Help getting data and partitions back

I have a 160GB Maxtor drive along with other 2X60 GB drives. All of a sudden I lost two of the partition on the 160. They are there but with no file system (neither fat32 nor ntfs). I can just reformat them but the data was there is very important to me. Is there anyway to retrieve it.
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sirbountyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try that Restorer2000 - I've used it successfully when my partition table was hosed...

Try using one of these recovery tools...

have you tryed using partion magic?

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grtmobyAuthor Commented:
unfortunately the programs report the partitions as unacessable ( they are not having a file system, neither ntfs nor fat32 as i mentioned earlier).
I heard good things aboout GetDataBack...
grtmobyAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much, I bought the full version and restoring my data now :)
I told ya! :D

Man I remember the problem I had - it was a customer's drive that had GoBack! on it.  They tried to uninstall it, apparently the 'incorrect' way and it totally screwed up the partition table.  
I tried Getdataback, cause I DO have great results with that product at work - but it doesn't touch your data when you've lost your PT.  I don't know how Restorer2k works, but man does it!
Glad ya got your data again! Thanx. : )
I have a similar recurring problem with a new Maxtor 160 GB HD installed with XP NTFS format where the MBR somehow gets corrupted and the computer won't boot from the drive.  It tries to boot from metwork instead, which is how I know the drive is failing.   I use Windows XP recovery console of a CD boot and use the fixmbr command after using map command to id the drive.  I also do a bootcfg /rebuild command and fixboot command.  I have also flashed the bios and used the bootcfg /diableredirect command suspecting the virus had caused the redirect to the network boot and the MBR coorruption.  I'm not quite sure which things worked and when and how, but I always manage to get the MBR back up and get the drive booted again.  Curiously when I use the fix MBR command it tells me the partition is not normal, whatever that means, but it does fix it.  I used Norton Ghost to create the partition originally, which may be at the root of it too.  But it has failed repeatedly and I also think I may have an undectable virus in the MBR (McAfee says it's clean) or maybe it's the Maxtor's quirky need for an overlay.  I can't find any explanation on Maxtor's knowledgebase for just why you are supposed to use the overlay instead of just formatting with NTFS for XP.  It does work, but it is "not recommended" amd now I have this recurring MBR disappearing issue.  If I figure out the actual answer I'll post it.
Use Ontrack's Easy Recovery Pro -> works if your drive is still recognized by the BIOS.
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