OSPF support (FC2)


I have just installed a Fedora Core 2 server on a network that "speaking" OSPF.

Do I need to install Zebra in order to get my Linux server comunicating with OSPF?
Is there a simple client to install and configure with area, costs, prio ..... and so on?

I read something about gated, could that be the solution?

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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Either gated or Zebra will work for OSPF. When an active protocol like OSPF is involved there really isn't anything simple about the installation & configuration, so it probably doesn't matter which you use.
MikaelErikssonAuthor Commented:
Thanks jlevie,

Isn't Zebra and Gated more lika routing services then simple OSPF clients?
I do not have the need for my Linux server to become a router, just want the Linux server to route it's own IP packages with OSPF.

I found a rpm package called quagga-0.96.4-1.1.i386.rpm (that includes Zebra and Ospfd). I Installed it and are now going to test the server in the network.
But, I don't like that the server acts like a full scaled router.

Anyone know anything about a simple osfp client for Linux?

I don't know of any "simple osfp client" for Linux or Unix. OSPF is really meant to be used amoung routers. Hosts don't generally need to use OSPF since it will usually it will suffice to have a host machine employ a single gateway, which will do re-directs to other gateways if necessary. Somethimes you'll find OSPF routers exporting OSPF routing information via RIP, which Linux & Unix machines do understand.
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Unless you are an ISP or your site is very large and diverse you shouldnt have to worry about OSPF your isp is most probably taking care of rouing for you.
MikaelErikssonAuthor Commented:
I do have to worry about OSPF.
It's a huge site with a lot of networks and subnets, approx. more than 100 different networks.

Anyway, I will check if Zebra and ospfd do the trick!

I let you know if it's work, soon.

If your trying to get your clients to talk to each other quickly it will work but only if you make sure that all routers on your network are talking it and configured correctly.
If you expect just to configure it on your gateway to get a faster responce to the internet its very doubtfull whether youll see any tanagble gain.
MikaelErikssonAuthor Commented:
I downloaded the quagga rpm which includes the zebra and ospf daemons.

The installation is very easy because of the rpm and configuration only needs to be done in two config files, one for zebra and one for ospfd.
It is easy configure the services via telnet. Looks a lot like configuring Cisco equipment.

All the routing tables updates automatically. I have enabled ospf on a lot of routers in the network, it really makes my life a lot easier.

It works great!
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