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hi experts,

this questions will likely evolve into more complicated areas so i'm not sure the best way to go about it other than to come right out and ask the first thing first

1. i'm running mandrake 10 on a cable internet with port 110/25 blocked (i believe they block these ports) is it possible to set up my own mail server?

2. I have the domain can that be used to email too?

more to follow just keeping it simple for now.

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jacaucConnect With a Mentor Commented:
oh i see, well... in that case youd have to consider running postfix as your domain mailserver.
Your MX (mail Exchanger) record of should point to your server though.

This will then direct any mail for to your server and deliver it there. (with an incoming connection on port 25)

Well... do you have anywhere (maybe another service) where you can download mail from using the instructions above to test whether your isp actually does block port 110?

Very few ISP generally block ports 25 and 110 though.

Well... ya... go ahead with that test and let me know if this has any value for you.

They probably have port 110 blocked for incoming requests, but they probably do not have 110 blocked for outgoing emails.  They should not be blocking this so that people can retrieve their mail from POP servers.  If this is the case, like it should be, you can use programs like fetch to retrieve your email and basicly download it into your server there.  Then use SMTP to sent it back out to the domain that you have or someplace that is hosting it for you.  You can then set a cron job to retreave the mail and send at a sepecified interval.   That is not exactly hosting your own email, but is emulates it quite well.

Good luck.
I agree... 110 should be open for retreiving mail.. You can start by testing whtether you can run a basic fetchamail command like this:

logged on as root: Create a user test on the linux box with the command:
     adduser test
and a password for the user:
     passwd test
(choose a pw and confirm)
Create a file called .fetchmailrc in the /root folder:
    vi .fetchmailrc

type the following in this file

    poll yourserver protocol POP3
    user xxxx password yyyy is user test here

yourserver being the pop mailserver where you want to pull the mail from
xxxx being the username on yourserver and yyyy being the password on yourserver.
save the file and exit back to the shell

set permissions on the file you just created with the following command:
    chmod 600 /root/.fetchmailrc

next, run the following command to download mail from that remote mailbox and put it in the local mailbox of user test
    fetchmail -K

capital "K" that is

Let me know what output you get.

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solodiverAuthor Commented:

i';m ready to get started and follow your instructions,

however i just want to make note that i have no email service at all

all i have is a domain and did not buy any service at all for email

my domain is

any thoughts before we continue or shall i continue as planned?

GreatWhiteOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have SMTP installed on your computer yet?  You can test SMTP by having someone you know type telnet x.x.x.x 25 from a command prompt and that will tell you if your port 25 is blocked.  If it is not blocked you can do what he said above and just use SMTP like normal, otherwise you are going to have someone host your mail for you and then use fetch or something to retreave it and bring it to you server.
Yip... I fully agree with that!
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