function STRTOL

Hello !
I would like to write the function strtol (char *s, char **pptr, int base)

char * ptr;
char input [80];
long number;

number = strtol(input, &ptr, 10);
if (*ptr == '\0') ...

long strtol (char *s, char **pptr, int base) {

     int i, n = 0;

     for ( i = 0 ; t[i] >='0' && t[i] <= '9' ; ++i )
          n = base * n + ( t[i] - '0');

     ( how can i make here the pointer point at the first letter met in the table ? )

     return n;

*sorry, french :-)*
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ozoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
*pptr = &t[i];
What is t[] here?If it is allocated in the function itself,then pointing to the array would be incorrect since it be non-existent once the function ends.

You should make pptr point to the first letter in the original string that was passed.



matthew016Author Commented:
Thank You !!
indeed, it was s[] ,not t[]
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