs','594');
      aryCityData[9][9][2] = new Option('Estero','595');
      aryCityData[9][9][3] = new Option('Isles of Capri','596');
      aryCityData[9][9][4] = new Option('Marco Island','597');
      aryCityData[9][9][5] = new Option('Naples','598');
      aryCityData[9][9][0] = new Option('Upper Gulf Coast','516');
      aryCityData[9][10][0] = new Option('Anna Maria Island','517');
      aryCityData[9][10][1] = new Option('Apollo Beach','522');
      aryCityData[9][10][2] = new Option('Belleair Beach','523');
      aryCityData[9][10][3] = new Option('Bradenton','524');
      aryCityData[9][10][4] = new Option('Clearwater','525');
      aryCityData[9][10][5] = new Option('Clearwater Beach','528');
      aryCityData[9][10][6] = new Option('Crystal River','529');
      aryCityData[9][10][7] = new Option('Dunedin','530');
      aryCityData[9][10][8] = new Option('Hernando Beach','531');
      aryCityData[9][10][9] = new Option('Holiday','532');
      aryCityData[9][10][10] = new Option('Homosassa','533');
      aryCityData[9][10][11] = new Option('Hudson','534');
      aryCityData[9][10][12] = new Option('Indian Rocks Beach','535');
      aryCityData[9][10][13] = new Option('Indian Shores','536');
      aryCityData[9][10][14] = new Option('Inglis','537');
      aryCityData[9][10][15] = new Option('Isla del Sol','538');
      aryCityData[9][10][16] = new Option('Largo','539');
      aryCityData[9][10][17] = new Option('Longboat Key','540');
      aryCityData[9][10][18] = new Option('Madeira Beach','541');
      aryCityData[9][10][19] = new Option('New Port Richey','542');
      aryCityData[9][10][20] = new Option('Nokomis','543');
      aryCityData[9][10][21] = new Option('North Redington Beach','544');
      aryCityData[9][10][22] = new Option('Osprey','545');
      aryCityData[9][10][23] = new Option('Palm Harbor','546');
      aryCityData[9][10][24] = new Option('Perico Island','547');
      aryCityData[9][10][25] = new Option('Port Richey','548');
      aryCityData[9][10][26] = new Option('Redington Beach','549');
      aryCityData[9][10][27] = new Option('Redington Shores','550');
      aryCityData[9][10][28] = new Option('Sand Key','551');
      aryCityData[9][10][29] = new Option('Sarasota','552');
      aryCityData[9][10][30] = new Option('Siesta Key','553');
      aryCityData[9][10][31] = new Option('Spring Hill','554');
      aryCityData[9][10][32] = new Option('St. Pete Beach','555');
      aryCityData[9][10][33] = new Option('St. Petersburg','556');
      aryCityData[9][10][34] = new Option('Tampa','557');
      aryCityData[9][10][35] = new Option('Tarpon Springs','558');
      aryCityData[9][10][36] = new Option('Tierra Verde','559');
      aryCityData[9][10][37] = new Option('Treasure Island','560');
      aryCityData[9][10][38] = new Option('Venice','561');
      aryCityData[9][10][39] = new Option('Weeki Wachee','562');
      aryCityData[10] = new Array();

      aryCityData[10][0][0] = new Option('Atlanta','623');
      aryCityData[10][1][0] = new Option('Augusta','624');
      aryCityData[10][2][0] = new Option('Big Canoe','625');
      aryCityData[10][3][0] = new Option('Blairsville','626');
      aryCityData[10][4][0] = new Option('Blue Ridge','627');
      aryCityData[10][5][0] = new Option('Blue Ridge Lake','628');
      aryCityData[10][6][0] = new Option('Morganton','629');
      aryCityData[10][6][0] = new Option('Carters Lake','630');
      aryCityData[10][7][0] = new Option('Clayton','631');
      aryCityData[10][8][0] = new Option('Dillard','632');
      aryCityData[10][9][0] = new Option('Ellijay','633');
      aryCityData[10][10][0] = new Option('Hartwell Lake','634');
      aryCityData[10][11][0] = new Option('Hartwell','635');
      aryCityData[10][11][1] = new Option('Lavonia','636');
      aryCityData[10][11][2] = new Option('Martin','637');
      aryCityData[10][11][3] = new Option('Toccoa','638');
      aryCityData[10][11][0] = new Option('Helen','639');
      aryCityData[10][12][0] = new Option('Hiawassee','640');
      aryCityData[10][13][0] = new Option('Jasper','641');
      aryCityData[10][14][0] = new Option('Jekyll Island','642');
      aryCityData[10][15][0] = new Option('Lake Arrowhead','643');
      aryCityData[10][16][0] = new Option('Waleska','644');
      aryCityData[10][16][0] = new Option('Lake Burton','645');
      aryCityData[10][17][0] = new Option('Lake George (Lake Eufaula)','646');
      aryCityData[10][18][0] = new Option('Lake Lanier','647');
      aryCityData[10][19][0] = new Option('Chestatee','648');
      aryCityData[10][19][1] = new Option('Cumming','649');
      aryCityData[10][19][2] = new Option('Dawsonville','650');
      aryCityData[10][19][3] = new Option('Gainesville','651');
      aryCityData[10][19][4] = new Option('Lake Lanier','652');
      aryCityData[10][19][0] = new Option('Lake Oconee','653');
      aryCityData[10][20][0] = new Option('Lake Seminole','654');
      aryCityData[10][21][0] = new Option('Donalsonville','655');
      aryCityData[10][21][0] = new Option('Lake Sinclair','656');
      aryCityData[10][22][0] = new Option('Lookout Mountain','657');
      aryCityData[10][23][0] = new Option('Pine Mountain','658');
      aryCityData[10][24][0] = new Option('Savannah','659');
      aryCityData[10][25][0] = new Option('St. Simons Island','660');
      aryCityData[10][26][0] = new Option('Thomasville','661');
      aryCityData[10][27][0] = new Option('Tybee Island','662');
      aryCityData[10][28][0] = new Option('Young Harris','663');
      aryCityData[11] = new Array();

      aryCityData[11][0][0] = new Option('Big Island','665');
      aryCityData[11][1][0] = new Option('Ahualoa','666');
      aryCityData[11][1][1] = new Option('Hilo','667');
      aryCityData[11][1][2] = new Option('Honokaa','668');
      aryCityData[11][1][3] = new Option('Kahena Beach','669');
      aryCityData[11][1][4] = new Option('Kapoho','670');
      aryCityData[11][1][5] = new Option('Keaau','673');
      aryCityData[11][1][6] = new Option('Keaau','671');
      aryCityData[11][1][7] = new Option('Kehena','674');
      aryCityData[11][1][8] = new Option('Kohala Coast','675');
      aryCityData[11][1][9] = new Option('Kona Coast','689');
      aryCityData[11][1][10] = new Option('Kona Coast','681');
      aryCityData[11][1][11] = new Option('Naalehu','690');
      aryCityData[11][1][12] = new Option('Ocean View','691');
      aryCityData[11][1][13] = new Option('Pahoa','692');
      aryCityData[11][1][14] = new Option('Pepeekeo','697');
      aryCityData[11][1][15] = new Option('Volcano','698');
      aryCityData[11][1][16] = new Option('Waikoloa Resort','699');
      aryCityData[11][1][17] = new Option('Waikoloa Village','700');
      aryCityData[11][1][18] = new Option('Waiohinu','701');
      aryCityData[11][1][0] = new Option('Kauai','702');
      aryCityData[11][2][0] = new Option('Anahola','703');
      aryCityData[11][2][1] = new Option('Anini Beach','704');
      aryCityData[11][2][2] = new Option('Haena','705');
      aryCityData[11][2][3] = new Option('Hanalei','706');
      aryCityData[11][2][4] = new Option('Kalaheo','707');
      aryCityData[11][2][5] = new Option('Kalihiwai','708');
      aryCityData[11][2][6] = new Option('Kapaa','709');
      aryCityData[11][2][7] = new Option('Kekaha','710');
      aryCityData[11][2][8] = new Option('Kilauea','711');
      aryCityData[11][2][9] = new Option('Lawai','712');
      aryCityData[11][2][10] = new Option('Lihue','713');
      aryCityData[11][2][11] = new Option('Moloaa Bay','714');
      aryCityData[11][2][12] = new Option('Poipu Area','715');
      aryCityData[11][2][13] = new Option('Princeville','718');
      aryCityData[11][2][14] = new Option('Wailua','721');
      aryCityData[11][2][15] = new Option('Wailua','719');
      aryCityData[11][2][16] = new Option('Waimea','722');
      aryCityData[11][2][17] = new Option('Wainiha','723');
      aryCityData[11][2][0] = new Option('Lanai','724');
      aryCityData[11][3][0] = new Option('Lanai City','725');
      aryCityData[11][3][0] = new Option('Maui','726');
      aryCityData[11][4][0] = new Option('Haiku','727');
      aryCityData[11][4][1] = new Option('Hana','728');
      aryCityData[11][4][2] = new Option('Honokowai','729');
      aryCityData[11][4][3] = new Option('Huelo','730');
      aryCityData[11][4][4] = new Option('Kaanapali','731');
      aryCityData[11][4][5] = new Option('Kahana','732');
      aryCityData[11][4][6] = new Option('Kapalua','733');
      aryCityData[11][4][7] = new Option('Kihei','734');
      aryCityData[11][4][8] = new Option('Kula','735');
      aryCityData[11][4][9] = new Option('Lahaina','736');
      aryCityData[11][4][10] = new Option('Maalaea','737');
      aryCityData[11][4][11] = new Option('Makawao','738');
      aryCityData[11][4][12] = new Option('Napili','739');
      aryCityData[11][4][13] = new Option('Paia','740');
      aryCityData[11][4][14] = new Option('Pukalani','741');
      aryCityData[11][4][15] = new Option('Spreckelsville','742');
      aryCityData[11][4][16] = new Option('Waihee','743');
      aryCityData[11][4][17] = new Option('Wailea','744');
      aryCityData[11][4][0] = new Option('Molokai','745');
      aryCityData[11][5][0] = new Option('Kaluakoi','746');
      aryCityData[11][5][1] = new Option('Kaunakakai','747');
      aryCityData[11][5][2] = new Option('Maunaloa','748');
      aryCityData[11][5][3] = new Option('Ualapue','749');
      aryCityData[11][5][4] = new Option('Waialua','750');
      aryCityData[11][5][0] = new Option('Oahu','751');
      aryCityData[11][6][0] = new Option('Ewa Beach','752');
      aryCityData[11][6][1] = new Option('Hawaii Kai','753');
      aryCityData[11][6][2] = new Option('Honolulu','754');
      aryCityData[11][6][3] = new Option('Kailua','755');
      aryCityData[11][6][4] = new Option('Kaneohe','756');
      aryCityData[11][6][5] = new Option('Kapolei','757');
      aryCityData[11][6][6] = new Option('Lanikai','758');
      aryCityData[11][6][7] = new Option('Makaha','759');
      aryCityData[11][6][8] = new Option('Maunawili','760');
      aryCityData[11][6][9] = new Option('North Shore','761');
      aryCityData[11][6][10] = new Option('Waianae','774');
      aryCityData[11][6][11] = new Option('Waikiki','775');
      aryCityData[11][6][12] = new Option('Waimanalo Beach','776');
      aryCityData[12] = new Array();

      aryCityData[12][0][0] = new Option('Blanchard','778');
      aryCityData[12][1][0] = new Option('Coeur dAlene','779');
      aryCityData[12][2][0] = new Option('Donnelly','780');
      aryCityData[12][3][0] = new Option('Hayden Lake','781');
      aryCityData[12][4][0] = new Option('Hayden','782');
      aryCityData[12][4][0] = new Option('Hope','783');
      aryCityData[12][5][0] = new Option('Island Park','784');
      aryCityData[12][6][0] = new Option('Kooskia','785');
      aryCityData[12][7][0] = new Option('Lake Pend Oreille','786');
      aryCityData[12][8][0] = new Option('Bayview','787');
      aryCityData[12][8][1] = new Option('Sagle','788');
      aryCityData[12][8][2] = new Option('Sandpoint','789');
      aryCityData[12][8][0] = new Option('McCall','790');
      aryCityData[12][9][0] = new Option('Priest Lake','791');
      aryCityData[12][10][0] = new Option('Coolin','792');
      aryCityData[12][10][1] = new Option('Kalispell Bay','793');
      aryCityData[12][10][2] = new Option('Priest Lake','794');
      aryCityData[12][10][0] = new Option('Sun Valley Area','795');
      aryCityData[12][11][0] = new Option('Elkhorn Village','796');
      aryCityData[12][11][1] = new Option('Ketchum','798');
      aryCityData[12][11][2] = new Option('SuHailey','797');
      aryCityData[12][11][3] = new Option('Sun Valley','799');
      aryCityData[12][11][0] = new Option('Teton Valley','800');
      aryCityData[12][12][0] = new Option('Driggs','801');
      aryCityData[12][12][1] = new Option('Victor','802');
      aryCityData[13] = new Array();

      aryCityData[13][0][0] = new Option('Chicago','804');
      aryCityData[14] = new Array();

      aryCityData[14][0][0] = new Option('Beverly Shores','806');
      aryCityData[14][1][0] = new Option('Bloomington','807');
      aryCityData[14][2][0] = new Option('Culver','808');
      aryCityData[14][3][0] = new Option('Gary','809');
      aryCityData[14][4][0] = new Option('Miller Beach','810');
      aryCityData[14][4][0] = new Option('Koontz Lake','811');
      aryCityData[14][5][0] = new Option('Long Beach','812');
      aryCityData[14][6][0] = new Option('Michiana Shores','813');
      aryCityData[14][7][0] = new Option('Michigan City','814');
      aryCityData[14][8][0] = new Option('Ogden Dunes','815');
      aryCityData[15] = new Array();

      aryCityData[15][0][0] = new Option('Okoboji','817');
      aryCityData[15][1][0] = new Option('Spirit Lake','818');
      aryCityData[16] = new Array();

      aryCityData[16][0][0] = new Option('Lake Barkley','820');
      aryCityData[16][1][0] = new Option('Caniz','821');
      aryCityData[16][1][0] = new Option('Lake Cumberland','822');
      aryCityData[16][2][0] = new Option('Burnside','823');
      aryCityData[16][2][1] = new Option('Jamestown','824');
      aryCityData[16][2][2] = new Option('Russell Springs','825');
      aryCityData[16][2][3] = new Option('Somerset','826');
      aryCityData[16][2][0] = new Option('London','827');
      aryCityData[16][3][0] = new Option('Murray','828');
      aryCityData[16][4][0] = new Option('Rough River Lake','829');
      aryCityData[17] = new Array();

      aryCityData[17][0][0] = new Option('New Orleans','831');
      aryCityData[18] = new Array();

      aryCityData[18][0][0] = new Option('Acadia National Park','833');
      aryCityData[18][1][0] = new Option('Bar Harbor','834');
      aryCityData[18][1][1] = new Option('Bass Harbor','835');
      aryCityData[18][1][2] = new Option('Bernard','836');
      aryCityData[18][1][3] = new Option('Seal Cove','837');
      aryCityData[18][1][4] = new Option('SW Harbor','838');
      aryCityData[18][1][0] = new Option('Beech Hill Pond','839');
      aryCityData[18][2][0] = new Option('Belgrade Lakes','840');
      aryCityData[18][3][0] = new Option('Biddeford Pool','841');
      aryCityData[18][4][0] = new Option('Blue Hill','842');
      aryCityData[18][5][0] = new Option('Boothbay','843');
      aryCityData[18][6][0] = new Option('Boothbay Harbor','844');
      aryCityData[18][7][0] = new Option('Bremen','845');
      aryCityData[18][8][0] = new Option('Bridgton','846');
      aryCityData[18][9][0] = new Option('Brooklin','847');
      aryCityData[18][10][0] = new Option('Brunswick','848');
      aryCityData[18][11][0] = new Option('Camden','849');
      aryCityData[18][12][0] = new Option('Cape Elizabeth','850');
      aryCityData[18][13][0] = new Option('Casco Bay','851');
      aryCityData[18][14][0] = new Option('Bailey Island','852');
      aryCityData[18][14][1] = new Option('Great Diamond Island','853');
      aryCityData[18][14][2] = new Option('Long Island','854');
      aryCityData[18][14][3] = new Option('Orrs Island','855');
      aryCityData[18][14][4] = new Option('Peaks Island','856');
      aryCityData[18][14][5] = new Option('Sebasco Estates','857');
      aryCityData[18][14][6] = new Option('Sebascodegan Island','858');
      aryCityData[18][14][7] = new Option('West Point','860');
      aryCityData[18][14][0] = new Option('Castine','861');
      aryCityData[18][15][0] = new Option('Deer Isle','862');
      aryCityData[18][16][0] = new Option('Deer Isle','863');
      aryCityData[18][16][1] = new Option('Stonington','864');
      aryCityData[18][16][0] = new Option('East Boothbay','865');
      aryCityData[18][17][0] = new Option('Embden','866');
      aryCityData[18][18][0] = new Option('Falmouth Foreside','867');
      aryCityData[18][19][0] = new Option('Farmington','868');
      aryCityData[18][20][0] = new Option('Five Islands','869');
      aryCityData[18][21][0] = new Option('Franklin','870');
      aryCityData[18][22][0] = new Option('Freeport','871');
      aryCityData[18][23][0] = new Option('Harpswell (N,S,E&W)','872');
      aryCityData[18][24][0] = new Option('Islesboro','873');
      aryCityData[18][25][0] = new Option('Kennebunk','874');
      aryCityData[18][26][0] = new Option('Kennebunkport','875');
      aryCityData[18][27][0] = new Option('Lubec','876');
      aryCityData[18][28][0] = new Option('Milbridge','877');
      aryCityData[18][29][0] = new Option('Monmouth','878');
      aryCityData[18][30][0] = new Option('Moosehead Lake','879');
      aryCityData[18][31][0] = new Option('Greenville','880');
      aryCityData[18][31][1] = new Option('Rockwood','881');
      aryCityData[18][31][0] = new Option('Mousam Lake','882');
      aryCityData[18][32][0] = new Option('Acton','883');
      aryCityData[18][32][0] = new Option('New Limerick','884');
      aryCityData[18][33][0] = new Option('Northport','885');
      aryCityData[18][34][0] = new Option('Ogunquit','886');
      aryCityData[18][35][0] = new Option('Old Orchard Beach','887');
      aryCityData[18][36][0] = new Option('Owls Head','888');
      aryCityData[18][37][0] = new Option('Phippsburgh','889');
      aryCityData[18][38][0] = new Option('Popham Beach','890');
      aryCityData[18][39][0] = new Option('Rangeley Lake','891');
      aryCityData[18][40][0] = new Option('Oquossoc','892');
      aryCityData[18][40][1] = new Option('Rangeley','893');
      aryCityData[18][40][0] = new Option('Rockland','894');
      aryCityData[18][41][0] = new Option('Searsport','895');
      aryCityData[18][42][0] = new Option('Sebago Lake','896');
      aryCityData[18][43][0] = new Option('Casco','897');
      aryCityData[18][43][1] = new Option('Frye Island','898');
      aryCityData[18][43][2] = new Option('Sebago Lake','899');
      aryCityData[18][43][0] = new Option('Sorrento','900');
      aryCityData[18][44][0] = new Option('South Bristol','901');
      aryCityData[18][45][0] = new Option('South Portland','902');
      aryCityData[18][46][0] = new Option('Southport','903');
      aryCityData[18][47][0] = new Option('Steuben','904');
      aryCityData[18][48][0] = new Option('Stockton Springs','905');
      aryCityData[18][49][0] = new Option('Sullivan','906');
      aryCityData[18][50][0] = new Option('Sunday River','907');
      aryCityData[18][51][0] = new Option('Bethel','908');
      aryCityData[18][51][1] = new Option('Newry','909');
      aryCityData[18][51][0] = new Option('Swans Island','910');
      aryCityData[18][52][0] = new Option('Thomaston','911');
      aryCityData[18][53][0] = new Option('Vinalhaven','912');
      aryCityData[18][54][0] = new Option('Waldoboro','913');
      aryCityData[18][55][0] = new Option('Warren','914');
      aryCityData[18][56][0] = new Option('Wells','915');
      aryCityData[18][57][0] = new Option('Westport Island','916');
      aryCityData[18][58][0] = new Option('Winthrop','917');
      aryCityData[18][59][0] = new Option('York','918');
      aryCityData[18][60][0] = new Option('York Beach','919');
      aryCityData[19] = new Array();

      aryCityData[19][0][0] = new Option('Annapolis','921');
      aryCityData[19][1][0] = new Option('Baltimore','922');
      aryCityData[19][2][0] = new Option('Cambridge','923');
      aryCityData[19][3][0] = new Option('Chesapeake Beach','924');
      aryCityData[19][4][0] = new Option('Cobb Island','925');
      aryCityData[19][5][0] = new Option('Deep Creek Lake','926');
      aryCityData[19][6][0] = new Option('McHenry','927');
      aryCityData[19][6][0] = new Option('Elkton','928');
      aryCityData[19][7][0] = new Option('North Ocean City','929');
      aryCityData[19][8][0] = new Option('Ocean City','930');
      aryCityData[19][9][0] = new Option('Ocean Pines','931');
      aryCityData[19][10][0] = new Option('St. Michaels','932');
      aryCityData[20] = new Array();

      aryCityData[20][0][0] = new Option('Arlington','934');
      aryCityData[20][1][0] = new Option('Berkshires','935');
      aryCityData[20][2][0] = new Option('Alford','936');
      aryCityData[20][2][1] = new Option('Becket','937');
      aryCityData[20][2][2] = new Option('Great Barrington','938');
      aryCityData[20][2][3] = new Option('Hancock','939');
      aryCityData[20][2][4] = new Option('Lee','940');
      aryCityData[20][2][5] = new Option('Lenox','941');
      aryCityData[20][2][6] = new Option('Middlefield','942');
      aryCityData[20][2][7] = new Option('Mill River','943');
      aryCityData[20][2][8] = new Option('Monterey','944');
      aryCityData[20][2][9] = new Option('Otis','945');
      aryCityData[20][2][10] = new Option('Pittsfield','946');
      aryCityData[20][2][11] = new Option('Richmond','947');
      aryCityData[20][2][12] = new Option('South Egremont','948');
      aryCityData[20][2][13] = new Option('Stockbridge','949');
      aryCityData[20][2][0] = new Option('Boston','950');
      aryCityData[20][3][0] = new Option('Cape Cod','951');
      aryCityData[20][4][0] = new Option('Bass River','952');
      aryCityData[20][4][1] = new Option('Bourne','953');
      aryCityData[20][4][2] = new Option('Brewster','954');
      aryCityData[20][4][3] = new Option('CapeEastham','962');
      aryCityData[20][4][4] = new Option('Centerville','955');
      aryCityData[20][4][5] = new Option('Chatham','956');
      aryCityData[20][4][6] = new Option('Cotuit','957');
      aryCityData[20][4][7] = new Option('Dennis','958');
      aryCityData[20][4][8] = new Option('Dennis Port','959');
      aryCityData[20][4][9] = new Option('East Falmouth','960');
      aryCityData[20][4][10] = new Option('East Sandwich','961');
      aryCityData[20][4][11] = new Option('Falmouth','963');
      aryCityData[20][4][12] = new Option('Harwich','964');
      aryCityData[20][4][13] = new Option('Hyannis','965');
      aryCityData[20][4][14] = new Option('Lieutenant Island','966');
      aryCityData[20][4][15] = new Option('Mashpee','967');
      aryCityData[20][4][16] = new Option('New Seabury','968');
      aryCityData[20][4][17] = new Option('North Eastham','969');
      aryCityData[20][4][18] = new Option('North Truro','970');
      aryCityData[20][4][19] = new Option('Onset','971');
      aryCityData[20][4][20] = new Option('Orleans','972');
      aryCityData[20][4][21] = new Option('Osterville','973');
      aryCityData[20][4][22] = new Option('Provincetown','974');
      aryCityData[20][4][23] = new Option('Sagamore Beach','975');
      aryCityData[20][4][24] = new Option('Sandwich','976');
      aryCityData[20][4][25] = new Option('South Yarmouth','977');
      aryCityData[20][4][26] = new Option('Truro','978');
      aryCityData[20][4][27] = new Option('Wareham','979');
      aryCityData[20][4][28] = new Option('Wellfleet','980');
      aryCityData[20][4][29] = new Option('West Dennis','981');
      aryCityData[20][4][30] = new Option('West Falmouth','982');
      aryCityData[20][4][31] = new Option('West Hyannisport','983');
      aryCityData[20][4][32] = new Option('West Yarmouth','984');
      aryCityData[20][4][33] = new Option('Woods Hole','985');
      aryCityData[20][4][34] = new Option('Yarmouth Port','986');
      aryCityData[20][4][0] = new Option('Gloucester','987');
      aryCityData[20][5][0] = new Option('Hull','988');
      aryCityData[20][6][0] = new Option('Manomet','989');
      aryCityData[20][7][0] = new Option('Marblehead','990');
      aryCityData[20][8][0] = new Option('Marthas Vineyard','991');
      aryCityData[20][9][0] = new Option('Aquinnah','992');
      aryCityData[20][9][1] = new Option('Chilmark','993');
      aryCityData[20][9][2] = new Option('East Chop','994');
      aryCityData[20][9][3] = new Option('Edgartown','995');
      aryCityData[20][9][4] = new Option('Gay Head','996');
      aryCityData[20][9][5] = new Option('Oak Bluffs','997');
      aryCityData[20][9][6] = new Option('Tisbury','998');
      aryCityData[20][9][7] = new Option('Vineyard Haven','999');
      aryCityData[20][9][8] = new Option('West Tisbury','1000');
      aryCityData[20][9][0] = new Option('Nantucket Island','1001');
      aryCityData[20][10][0] = new Option('Plymouth','1002');
      aryCityData[20][11][0] = new Option('Rockport','1003');
      aryCityData[20][12][0] = new Option('Salisbury Beach','1004');
      aryCityData[20][13][0] = new Option('Westport','1005');
      aryCityData[21] = new Array();

      aryCityData[21][0][0] = new Option('Lower Michigan','1024');
      aryCityData[21][1][0] = new Option('Baldwin','1025');
      aryCityData[21][1][1] = new Option('Bear Lake','1026');
      aryCityData[21][1][2] = new Option('Bellaire','1027');
      aryCityData[21][1][3] = new Option('Beulah','1028');
      aryCityData[21][1][4] = new Option('Boyne City','1029');
      aryCityData[21][1][5] = new Option('Boyne Falls','1030');
      aryCityData[21][1][6] = new Option('Bridgman','1031');
      aryCityData[21][1][7] = new Option('Charlevoix','1032');
      aryCityData[21][1][8] = new Option('Cheboygan','1033');
      aryCityData[21][1][9] = new Option('Coloma','1034');
      aryCityData[21][1][10] = new Option('Diamond Lake','1035');
      aryCityData[21][1][11] = new Option('East Tawas','1037');
      aryCityData[21][1][12] = new Option('Edwardsburg','1038');
      aryCityData[21][1][13] = new Option('Elk Rapids','1039');
      aryCityData[21][1][14] = new Option('Empire','1040');
      aryCityData[21][1][15] = new Option('Fennville','1041');
      aryCityData[21][1][16] = new Option('Frankfort','1042');
      aryCityData[21][1][17] = new Option('Gaylord','1043');
      aryCityData[21][1][18] = new Option('Glen Arbor','1044');
      aryCityData[21][1][19] = new Option('Grand Haven','1045');
      aryCityData[21][1][20] = new Option('Grand Rapids','1046');
      aryCityData[21][1][21] = new Option('Grayling','1047');
      aryCityData[21][1][22] = new Option('Gun Lake','1048');
      aryCityData[21][1][23] = new Option('Harbor Springs','1049');
      aryCityData[21][1][24] = new Option('Higgins Lake','1050');
      aryCityData[21][1][25] = new Option('Hillsdale','1051');
      aryCityData[21][1][26] = new Option('Holland','1053');
      aryCityData[21][1][27] = new Option('Houghton Lake','1054');
      aryCityData[21][1][28] = new Option('Indian River','1057');
      aryCityData[21][1][29] = new Option('Interlochen','1058');
      aryCityData[21][1][30] = new Option('Kalkaska','1059');
      aryCityData[21][1][31] = new Option('Lake Ann','1060');
      aryCityData[21][1][32] = new Option('Lake Leelanau','1061');
      aryCityData[21][1][33] = new Option('Lake Missaukee','1064');
      aryCityData[21][1][34] = new Option('Lake Mitchell','1066');
      aryCityData[21][1][35] = new Option('Lakeside','1068');
      aryCityData[21][1][36] = new Option('Long Lake','1069');
      aryCityData[21][1][37] = new Option('Manistee','1070');
      aryCityData[21][1][38] = new Option('Manton','1071');
      aryCityData[21][1][39] = new Option('Maple City','1072');
      aryCityData[21][1][40] = new Option('Montague','1073');
      aryCityData[21][1][41] = new Option('New Buffalo','1074');
      aryCityData[21][1][42] = new Option('Northport','1075');
      aryCityData[21][1][43] = new Option('Norton Shores','1076');
      aryCityData[21][1][44] = new Option('Old Mission','1077');
      aryCityData[21][1][45] = new Option('Pentwater','1078');
      aryCityData[21][1][46] = new Option('Petoskey','1079');
      aryCityData[21][1][47] = new Option('Plainwell','1080');
      aryCityData[21][1][48] = new Option('Saint Joseph','1081');
      aryCityData[21][1][49] = new Option('Saranac','1082');
      aryCityData[21][1][50] = new Option('Saugatuck','1083');
      aryCityData[21][1][51] = new Option('South Haven','1084');
      aryCityData[21][1][52] = new Option('Spider Lake','1085');
      aryCityData[21][1][53] = new Option('Suttons Bay','1086');
      aryCityData[21][1][54] = new Option('Three Rivers','1087');
      aryCityData[21][1][55] = new Option('Torch Lake','1088');
      aryCityData[21][1][56] = new Option('Traverse City','1089');
      aryCityData[21][1][57] = new Option('Union Pier','1090');
      aryCityData[21][1][58] = new Option('Wolverine','1091');
      aryCityData[21][1][0] = new Option('Upper Peninsula','1007');
      aryCityData[21][2][0] = new Option('Au Train','1008');
      aryCityData[21][2][1] = new Option('Big Bay','1009');
      aryCityData[21][2][2] = new Option('Calumet','1010');
      aryCityData[21][2][3] = new Option('Cedar River','1011');
      aryCityData[21][2][4] = new Option('Cedarville','1012');
      aryCityData[21][2][5] = new Option('Drummond Island','1013');
      aryCityData[21][2][6] = new Option('Gladstone','1014');
      aryCityData[21][2][7] = new Option('Grand Marais','1015');
      aryCityData[21][2][8] = new Option('Keweenaw Bay','1016');
      aryCityData[21][2][9] = new Option('Lake Linden','1017');
      aryCityData[21][2][10] = new Option('Manistique','1018');
      aryCityData[21][2][11] = new Option('Marquette','1019');
      aryCityData[21][2][12] = new Option('Menominee','1020');
      aryCityData[21][2][13] = new Option('Munising','1021');
      aryCityData[21][2][14] = new Option('Naubinway','1022');
      aryCityData[21][2][15] = new Option('Saint Ignace','1023');
      aryCityData[22] = new Array();

      aryCityData[22][0][0] = new Option('Annandale','1093');
      aryCityData[22][1][0] = new Option('Brainerd','1094');
      aryCityData[22][2][0] = new Option('Cross Lake','1095');
      aryCityData[22][3][0] = new Option('Deer River','1096');
      aryCityData[22][4][0] = new Option('Deerwood','1097');
      aryCityData[22][5][0] = new Option('Farm Island Lake','1098');
      aryCityData[22][6][0] = new Option('Aitkin','1099');
      aryCityData[22][6][1] = new Option('Bennettville','1100');
      aryCityData[22][6][0] = new Option('Grand Rapids','1101');
      aryCityData[22][7][0] = new Option('Gull Lake','1102');
      aryCityData[22][8][0] = new Option('Lake Shore','1103');
      aryCityData[22][8][1] = new Option('Nisswa','1104');
      aryCityData[22][8][0] = new Option('Lutsen','1105');
      aryCityData[22][9][0] = new Option('Marcell','1106');
      aryCityData[22][10][0] = new Option('Minneapolis','1107');
      aryCityData[23] = new Array();

      aryCityData[23][0][0] = new Option('Biloxi','1109');
      aryCityData[23][1][0] = new Option('Gulfport','1110');
      aryCityData[23][2][0] = new Option('Pass Christian','1111');
      aryCityData[23][3][0] = new Option('Perkinston','1112');
      aryCityData[23][4][0] = new Option('Wiggins','1113');
      aryCityData[24] = new Array();

      aryCityData[24][0][0] = new Option('Branson','1115');
      aryCityData[24][1][0] = new Option('Kimberling City','1116');
      aryCityData[24][2][0] = new Option('Lake of the Ozarks','1117');
      aryCityData[24][3][0] = new Option('Camdenton','1118');
      aryCityData[24][3][1] = new Option('Greenview','1119');
      aryCityData[24][3][2] = new Option('Horseshoebend','1120');
      aryCityData[24][3][3] = new Option('Lake of the Ozarks','1127');
      aryCityData[24][3][4] = new Option('Lake Ozark','1121');
      aryCityData[24][3][5] = new Option('Lakeland','1122');
      aryCityData[24][3][6] = new Option('Laurie','1123');
      aryCityData[24][3][7] = new Option('Osage Beach','1124');
      aryCityData[24][3][8] = new Option('Rocky Mount','1125');
      aryCityData[24][3][9] = new Option('Sunrise Beach','1126');
      aryCityData[24][3][0] = new Option('Table Rock Lake','1128');
      aryCityData[24][4][0] = new Option('Shell Knob','1129');
      aryCityData[24][4][0] = new Option('Truman Lake','1130');
      aryCityData[24][5][0] = new Option('Warsaw','1131');
      aryCityData[25] = new Array();

      aryCityData[25][0][0] = new Option('Big Sky','1133');
      aryCityData[25][1][0] = new Option('Big Timber','1134');
      aryCityData[25][2][0] = new Option('Billings','1135');
      aryCityData[25][3][0] = new Option('Bitterroot Valley','1136');
      aryCityData[25][4][0] = new Option('Corvallis','1137');
      aryCityData[25][4][1] = new Option('Hamilton','1138');
      aryCityData[25][4][2] = new Option('Stevensville','1139');
      aryCityData[25][4][3] = new Option('Victor','1140');
      aryCityData[25][4][0] = new Option('Bozeman','1141');
      aryCityData[25][5][0] = new Option('Flathead Lake','1142');
      aryCityData[25][6][0] = new Option('Bigfork','1143');
      aryCityData[25][6][1] = new Option('Finley Point','1144');
      aryCityData[25][6][2] = new Option('Flathead Lake','1148');
      aryCityData[25][6][3] = new Option('Lakeside','1145');
      aryCityData[25][6][4] = new Option('Polson','1146');
      aryCityData[25][6][5] = new Option('Rollins','1147');
      aryCityData[25][6][0] = new Option('Glacier National Park','1149');
      aryCityData[25][7][0] = new Option('Columbia Falls','1150');
      aryCityData[25][7][1] = new Option('Hungry Horse','1151');
      aryCityData[25][7][2] = new Option('Martin City','1152');
      aryCityData[25][7][3] = new Option('Polebridge','1153');
      aryCityData[25][7][4] = new Option('West Glacier','1154');
      aryCityData[25][7][0] = new Option('Marion','1155');
      aryCityData[25][8][0] = new Option('Thompson Falls','1156');
      aryCityData[25][9][0] = new Option('Whitefish','1157');
      aryCityData[25][10][0] = new Option('Yellowstone ','1158');
      aryCityData[25][11][0] = new Option('Absarokee','1159');
      aryCityData[25][11][1] = new Option('Cooke City','1160');
      aryCityData[25][11][2] = new Option('Gardiner','1161');
      aryCityData[25][11][3] = new Option('Paradise Valley','1162');
      aryCityData[25][11][4] = new Option('West Yellowstone','1163');
      aryCityData[26] = new Array();

      aryCityData[26][0][0] = new Option('Henderson','1165');
      aryCityData[26][1][0] = new Option('Lake Tahoe Nevada','1166');
      aryCityData[26][2][0] = new Option('Incline Village','1167');
      aryCityData[26][2][1] = new Option('Stateline','1168');
      aryCityData[26][2][2] = new Option('Zephyr Cove','1169');
      aryCityData[26][2][0] = new Option('Las Vegas','1170');
      aryCityData[26][3][0] = new Option('Mesquite','1171');
      aryCityData[26][4][0] = new Option('Reno','1172');
      aryCityData[27] = new Array();

      aryCityData[27][0][0] = new Option('Hampton Beach','1174');
      aryCityData[27][1][0] = new Option('Laconia','1175');
      aryCityData[27][2][0] = new Option('Lake Sunapee','1176');
      aryCityData[27][3][0] = new Option('Newbury','1177');
      aryCityData[27][3][1] = new Option('Sunapee','1178');
      aryCityData[27][3][0] = new Option('Lake Winnipesaukee','1179');
      aryCityData[27][4][0] = new Option('Gilford','1180');
      aryCityData[27][4][1] = new Option('Meredith','1181');
      aryCityData[27][4][2] = new Option('Moultonborough','1182');
      aryCityData[27][4][0] = new Option('Monadnock Region','1183');
      aryCityData[27][5][0] = new Option('Swanzey','1184');
      aryCityData[27][5][1] = new Option('Walpole','1185');
      aryCityData[27][5][2] = new Option('Winchester','1186');
      aryCityData[27][5][0] = new Option('Newfound Lake','1187');
      aryCityData[27][6][0] = new Option('Portsmouth','1188');
      aryCityData[27][7][0] = new Option('White Mountains','1189');
      aryCityData[27][8][0] = new Option('Bartlett','1190');
      aryCityData[27][8][1] = new Option('Campton','1191');
      aryCityData[27][8][2] = new Option('Conway','1192');
      aryCityData[27][8][3] = new Option('Franconia','1193');
      aryCityData[27][8][4] = new Option('Jackson','1194');
      aryCityData[27][8][5] = new Option('Lincoln','1195');
      aryCityData[27][8][6] = new Option('Madison','1196');
      aryCityData[27][8][7] = new Option('North Conway','1197');
      aryCityData[27][8][8] = new Option('North Woodstock','1198');
      aryCityData[27][8][9] = new Option('Ossipee','1199');
      aryCityData[27][8][10] = new Option('Thornton','1200');
      aryCityData[27][8][11] = new Option('Twin Mountain','1201');
      aryCityData[27][8][12] = new Option('Waterville Valley','1202');
      aryCityData[28] = new Array();

      aryCityData[28][0][0] = new Option('Atlantic City','1204');
      aryCityData[28][1][0] = new Option('Avalon','1205');
      aryCityData[28][2][0] = new Option('Avon By The Sea','1206');
      aryCityData[28][3][0] = new Option('Belmar','1207');
      aryCityData[28][4][0] = new Option('Bradley Beach','1208');
      aryCityData[28][5][0] = new Option('Brigantine','1209');
      aryCityData[28][6][0] = new Option('Cape May','1210');
      aryCityData[28][7][0] = new Option('Diamond Beach','1211');
      aryCityData[28][8][0] = new Option('Lavallette','1212');
      aryCityData[28][9][0] = new Option('Long Beach Island','1213');
      aryCityData[28][10][0] = new Option('Barnegat Light','1214');
      aryCityData[28][10][1] = new Option('Beach Haven','1215');
      aryCityData[28][10][2] = new Option('Beach Haven Park','1216');
      aryCityData[28][10][3] = new Option('Beach Haven Terrace','1217');
      aryCityData[28][10][4] = new Option('Brant Beach','1218');
      aryCityData[28][10][5] = new Option('Harvey Cedars','1219');
      aryCityData[28][10][6] = new Option('Holgate','1220');
      aryCityData[28][10][7] = new Option('Loveladies','1221');
      aryCityData[28][10][8] = new Option('North Beach','1222');
      aryCityData[28][10][9] = new Option('North Beach Haven','1223');
      aryCityData[28][10][10] = new Option('Peahala Park','1224');
      aryCityData[28][10][11] = new Option('Ship Bottom','1225');
      aryCityData[28][10][12] = new Option('Surf City','1226');
      aryCityData[28][10][0] = new Option('Manasquan','1227');
      aryCityData[28][11][0] = new Option('Mantoloking','1228');
      aryCityData[28][12][0] = new Option('Margate City','1229');
      aryCityData[28][13][0] = new Option('Mountain Creek','1230');
      aryCityData[28][14][0] = new Option('Vernon','1231');
      aryCityData[28][14][0] = new Option('Normandy Beach','1232');
      aryCityData[28][15][0] = new Option('North Wildwood','1233');
      aryCityData[28][16][0] = new Option('Ocean City','1234');
      aryCityData[28][17][0] = new Option('Point Pleasant','1235');
      aryCityData[28][18][0] = new Option('Point Pleasant Beach','1236');
      aryCityData[28][19][0] = new Option('Sea Isle City','1237');
      aryCityData[28][20][0] = new Option('Seaside Heights','1238');
      aryCityData[28][21][0] = new Option('Seaside Park','1239');
      aryCityData[28][22][0] = new Option('Spring Lake','1240');
      aryCityData[28][23][0] = new Option('Stone Harbor','1241');
      aryCityData[28][24][0] = new Option('Strathmere','1242');
      aryCityData[28][25][0] = new Option('Ventnor City','1243');
      aryCityData[28][26][0] = new Option('Wildwood','1244');
      aryCityData[28][27][0] = new Option('Wildwood Crest','1245');
      aryCityData[29] = new Array();

      aryCityData[29][0][0] = new Option('Albuquerque','1247');
      aryCityData[29][1][0] = new Option('Angel Fire','1248');
      aryCityData[29][2][0] = new Option('Embudo','1249');
      aryCityData[29][3][0] = new Option('Espanola','1250');
      aryCityData[29][4][0] = new Option('Las Cruces','1251');
      aryCityData[29][5][0] = new Option('Red River','1252');
      aryCityData[29][6][0] = new Option('Ruidoso','1253');
      aryCityData[29][7][0] = new Option('Santa Fe','1254');
      aryCityData[29][8][0] = new Option('Taos','1255');
      aryCityData[30] = new Array();

      aryCityData[30][0][0] = new Option('Adirondack Mountains','1257');
      aryCityData[30][1][0] = new Option('Chestertown','1258');
      aryCityData[30][1][1] = new Option('Cold Brook','1259');
      aryCityData[30][1][2] = new Option('Lake George','1260');
      aryCityData[30][1][3] = new Option('Lake Luzerne','1261');
      aryCityData[30][1][4] = new Option('Lake Placid','1262');
      aryCityData[30][1][5] = new Option('Whiteface Mountain','1263');
      aryCityData[30][1][0] = new Option('Berkshires','1264');
      aryCityData[30][2][0] = new Option('Berkshires','1267');
      aryCityData[30][2][1] = new Option('Canaan','1265');
      aryCityData[30][2][2] = new Option('Kinderhook Lake','1266');
      aryCityData[30][2][0] = new Option('Catskills','1268');
      aryCityData[30][3][0] = new Option('Callicoon','1269');
      aryCityData[30][3][1] = new Option('Hunter Mountain','1270');
      aryCityData[30][3][2] = new Option('Margaretville','1271');
      aryCityData[30][3][3] = new Option('Phoenicia','1272');
      aryCityData[30][3][4] = new Option('Windham','1273');
      aryCityData[30][3][5] = new Option('Woodstock','1274');
      aryCityData[30][3][0] = new Option('Chautauqua Lake','1275');
      aryCityData[30][4][0] = new Option('Ellicottville','1276');
      aryCityData[30][5][0] = new Option('Finger Lakes','1277');
      aryCityData[30][6][0] = new Option('Canandaigua Lake','1278');
      aryCityData[30][6][1] = new Option('Cayuga','1280');
      aryCityData[30][6][2] = new Option('Keuka Lake','1282');
      aryCityData[30][6][3] = new Option('Seneca Lake','1283');
      aryCityData[30][6][0] = new Option('Fire Island','1286');
      aryCityData[30][7][0] = new Option('Garrison','1287');
      aryCityData[30][8][0] = new Option('Hamptons','1288');
      aryCityData[30][9][0] = new Option('Amagansett','1289');
      aryCityData[30][9][1] = new Option('Bridgehampton','1290');
      aryCityData[30][9][2] = new Option('East Hampton','1291');
      aryCityData[30][9][3] = new Option('East Quogue','1292');
      aryCityData[30][9][4] = new Option('Hampton Bays','1293');
      aryCityData[30][9][5] = new Option('Moriches','1294');
      aryCityData[30][9][6] = new Option('Quogue','1295');
      aryCityData[30][9][7] = new Option('Sag Harbor','1296');
      aryCityData[30][9][8] = new Option('Sagaponack','1297');
      aryCityData[30][9][9] = new Option('Southampton','1298');
      aryCityData[30][9][10] = new Option('Water Mill','1299');
      aryCityData[30][9][11] = new Option('Westhampton Beach','1300');
      aryCityData[30][9][0] = new Option('Hudson Valley','1301');
      aryCityData[30][10][0] = new Option('Fishkill','1302');
      aryCityData[30][10][1] = new Option('Ghent','1303');
      aryCityData[30][10][2] = new Option('Hudson','1304');
      aryCityData[30][10][3] = new Option('Kerhonkson','1305');
      aryCityData[30][10][4] = new Option('Red Hook','1306');
      aryCityData[30][10][5] = new Option('Rhinebeck','1307');
      aryCityData[30][10][0] = new Option('Lake Champlain','1308');
      aryCityData[30][11][0] = new Option('Plattsburgh','1309');
      aryCityData[30][11][1] = new Option('Willsboro','1310');
      aryCityData[30][11][0] = new Option('Long Island','1311');
      aryCityData[30][12][0] = new Option('Brookhaven','1312');
      aryCityData[30][12][1] = new Option('Montauk','1313');
      aryCityData[30][12][2] = new Option('North Fork','1314');
      aryCityData[30][12][0] = new Option('New York City','1318');
      aryCityData[30][13][0] = new Option('Manhattan','1319');
      aryCityData[30][13][1] = new Option('New York City','1320');
      aryCityData[30][13][0] = new Option('Saratoga Springs','1321');
      aryCityData[30][14][0] = new Option('Sodus Bay','1322');
      aryCityData[30][15][0] = new Option('Huron','1323');
      aryCityData[30][15][1] = new Option('Sodus Point','1324');
      aryCityData[31] = new Array();

      aryCityData[31][0][0] = new Option('Blue Ridge Mountains','1354');
      aryCityData[31][1][0] = new Option('Banner Elk','1355');
      aryCityData[31][1][1] = new Option('Beech Mountain','1356');
      aryCityData[31][1][2] = new Option('Black Mountain','1357');
      aryCityData[31][1][3] = new Option('Blowing Rock','1358');
      aryCityData[31][1][4] = new Option('Boone','1359');
      aryCityData[31][1][5] = new Option('Burnsville','1360');
      aryCityData[31][1][6] = new Option('Chimney Rock','1361');
      aryCityData[31][1][7] = new Option('Jefferson','1362');
      aryCityData[31][1][8] = new Option('Lake Lure','1363');
      aryCityData[31][1][9] = new Option('Laurel Springs','1364');
      aryCityData[31][1][10] = new Option('Linville','1365');
      aryCityData[31][1][11] = new Option('Montreat','1366');
      aryCityData[31][1][12] = new Option('Old Fort','1367');
      aryCityData[31][1][13] = new Option('Roaring Gap','1368');
      aryCityData[31][1][14] = new Option('Seven Devils','1369');
      aryCityData[31][1][15] = new Option('Sugar Mountain','1370');
      aryCityData[31][1][16] = new Option('Valle Crucis','1371');
      aryCityData[31][1][17] = new Option('Wolf Laurel','1372');
      aryCityData[31][1][0] = new Option('Coastal','1381');
      aryCityData[31][2][0] = new Option('Atlantic Beach','1382');
      aryCityData[31][2][1] = new Option('Bald Head Island','1383');
      aryCityData[31][2][2] = new Option('Carolina Beach','1384');
      aryCityData[31][2][3] = new Option('Emerald Isle','1385');
      aryCityData[31][2][4] = new Option('Holden Beach','1386');
      aryCityData[31][2][5] = new Option('Kure Beach','1387');
      aryCityData[31][2][6] = new Option('Oak Island','1388');
      aryCityData[31][2][7] = new Option('Ocean Isle Beach','1389');
      aryCityData[31][2][8] = new Option('Outer Banks','1390');
      aryCityData[31][2][9] = new Option('Pine Knoll Shores','1404');
      aryCityData[31][2][10] = new Option('Sunset Beach','1405');
      aryCityData[31][2][11] = new Option('Swansboro','1406');
      aryCityData[31][2][12] = new Option('Topsail Island','1407');
      aryCityData[31][2][13] = new Option('Wilmington','1411');
      aryCityData[31][2][14] = new Option('Wrightsville Beach','1412');
      aryCityData[31][2][0] = new Option('Heartland','1373');
      aryCityData[31][3][0] = new Option('Chapel Hill','1374');
      aryCityData[31][3][1] = new Option('Charlotte','1375');
      aryCityData[31][3][2] = new Option('High Rock Lake','1376');
      aryCityData[31][3][3] = new Option('Lake Gaston','1377');
      aryCityData[31][3][4] = new Option('Lake Norman','1380');
      aryCityData[31][3][0] = new Option('Smoky Mountains','1326');
      aryCityData[31][4][0] = new Option('Almond','1327');
      aryCityData[31][4][1] = new Option('Andrews','1328');
      aryCityData[31][4][2] = new Option('Aquone','1329');
      aryCityData[31][4][3] = new Option('Asheville','1330');
      aryCityData[31][4][4] = new Option('Brevard','1331');
      aryCityData[31][4][5] = new Option('Bryson City','1332');
      aryCityData[31][4][6] = new Option('Cashiers','1333');
      aryCityData[31][4][7] = new Option('Cedar Mountain','1334');
      aryCityData[31][4][8] = new Option('Cherokee','1335');
      aryCityData[31][4][9] = new Option('Dillsboro','1336');
      aryCityData[31][4][10] = new Option('Franklin','1337');
      aryCityData[31][4][11] = new Option('Hayesville','1338');
      aryCityData[31][4][12] = new Option('Hendersonville','1339');
      aryCityData[31][4][13] = new Option('Highlands','1340');
      aryCityData[31][4][14] = new Option('Lake Hiwassee','1341');
      aryCityData[31][4][15] = new Option('Lake Nantahala','1342');
      aryCityData[31][4][16] = new Option('Lake Toxaway','1343');
      aryCityData[31][4][17] = new Option('Maggie Valley','1344');
      aryCityData[31][4][18] = new Option('Marble','1345');
      aryCityData[31][4][19] = new Option('Murphy','1346');
      aryCityData[31][4][20] = new Option('Nantahala','1347');
      aryCityData[31][4][21] = new Option('Robbinsville','1348');
      aryCityData[31][4][22] = new Option('Saluda','1349');
      aryCityData[31][4][23] = new Option('Sapphire','1350');
      aryCityData[31][4][24] = new Option('Stecoah','1351');
      aryCityData[31][4][25] = new Option('Sylva','1352');
      aryCityData[31][4][26] = new Option('Waynesville','1353');
      aryCityData[32] = new Array();

      aryCityData[32][0][0] = new Option('Souris','1414');
      aryCityData[33] = new Array();

      aryCityData[33][0][0] = new Option('Atwood Lake','1416');
      aryCityData[33][1][0] = new Option('Dellroy','1417');
      aryCityData[33][1][0] = new Option('Catawba Island','1418');
      aryCityData[33][2][0] = new Option('Cincinnati','1419');
      aryCityData[33][3][0] = new Option('Dayton','1420');
      aryCityData[33][4][0] = new Option('Huron','1421');
      aryCityData[33][5][0] = new Option('Marblehead','1422');
      aryCityData[33][6][0] = new Option('Oak Harbor','1423');
      aryCityData[33][7][0] = new Option('Port Clinton','1424');
      aryCityData[33][8][0] = new Option('Sandusky','1425');
      aryCityData[34] = new Array();

      aryCityData[34][0][0] = new Option('Grand Lake of the Cherokees','1427');
      aryCityData[35] = new Array();

      aryCityData[35][0][0] = new Option('Ashland','1429');
      aryCityData[35][1][0] = new Option('Bandon','1430');
      aryCityData[35][2][0] = new Option('Bend','1431');
      aryCityData[35][3][0] = new Option('Brookings','1432');
      aryCityData[35][4][0] = new Option('Cape Meares','1433');
      aryCityData[35][5][0] = new Option('Depoe Bay','1434');
      aryCityData[35][6][0] = new Option('Fall River','1435');
      aryCityData[35][7][0] = new Option('Florence','1436');
      aryCityData[35][8][0] = new Option('Grants Pass','1437');
      aryCityData[35][9][0] = new Option('Klamath Falls','1438');
      aryCityData[35][10][0] = new Option('Lincoln City','1439');
      aryCityData[35][11][0] = new Option('Netarts','1440');
      aryCityData[35][12][0] = new Option('Newport','1441');
      aryCityData[35][13][0] = new Option('North Bend','1442');
      aryCityData[35][14][0] = new Option('Oceanside','1443');
      aryCityData[35][15][0] = new Option('Portland','1444');
      aryCityData[35][16][0] = new Option('Redmond','1445');
      aryCityData[35][17][0] = new Option('Rockaway Beach','1446');
      aryCityData[35][18][0] = new Option('Seaside','1447');
      aryCityData[35][19][0] = new Option('Sisters','1448');
      aryCityData[35][20][0] = new Option('Sunriver','1449');
      aryCityData[35][21][0] = new Option('Waldport','1450');
      aryCityData[35][22][0] = new Option('Yachats','1451');
      aryCityData[36] = new Array();

      aryCityData[36][0][0] = new Option('Bucks County','1453');
      aryCityData[36][1][0] = new Option('Fort Loudon','1454');
      aryCityData[36][2][0] = new Option('Poconos','1455');
      aryCityData[36][3][0] = new Option('Albrightsville','1456');
      aryCityData[36][3][1] = new Option('Arrowhead Lake','1457');
      aryCityData[36][3][2] = new Option('Big Bass Lake','1458');
      aryCityData[36][3][3] = new Option('Bushkill','1459');
      aryCityData[36][3][4] = new Option('Camelback','1460');
      aryCityData[36][3][5] = new Option('Lake Agmar','1462');
      aryCityData[36][3][6] = new Option('Lake Ariel','1463');
      aryCityData[36][3][7] = new Option('Lake Harmony','1464');
      aryCityData[36][3][8] = new Option('Lake Naomi','1465');
      aryCityData[36][3][9] = new Option('Locust Lakes Village','1468');
      aryCityData[36][3][10] = new Option('Long Pond','1469');
      aryCityData[36][3][11] = new Option('Mount Pocono','1470');
      aryCityData[36][3][12] = new Option('Shawnee on Delaware','1471');
      aryCityData[36][3][13] = new Option('White Haven','1472');
      aryCityData[36][3][0] = new Option('Scranton','1473');
      aryCityData[37] = new Array();

      aryCityData[37][0][0] = new Option('Block Island','1475');
      aryCityData[37][1][0] = new Option('Charlestown','1476');
      aryCityData[37][2][0] = new Option('Middletown','1477');
      aryCityData[37][3][0] = new Option('Narragansett','1478');
      aryCityData[37][4][0] = new Option('Newport','1479');
      aryCityData[37][5][0] = new Option('Portsmouth','1480');
      aryCityData[37][6][0] = new Option('South Kingston','1481');
      aryCityData[37][7][0] = new Option('Wakefield','1482');
      aryCityData[37][8][0] = new Option('Watch Hill','1483');
      aryCityData[37][9][0] = new Option('Weekapaug','1484');
      aryCityData[38] = new Array();

      aryCityData[38][0][0] = new Option('Beaufort','1486');
      aryCityData[38][1][0] = new Option('Charleston Area','1487');
      aryCityData[38][2][0] = new Option('Charleston','1488');
      aryCityData[38][2][1] = new Option('Edisto Island','1489');
      aryCityData[38][2][2] = new Option('Folly Beach','1492');
      aryCityData[38][2][3] = new Option('Goat Island','1493');
      aryCityData[38][2][4] = new Option('Isle of Palms','1494');
      aryCityData[38][2][5] = new Option('Kiawah Island','1497');
      aryCityData[38][2][6] = new Option('Seabrook Island','1498');
      aryCityData[38][2][7] = new Option('Sullivans Island','1499');
      aryCityData[38][2][0] = new Option('Fripp Island','1500');
      aryCityData[38][3][0] = new Option('Grand Strand - Myrtle Beach','1501');
      aryCityData[38][4][0] = new Option('Cherry Grove Beach','1502');
      aryCityData[38][4][1] = new Option('Garden City Beach','1503');
      aryCityData[38][4][2] = new Option('Litchfield Beach','1504');
      aryCityData[38][4][3] = new Option('Myrtle Beach','1505');
      aryCityData[38][4][4] = new Option('North Myrtle Beach','1506');
      aryCityData[38][4][5] = new Option('Ocean Lakes','1507');
      aryCityData[38][4][6] = new Option('Pawleys Island','1508');
      aryCityData[38][4][7] = new Option('Surfside Beach','1509');
      aryCityData[38][4][0] = new Option('Harbor Island','1510');
      aryCityData[38][5][0] = new Option('Hartwell Lake','1511');
      aryCityData[38][6][0] = new Option('Anderson','1512');
      aryCityData[38][6][1] = new Option('Westminister','1513');
      aryCityData[38][6][0] = new Option('Hilton Head Island','1514');
      aryCityData[38][7][0] = new Option('Beach & Tennis Resort','1515');
      aryCityData[38][7][1] = new Option('Bradley Beach','1516');
      aryCityData[38][7][2] = new Option('Fiddlers Cove','1517');
      aryCityData[38][7][3] = new Option('Folly Field','1518');
      aryCityData[38][7][4] = new Option('Forest Beach','1519');
      aryCityData[38][7][5] = new Option('Island Club','1520');
      aryCityData[38][7][6] = new Option('Off Island Areas','1528');
      aryCityData[38][7][7] = new Option('Other Hilton Head Properties','1527');
      aryCityData[38][7][8] = new Option('Palmetto Dunes','1521');
      aryCityData[38][7][9] = new Option('Port Royal','1522');
      aryCityData[38][7][10] = new Option('Sea Pines','1523');
      aryCityData[38][7][11] = new Option('Shelter Cove','1524');
      aryCityData[38][7][12] = new Option('Shipyard','1525');
      aryCityData[38][7][13] = new Option('Singleton Beach','1526');
      aryCityData[38][7][0] = new Option('Lake Keowee','1531');
      aryCityData[38][8][0] = new Option('Lake Murray','1532');
      aryCityData[38][9][0] = new Option('Lake Murray','1535');
      aryCityData[38][9][1] = new Option('Lexington','1533');
      aryCityData[38][9][2] = new Option('Prosperity','1534');
      aryCityData[38][9][0] = new Option('Wateree Lake','1536');
      aryCityData[39] = new Array();

      aryCityData[39][0][0] = new Option('Black Hills','1538');
      aryCityData[39][1][0] = new Option('Yankton','1539');
      aryCityData[40] = new Array();

      aryCityData[40][0][0] = new Option('Boone Lake','1541');
      aryCityData[40][1][0] = new Option('Gray','1542');
      aryCityData[40][1][0] = new Option('Center Hill Lake','1543');
      aryCityData[40][2][0] = new Option('Smithville','1544');
      aryCityData[40][2][0] = new Option('Chattanooga','1545');
      aryCityData[40][3][0] = new Option('Dale Hollow Lake','1546');
      aryCityData[40][4][0] = new Option('Fall Creek Falls','1547');
      aryCityData[40][5][0] = new Option('Gatlinburg Area','1548');
      aryCityData[40][6][0] = new Option('Cosby','1549');
      aryCityData[40][6][1] = new Option('Gatlinburg','1550');
      aryCityData[40][6][2] = new Option('Pigeon Forge','1551');
      aryCityData[40][6][3] = new Option('Sevierville','1552');
      aryCityData[40][6][4] = new Option('Wear Valley','1553');
      aryCityData[40][6][0] = new Option('Memphis','1554');
      aryCityData[40][7][0] = new Option('Monteagle','1555');
      aryCityData[40][8][0] = new Option('Nashville','1556');
      aryCityData[40][9][0] = new Option('Norris Lake','1557');
      aryCityData[40][10][0] = new Option('Jacksboro','1558');
      aryCityData[40][10][1] = new Option('LaFollette','1559');
      aryCityData[40][10][2] = new Option('Maynardville','1560');
      aryCityData[40][10][0] = new Option('Nunnelly','1561');
      aryCityData[40][11][0] = new Option('Pickwick Lake','1562');
      aryCityData[40][12][0] = new Option('Tellico Plains','1563');
      aryCityData[40][13][0] = new Option('Townsend','1564');
      aryCityData[41] = new Array();

      aryCityData[41][0][0] = new Option('Austin','1566');
      aryCityData[41][1][0] = new Option('Canyon Lake','1567');
      aryCityData[41][2][0] = new Option('Corpus Christi','1568');
      aryCityData[41][3][0] = new Option('Dallas','1569');
      aryCityData[41][4][0] = new Option('Galveston','1570');
      aryCityData[41][5][0] = new Option('Lake Conroe','1571');
      aryCityData[41][6][0] = new Option('Conroe','1572');
      aryCityData[41][6][1] = new Option('Montgomery','1573');
      aryCityData[41][6][0] = new Option('Lake LBJ','1574');
      aryCityData[41][7][0] = new Option('Horseshoe Bay','1575');
      aryCityData[41][7][0] = new Option('Lake Livingston','1576');
      aryCityData[41][8][0] = new Option('Onalaska','1577');
      aryCityData[41][8][0] = new Option('Lake Palestine','1580');
      aryCityData[41][9][0] = new Option('Lake Palestine','1578');
      aryCityData[41][10][0] = new Option('Frankston','1579');
      aryCityData[41][10][0] = new Option('Lake Travis','1581');
      aryCityData[41][11][0] = new Option('Lago Vista','1582');
      aryCityData[41][11][1] = new Option('Lake Travis','1586');
      aryCityData[41][11][2] = new Option('Lakeway','1583');
      aryCityData[41][11][3] = new Option('Point Venture','1584');
      aryCityData[41][11][4] = new Option('Spicewood','1585');
      aryCityData[41][11][0] = new Option('Matagorda','1587');
      aryCityData[41][12][0] = new Option('New Braunfels','1588');
      aryCityData[41][13][0] = new Option('Port Aransas','1589');
      aryCityData[41][14][0] = new Option('Rockport','1590');
      aryCityData[41][15][0] = new Option('San Antonio','1591');
      aryCityData[41][16][0] = new Option('South Padre Island','1592');
      aryCityData[41][17][0] = new Option('Surfside Beach','1593');
      aryCityData[41][18][0] = new Option('Wimberley','1594');
      aryCityData[42] = new Array();

      aryCityData[42][0][0] = new Option('Brian Head','1596');
      aryCityData[42][1][0] = new Option('Brighton','1597');
      aryCityData[42][2][0] = new Option('Deer Valley','1598');
      aryCityData[42][3][0] = new Option('Duck Creek Village','1599');
      aryCityData[42][4][0] = new Option('Heber City','1600');
      aryCityData[42][5][0] = new Option('Kanab','1601');
      aryCityData[42][6][0] = new Option('Midway','1602');
      aryCityData[42][7][0] = new Option('Park City','1605');
      aryCityData[42][8][0] = new Option('Park City','1603');
      aryCityData[42][9][0] = new Option('The Canyons','1604');
      aryCityData[42][9][0] = new Option('Powder Mountain','1606');
      aryCityData[42][10][0] = new Option('Eden','1607');
      aryCityData[42][10][0] = new Option('Saint George','1608');
      aryCityData[42][11][0] = new Option('Salt Lake City','1609');
      aryCityData[42][12][0] = new Option('Sandy','1610');
      aryCityData[42][13][0] = new Option('Snow Basin','1611');
      aryCityData[42][14][0] = new Option('Solitude','1612');
      aryCityData[42][15][0] = new Option('Sundance','1613');
      aryCityData[43] = new Array();

      aryCityData[43][0][0] = new Option('Charlotte','1615');
      aryCityData[43][1][0] = new Option('Chester','1616');
      aryCityData[43][2][0] = new Option('Glover','1617');
      aryCityData[43][3][0] = new Option('Greensboro','1618');
      aryCityData[43][4][0] = new Option('Hubbardton','1619');
      aryCityData[43][5][0] = new Option('Jay Peak','1620');
      aryCityData[43][6][0] = new Option('Killington','1621');
      aryCityData[43][7][0] = new Option('Lake Memphremagog','1622');
      aryCityData[43][8][0] = new Option('Mt. Snow','1623');
      aryCityData[43][9][0] = new Option('West Dover','1624');
      aryCityData[43][9][0] = new Option('Okemo','1625');
      aryCityData[43][10][0] = new Option('Ludlow','1626');
      aryCityData[43][10][1] = new Option('Proctorsville','1627');
      aryCityData[43][10][0] = new Option('Peru','1628');
      aryCityData[43][11][0] = new Option('Quechee','1629');
      aryCityData[43][12][0] = new Option('Smugglers Notch','1630');
      aryCityData[43][13][0] = new Option('Stowe','1631');
      aryCityData[43][14][0] = new Option('Stratton Mountain','1632');
      aryCityData[43][15][0] = new Option('Waitsfield','1633');
      aryCityData[43][16][0] = new Option('Warren','1634');
      aryCityData[43][17][0] = new Option('Wilmington','1635');
      aryCityData[43][18][0] = new Option('Woodstock','1636');
      aryCityData[44] = new Array();

      aryCityData[44][0][0] = new Option('Bryce','1638');
      aryCityData[44][1][0] = new Option('Basye','1639');
      aryCityData[44][1][1] = new Option('Bryce','1640');
      aryCityData[44][1][0] = new Option('Cape Charles','1641');
      aryCityData[44][2][0] = new Option('Chincoteague','1642');
      aryCityData[44][3][0] = new Option('Fancy Gap','1643');
      aryCityData[44][4][0] = new Option('Kerr Lake','1644');
      aryCityData[44][5][0] = new Option('Clarksville','1645');
      aryCityData[44][5][0] = new Option('Lake Anna','1646');
      aryCityData[44][6][0] = new Option('Lexington','1647');
      aryCityData[44][7][0] = new Option('Luray','1648');
      aryCityData[44][8][0] = new Option('Massanutten Resort','1649');
      aryCityData[44][9][0] = new Option('Mount Jackson','1650');
      aryCityData[44][10][0] = new Option('Sperryville','1651');
      aryCityData[44][11][0] = new Option('Stanardsville','1652');
      aryCityData[44][12][0] = new Option('Virginia Beach','1653');
      aryCityData[44][13][0] = new Option('Warm Springs','1654');
      aryCityData[44][14][0] = new Option('Williamsburg','1655');
      aryCityData[44][15][0] = new Option('Wintergreen','1656');
      aryCityData[45] = new Array();

      aryCityData[45][0][0] = new Option('Birch Bay','1658');
      aryCityData[45][1][0] = new Option('Leavenworth','1659');
      aryCityData[45][2][0] = new Option('Mt. Rainier','1660');
      aryCityData[45][3][0] = new Option('Ashford','1661');
      aryCityData[45][3][0] = new Option('Ocean Shores','1662');
      aryCityData[45][4][0] = new Option('Point Roberts','1663');
      aryCityData[45][5][0] = new Option('Port Townsend','1664');
      aryCityData[45][6][0] = new Option('Puget Sound','1665');
      aryCityData[45][7][0] = new Option('Bainbridge Island','1666');
      aryCityData[45][7][1] = new Option('Camano Island','1667');
      aryCityData[45][7][2] = new Option('Hood Canal','1668');
      aryCityData[45][7][3] = new Option('Port Ludlow','1669');
      aryCityData[45][7][4] = new Option('Shelton','1670');
      aryCityData[45][7][5] = new Option('Southworth','1671');
      aryCityData[45][7][6] = new Option('Whidbey Island','1672');
      aryCityData[45][7][0] = new Option('Roslyn','1677');
      aryCityData[45][8][0] = new Option('San Juan Islands','1678');
      aryCityData[45][9][0] = new Option('Seattle','1679');
      aryCityData[45][10][0] = new Option('Snoqualmie Pass','1680');
      aryCityData[45][11][0] = new Option('Tacoma','1681');
      aryCityData[45][12][0] = new Option('Twisp','1682');
      aryCityData[46] = new Array();

      aryCityData[46][0][0] = new Option('Berkeley Springs','1684');
      aryCityData[46][1][0] = new Option('Snowshoe','1685');
      aryCityData[47] = new Array();

      aryCityData[47][0][0] = new Option('Chippewa Falls','1687');
      aryCityData[47][1][0] = new Option('Crivitz','1688');
      aryCityData[47][2][0] = new Option('Cumberland','1689');
      aryCityData[47][3][0] = new Option('Door County','1690');
      aryCityData[47][4][0] = new Option('Eagle River','1691');
      aryCityData[47][5][0] = new Option('Ferryville','1692');
      aryCityData[47][6][0] = new Option('Green Lake','1693');
      aryCityData[47][7][0] = new Option('Hayward','1694');
      aryCityData[47][8][0] = new Option('Lake Geneva','1695');
      aryCityData[47][9][0] = new Option('Merrimac','1696');
      aryCityData[47][10][0] = new Option('Milwaukee','1697');
      aryCityData[47][11][0] = new Option('Minocqua','1698');
      aryCityData[47][12][0] = new Option('Montello','1699');
      aryCityData[47][13][0] = new Option('Mountain','1700');
      aryCityData[47][14][0] = new Option('Phillips','1701');
      aryCityData[47][15][0] = new Option('Rhinelander','1702');
      aryCityData[47][16][0] = new Option('Shell Lake','1703');
      aryCityData[47][17][0] = new Option('Suring','1704');
      aryCityData[47][18][0] = new Option('Two Rivers','1705');
      aryCityData[47][19][0] = new Option('Wabeno','1706');
      aryCityData[47][20][0] = new Option('Wapogasset Lake','1707');
      aryCityData[47][21][0] = new Option('Winter','1708');
      aryCityData[47][22][0] = new Option('Wisconsin Dells','1709');
      aryCityData[48] = new Array();

      aryCityData[48][0][0] = new Option('Jackson Hole','1711');
      aryCityData[48][1][0] = new Option('Tenton Village','1712');

 function reloadCities(curStateIndex)  // pass in the current State index
    if ( curStateIndex < 0 ) return;  // no state selected, so do nothing

    var aryCityOpts = document.myform.selCity.options;  // points to selCity options array

    aryCityOpts.length=0;  // first, clear the current City options ...

    // then re-load the City options with values for the current State
    for ( var i=0,n=aryCityData[curStateIndex].length; i<n; i++ )
       //// the line below no longer works in IE5 (it works in IE4 and NS4+).
       // aryCityOpts[aryCityOpts.length-1] = new Option(aryCityData[curStateIndex][i].text,aryCityData[curStateIndex][i].value);
       //// therefore, it now takes three lines to do the same thing:

       aryCityOpts.length++;  // add a new Option, then put data in it (below)
       aryCityOpts[aryCityOpts.length-1].text  = aryCityData[curStateIndex][i].text;
       aryCityOpts[aryCityOpts.length-1].value = aryCityData[curStateIndex][i].value;

// -->


<BODY onLoad='document.myform.selState.focus();'>
 <FORM name='myform' method='post' action='whatever.asp' onSubmit='return(false);'>

   State: &nbsp;
   <SELECT name='selState' size='1' onChange='reloadCities(this.selectedIndex);'>
     <OPTION value='0'></option>
       <OPTION value='01'>Alabama</option>
       <OPTION value='02'>Alaska</option>
       <OPTION value='03'>Arizona</option>
       <OPTION value='04'>Arkansas</option>

       <OPTION value='05'>California</option>
       <OPTION value='06'>Colorado</option>
       <OPTION value='07'>Connecticut</option>
       <OPTION value='08'>Delaware</option>
       <OPTION value='09'>Florida</option>
       <OPTION value='10'>Georgia</option>

       <OPTION value='11'>Hawaii</option>
       <OPTION value='12'>Idaho</option>
       <OPTION value='13'>Illinois</option>
       <OPTION value='14'>Indiana</option>
       <OPTION value='15'>Iowa</option>
       <OPTION value='16'>Kentucky</option>

       <OPTION value='17'>Louisiana</option>
       <OPTION value='18'>Maine</option>
       <OPTION value='19'>Maryland</option>
       <OPTION value='20'>Massachusetts</option>
       <OPTION value='21'>Michigan</option>
       <OPTION value='22'>Minnesota</option>

       <OPTION value='23'>Mississippi</option>
       <OPTION value='24'>Missouri</option>
       <OPTION value='25'>Montana</option>
       <OPTION value='26'>Nevada</option>
       <OPTION value='27'>New hampshire</option>
       <OPTION value='28'>New jersey</option>

       <OPTION value='29'>New mexico</option>
       <OPTION value='30'>New york</option>
       <OPTION value='31'>North carolina</option>
       <OPTION value='32'>North dakota</option>
       <OPTION value='33'>Ohio</option>
       <OPTION value='34'>Oklahoma</option>

       <OPTION value='35'>Oregon</option>
       <OPTION value='36'>Pennsylvania</option>
       <OPTION value='37'>Rhode island</option>
       <OPTION value='38'>South carolina</option>
       <OPTION value='39'>South dakota</option>
       <OPTION value='40'>Tennessee</option>

       <OPTION value='41'>Texas</option>
       <OPTION value='42'>Utah</option>
       <OPTION value='43'>Vermont</option>
       <OPTION value='44'>Virginia</option>
       <OPTION value='45'>Washington</option>
       <OPTION value='46'>West virginia</option>

       <OPTION value='47'>Wisconsin</option>
       <OPTION value='48'>Wyoming</option>

   City: &nbsp; &nbsp;
   <SELECT name='selCity' size='1' onChange='alert(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value)'>
     <OPTION value=''>Select a State</option>



cfdynamicsAuthor Commented:
Hmmm... this looks like a good idea - can someone make this work with 7 + drop downs?

It is the post from TallerMike and uses filters.

I'd probably prefer to do all of the arrays in JS like above because the information is dynamically generated.

Thank you...
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For yours, you might want to change this:

aryCityOpts.length++;  // add a new Option, then put data in it (below)
       aryCityOpts[aryCityOpts.length-1].text  = aryCityData[curStateIndex][i].text;
       aryCityOpts[aryCityOpts.length-1].value = aryCityData[curStateIndex][i].value;


aryCityOpts[aryCityOpts.length] = aryCityData[curStateIndex][i].text;
cfdynamicsAuthor Commented:
That didn't do it... would it be helpful if I provided the full list of 1700+ that will be in the total array?  Or at least a sample of its average depth?

Is this difficult enough that the points must be increased to get more attention?

Thank you...
Not really if you provided the whole array. Any function that works should go through all the arrays. A sample page would DEFINITELY help. As for other people, well, it's mainly the long list of arrays that might turn them away (they might think it's some crazy dude with a huge source code) but they'll come eventually (at least, they should)
cfdynamicsAuthor Commented:
Ok – thank you.  Here is an example of the depth I need to achieve.  There are multiple countries, states, and many areas/sub areas.  This example is 6 levels deep, so I would need to have 6 drop downs, each dynamically populating depending on the previous selection.

I hope this makes better sense.  I will be creating the array dynamically from a DB so the example just needs to have enough to go that deep – hopefully with enough explanation to allow me to add a 7th when the need arises.

Thank you!

            Beaver Lake
                  Eureka Springs
            Bull Shoals Lake
                  Bull Shoals
            Greers Ferry Lake
                  Heber Springs
                  Greers Ferry Lake
            Hot Springs
            Northern California
                  Bodega Bay
                        Clearlake Oaks
                        Lower Lake
            Southern California
                  Orange County
                        Anaheim Area
                              Anaheim Hills
                              Garden Grove
                        Capistrano Beach
                        Dana Point
                              Monarch Beach
                              Dana Point
                        Huntington Beach
                        Laguna Beach
                        Laguna Niguel
                        Newport Beach
                              Newport Beach
            Northern California
                  San Clemente
                  Sunset Beach
            Jackson Hole
            Teton Village
Ok. Try something like this--

<script language="javascript">

/*PHP CONNECT TO DATABASE AND GET COUNTRIES IN ARRAY $countries. There's only USA right  now, so you might just take the code in the next foreach loop and use it in place of this*/

//javascript country array initialization
$output_script.="var countries=new Array;\n";
foreach ($countries as $c) {
   //USE PHP TO GET STATES OF COUNTRIES store in array $states
   //Create javascript associative array

//We've just made country array with country names. Now, if the country has states/provinces/whatever, we put them in

/* We use 2 loops here because with a smart SQL, we can grab all the cities of states in one go. Now, I dont know how your database is structured, so I'll assume it has a cities field and all the cities are separated by commas. Now, to make this a deeper, let's say you wantcities (like in your example post above), you would probably want another mysql table with a column of states and cities separated by commas. This makes our code reusable */

//Example SQL query
$sql="SELECT countries,cities FROM my_table_name";
while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($res)) {
   //Now we'll set our Javascript arrays. Note if you have cities, just do the same again with that.
   //Replace previous array information with new
   $add_to="countries[\"".$row["countries"]."\"=new Array;\n";
   foreach ($s_states as $s) {

//Great! Now that that's done. I'm pretending you only need countries and states, we can go to the Javascript!!


//For the Javascript, you would want this:
function popArray(target) {
   //Create form element you'll have to figure out how to add a name to it, maybe with a Javascript variable as counter
   var frm=document.createElement("form");
   var sel=document.createElement("select");
   /*If you add attributes to the above, use setAttribute(). Of course, setAttribute for event handlers might get messy in IE, so you can use another way for that. So messy, innerHTML easier, but I guess you should get the correct way */
   for (var c in countries) { //because associative array

      var opt=document.createElement("option");
      //One part where you prob should use innerHTML, *sigh*
      var opttext=document.createTextNode(c);

      if (typeof(countries[c]=="object")) {
         var tsel=document.createElement("select");
         for (var s in countries[c]) {

This should work. Of course, use a recent browser and make sure to change the variables your way.
cfdynamicsAuthor Commented:
I already have the query data - it is returned from a stored proc.  I can't have the db structure exposed to the browser - so once I have the data I will just loop over the data and dynamically build the array.  By doing this I can build one HUGE array with everything, or limit it to one country, state, area - wherever it may be needed.

So really I just need an example in straight JS that shows the dynamic relationship between the 6 dropdowns.

I will play around with this and see if I can make it work this way - JS won't be able to see my query as it isn't done with JS unless I convert it to WDDX or something - and that adds a whole new level I hope I don't need to touch for this.

Thank you...
Yes, JS doesn't have to see your query, the way I do it above echos out the JS with PHP as you go along, so you can change it to suit your db, I'll have to look at it again to give you a straight JS answer.
cfdynamicsAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your help on this - I'm running out of time - what can I do to get better responce to this question?  maybe it is 'overwhelming' and I need to close and try again?

Thank you
Let's try this again real quick. Change your reloadCities function to this:

 function reloadCities(curStateIndex)  // pass in the current State index
    if ( curStateIndex < 0 ) return;  // no state selected, so do nothing

    var aryCityOpts = document.forms['myform'].selCity;  // points to selCity options array

    aryCityOpts.length=0;  // first, clear the current City options ...

    // then re-load the City options with values for the current State
    for (var i=0; i<aryCityData[curStateIndex].length; i++ )
    aryCityOpts[aryCityOpts.length] = new Option(aryCityData[curStateIndex][i],aryCityData[curStateIndex][i]);

This should work, but if it doesn't post. I should be here all day today.
cfdynamicsAuthor Commented:
i'm sorry, this didn't work.

Would it be possible to get a very simple example of dynamically populated drop downs that are related 6 levels?  Just a few elements in each?

I'm traveling so I wasn't able to get on and try this earlier - it didn't work for me.

Thank you again for your time.
Ah, I'm pretty sure why it doesn't work. Try this:

aryCityOpts[aryCityOpts.length] = aryCityData[curStateIndex][i];

Has a 90% chance of working.
cfdynamicsAuthor Commented:

The source looks ok when rendered, but the second DD only has this: [objectHTMLOptionElement].  Also, it doesn't seem to change with the state, that list is the same length each time - California or Wyoming have the same number of entries.  I don't see that text string in the HTML source anywhere.

We're not quite there yet - sorry I'm such a JS idiot! - But I'm not sure how to construct an array that large in JS - would the array start to look like:

aryCityData[45][12][1][1][1][1][0] = new Option('Twisp','1682');

When I get that deep?  Then the portion of the script we've been working on - can it handle that?  As well, how would I tell each DD to re-populate the next DD?  Would I call the same function:  onChange='reloadCities(this.selectedIndex);?

I'm sure I can build the 'dynamic' version by looping over the particular elements of the JS, I just need to see a working example of something that goes that deep.  If I'm not mistaken you're trying to build this so that there isn't a limit to its depth?

Again thank you for your assistance - I really am getting behind on this one - would you suggest closing this and opening a new question so that others are more apt to participate?

Thank you...
If you want :-)

As for infinite depth. It would take a bit more planning. Maybe something like this:

function unlimitedDepth(arr) {
   for (var a in arr) {
      if (obj.constructor.toString().indexOf("Array") == -1) {
         document.write(a+"<br />");
      } else {

And pass a multi dimensional array to unlimitedDepth
cfdynamicsAuthor Commented:
 <script language="JavaScript">
     dataState = new Array(
       new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
     dataArea1 = new Array(
       new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
     dataArea2 = new Array(
       new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
     dataArea3 = new Array(
       new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
     dataArea4 = new Array(
       new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
     dataArea5 = new Array(
       new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
     dataArea6 = new Array(
       new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
     function fill(selectCtrl, itemArray) {
       var i, j;
       var prompt, goodPrompt, badPrompt;

       for (i = selectCtrl.options.length; i >= 0; i--) {
         selectCtrl.options[i] = null;
       prompt = (itemArray != null) ? goodPrompt : badPrompt;
       if (prompt == null) {
         j = 0;
       else {
         selectCtrl.options[0] = new Option(prompt);
         j = 1;
       if (itemArray != null) {
        // add new items
        for (i = 0; i < itemArray.length; i++) {
          selectCtrl.options[j] = new Option(itemArray[i][0]);
          if (itemArray[i][1] != null) {
            selectCtrl.options[j].value = itemArray[i][1];
        // select first item (prompt) for sub list
        selectCtrl.options[0].selected = true;
     // Here you should plugin your loading of the data of state/provinces
     function loadState(countryIndex) {
        if (countryIndex == 3) {
          dataState = new Array(
           new Array("Select State", -1),
           new Array("Alabama",       1),
           new Array("Arizona",       2),
           new Array("Arkansas",      3)
        else if (countryIndex == 2) {
          dataState = new Array(
            new Array( "Select Province", -1),
            new Array( "Zuid-Holland",     1),
            new Array( "North-Holland",    2)
        else if (countryIndex == 1) {
          dataState = new Array(
            new Array( "<NONE>", -1),
                  new Array( "test", 1)
        else if (countryIndex == 4) {
          dataState = new Array(
            new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
     // Here you should plugin your loading of the data of area1 (based on
     // countryIndex and stateIndex)
     function loadArea1(countryIndex, stateIndex) {
        if (countryIndex == 1) {
          if (stateIndex == 1) {
            dataArea1 = new Array(
              new Array( "Select Area 1", -1),
              new Array( "Dauphin Island", 1),
              new Array( "Fairhope",       2),
              new Array( "Fort Morgan",    3),
              new Array( "Gulf Shores",    4),
              new Array( "Mentone",        5),
              new Array( "Orange Beach",   6)
          else if (stateIndex == 2) {
            dataArea1 = new Array(
              new Array( "Select Area 1", -1),
              new Array( "Anchorage",      1),
              new Array( "Big Lake",       2),
              new Array( "Girdwood",       3),
                  new Array( "Homer",          4),
                  new Array( "Juneau",         5),
                  new Array( "Seward",         6),
                  new Array( "Sitka",          7),
                  new Array( "Soldotna",       8)
          else {
            dataArea1 = new Array(
              new Array( ":<NONE>", -1)
        else {
          dataArea1 = new Array(
            new Array( "<NONE>", -1)

     // Same deal as above
     function loadArea2(countryIndex, stateIndex, area1Index) {
        if (countryIndex == 1 && stateIndex == 1 && area1Index == 1) {
          dataArea2 = new Array(
            new Array("Select type", -1),
            new Array("Night clubs", 1),
            new Array("Amusement parks", 2)
        else {
          dataArea2 = new Array(
            new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
     // Same deal as above
     function loadArea3(countryIndex, stateIndex, area1Index, area2Index) {
         if (countryIndex == 1 && stateIndex == 1 && area1Index == 1 && area2Index == 2) {
            dataArea3 = new Array(
              new Array("Select size", -1),
              new Array("Small", 1),
              new Array("Medium", 2),
              new Array("Large", 3)
         else {
          dataArea3 = new Array(
            new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
     // Same deal as above
     function loadArea4(countryIndex, stateIndex, area1Index, area2Index, area3Index) {
        if (countryIndex == 1 && stateIndex == 1 && area1Index == 1 && area2Index == 2 &&
            area3Index > 0) {
            dataArea4 = new Array(
              new Array( "Select orientation", -1),
              new Array( "Family", 1),
              new Array( "Single", 2)
        else {
          dataArea4 = new Array(
              new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
     // Same deal as above
     function loadArea5(countryIndex, stateIndex, area1Index, area2Index, area3Index, area4Index) {
        if (countryIndex == 1 && stateIndex == 1 && area1Index == 1 && area2Index == 2 &&
            area3Index > 0 && area4Index == 1) {
            dataArea5 = new Array(
                new Array( "Select amusement type", -1),
                new Array( "Water park", 1),
                new Array( "Rollercoaster park", 2),
                new Array( "Fairy tale park", 3)
        else {
            dataArea5 = new Array(
                new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
     // Same deal as above
     function loadArea6(countryIndex, stateIndex, area1Index, area2Index, area3Index, area4Index, area5Index) {
        if (countryIndex == 1 && stateIndex == 1 && area1Index == 1 && area2Index == 2 &&
            area3Index > 0 && area4Index == 1 && area5Index > 0) {
            dataArea6 = new Array(
                new Array( "Select discount", -1),
                new Array( "None", 1),
                new Array( "Small group", 2),
                new Array( "Large group", 3)
        else {
            dataArea6 = new Array(
                new Array( "<NONE>", -1)
cfdynamicsAuthor Commented:
As I mentioned before Zyloch did extend help and effort and would be glad to give him some points, but I did have to go to an outside source and spend a few $$$ to resolve this problem as the results given didn't work as well as expected and I found that it was best resolved by working directly with someone (face to face).

- sorry for the problems.
Question answered by asker or dialog valuable.
Closed, 200 points refunded.
ee_ai_construct (replacement part #xm34)
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