Looking for Antivirus program that allows liveupdates as non-administrator user

Posted on 2004-10-01
Last Modified: 2013-11-16
I have been using NAV for antivirus but am growing frustrated with it because you have to be logged on as an administrator to do a live update.

I want an antiviurs program that has an autoprotect feature and a scan feature.  I dont want crap like URL blocking, spyware controls and all the junk that Norton Internet Security does.

This program MUST be able to allow Liveupdate to by run by a non-administrator user (XP Pro).
If you can setup live update so that it is done at a specific time like a scheduled task and enter the user name and password for the user that will run the task, that is fine too.  (kind of like how norton allows the administrator to run scheduled scans even if not logged in)

Question by:saunaG
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Expert Comment

ID: 12202046
Go to I find them to have the best AV software out on the market.

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ID: 12202855
mcaffee virusscan can do this, although I personally prefer f-prot but have not tried its auto-update feature.

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by:nader alkahtani
ID: 12202890
I guess that you change the live update default settings to restrict some users by using Norton access control .
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Accepted Solution

knoxj81 earned 500 total points
ID: 12204341
The best AV out:  ( $41.50)

The best free AV out:

This does scan scripts while your browsing. But nothing like Norton. I think your making a wonderful decision in leaving the Norton scene. I made that decision 5 years ago. No turning back.

Note: AVG is lite on system resources, but Kaspersky catches all the latest virus, even the latest JPG (GDI+ Exploit).

Make the right decision, so you only have to do it once!


Expert Comment

ID: 12205167
I am not sure how many users you have but McAfee is the best product on the market for management.

Once the ePO agent is installed (installed with admin rights - it can assume them on install if you know what you are doing) all updates etc are looked after by it.

That would fix your problem.

I am not sure what everyone is going on about here - but look at the scoreboard guys! McAfee & Symantec fight for 40% market share. They must be doing something right. And what is more large enterprises aren't interested in anything else.

Kapersky? Great product but can you deploy it to 40,000 machines multiple platforms?

OK if you have some people to run around...


Expert Comment

ID: 12207244
Clam does it, it's the best AV out there and it's free!

Expert Comment

ID: 12208571

Norton Internet Security, does more harm than good(in my eyes). It will blocked legimate traffic and requests, while allowing people to send a single packet to drop your Internet Security service. I'm going to list programs which I recommend using and have performed greatly for me and our clients. Here's a link to show you some of the attacks and how easy they are performed, Here's the list:

Kaspersky Antivirus 5.0 (new version)
This program is the best by far. It updates every 3 hours, scans web browser scripts also.
I've tested many other virus scanners through the years.

AVG is also a great virus scanner( more for home user) not to mention they have a wonderful FREE edtion.

Sygate Personal Firewall Pro - Compared to ZoneAlarm or Nortons which both have tons of exploits to drop their service like a fly. Sygate is the choice for a software firewall.

Sygate has a home editon for free as well.

If you can afford it by the PRO version, the extra feature AD-WATCH is well worth it for it monitors your registry and notifies you of any changes made allowing you to ALLOW or REJECT the request on the fly.

BHO Demon -  (mirrored)
This is a must now-a-days if your running Internet Explorer! BHO is used in a lot of the recent IE exploits as well as keyloggers. This is a must for Home and Corporate users.

IDS ( Intrusion Detection System ): -
I was reading my Windows & .NET Magazine, and it has a great article on SNORT. Setting it up and everything. Page 51! Or you can buy the book SNORT 2.1 Second Edition. This program is absolutly promising, this is for extreme paranoid home users.

References: -Everyday info on the latest exploits/virus/security issues. - perfect for advisories and the best security software. - Every program a nerd could think of!!

If you have any questions please post your comments.,


Expert Comment

ID: 12208688
think avg could do it!!!!
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ID: 12208781
I had Norton and when it expired went to AVG from the website. I recommend it.
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Expert Comment

ID: 12209370
I'm using NAV for more than 2 years now. It's not the client version but the "Norton Antivirus - Enterprise Edition" version witch also includes a client package. It allows you to configure a central server from witch, using an administrative account, you get automatic updates. As soon as you do that, all you have to do is install the client package and configure the client as a "managed client". This is all done through the setup wizard.

You can even (i'm doing that) schedule an automatic download (via ftp) to have your norton antivirus server updated every single day, using "inteligent updates" (see!!!


Expert Comment

ID: 12209974
CA's EZ antivirus does allow none admin users to update the antivirus definitions. It allows you to auto-update, has realtime scanning and lets you scan on limited accounts in XP. I have not tried it on a servers OS yet.

Expert Comment

ID: 12218057
With CA's eTrust in a network you have the option of letting all machines get the updates from the Internet or assign one machine as redistribution server for your LAN. This machine then gets the updates from the net, other machines turn to the local redistribution server for updates. Workstations and servers can be set to check for updates every month, every day, even every minute.

It has two different scanning engines incorporated. You could use one type on the workstations and another on your server. This decreases the chance of anything slipping through.

You can set the redistribution server to hold the updates for a certain amount of time. In administrators view you can see the version of the signaturefiles for all workstations in your network.


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