1.3 266 FSB with a 200mhz MB

are there any problems with having a  mother board with a different clock speed than the processor?
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Under the FIC site it lists only the following CPU as compatable, but I would still guess the 1.33 will work because the BIOS would see it as a 1.0 Mhz CPU.  I am oging to guess the price you are paying isn't very much and worth the risk to try it.
AMD Athlon-700 256K Cache 100x7
AMD Athlon-750 100x7.5
AMD Athlon-800 100x8
AMD Athlon-850 100x8.5
AMD Athlon-900 100x9
AMD Athlon-950 100x9.5
AMD Athlon-1G 100x10
AMD Athlon-1.1G 100x11
AMD Athlon-1.2G 100x12
AMD Athlon-1.3G 100x13

AMD Duron-600 64K Cache 100x6
AMD Duron-650 100x6.5
AMD Duron-700 100x7
AMD Duron-750 100x7.5
AMD Duron-800 100x8

As a side note, I had an Athlon 1.4 (133 FSB) that would freeze when ran at the 133 FSB but when the FSB was set at 100Mhz the BIOS id'ed the CPU at 1050Mhz and was rock steady
You need to do the following:

1. Get the models of the motherboard and CPU.
2. Go the the motherboard's manufactory web site and check what CPU the motherboard are supported. e.g. www.asus.com or get the information from google.
3. You will not be able to bootup the computer if your motherboard doesn't supoort the CPU (it might burn the CPU as well becuase they might use different voltages.).

hope this help.
Agree with danielwpc. Some CPU's will clock down with no problem. Others will not.
If you have trouble finding the info you need, post mobo and cpu specs here, and we will see what we can find out.
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There will not be any problem if the clock speed of motherboard is different from the clock speed of processer.
 As the difference in clock speeds will only affect the processing speed of the requests from the OS.
Compatibility is surely an issue so u need to check with the manufactures if motherboard X supports CPU X or not

Much of the motherboards like ASUS , Gigabyte, mercury, intel still run at clock speed of 100 mhz by default.

so even if u have a cpu with higher clock speed it will by default run at low speed and if u try to overclock i mean if u try to increase the speed of the motherboard clock in BIOS and if that is not supported then u need to reset the BIOS clock

as long as the processor can fit in the motherboard and its bus speed isn't higher than that supported by the motherboard then there will be no problems at all.
tricks801Author Commented:
i previously had a 1.2 athalon and it worked great for 3 years. Now the CPU has gone south, and the cheapest comparable chip is a 1.3 with  266 FSB.

i am unable to get the exact specs as the box is no longer in my possesion.
it shall work with no sweat but it default to the lower bus speed (200 MHz) if the mobo doesn't support the 266 MHz. Any idea about your mobo model or chipset...etc. This data can usually be found in between the pci slots imprinted there.
But it will only be running at 1.0Mhz instead of the 1.33Mhz, since you cannot change the muliplier (10 in this case) then the slower bus speed will force the system to run at 1.0Mhz
And as a side note, you can get a new (but discontinued) motherboard that will still use your current memory but will use the faster XP+ CPU's, so you get a faster system for not much more.
Here is example of new MB's with slightly used CPU's that some will still use your old memory.

And the price is not much more then CPU alone.
tricks801Author Commented:
the mobo model number is fic az11e  . its FIC so im sure it would be compatible with a 1.3 athalon 266 fsb. right?
Strange specs, under the motherboard specs it states:
Socket A Athlon Support
200/266 FSB

Then under supported CPU's it states:
AMD Socket A Athlon™ 700MHz~1.3GHz @ 200MHz FSB
AMD Socket A Duron™ 600~900MHz @ 200MHz FSB

I guessing it will work but only as a 1.0Mhz CPU
Thank you much.    : )
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