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Cisco 5000 Switch continous reboot help!

I have a cisco 5000 switch with a sup I and it is continously rebooting after a flash upgrade it does this over and over:

Any ideas?? I guess the sup I has no rom monitor mode so what do you do???  is the reset button of any use?

RAM address test
Byte/Word Enable test
Warm Restart
EARL test
EARL test Done

BOOTROM Version 2.1, Dated Jun  4 1996 12:02:33
BOOT date: 10/01/04 BOOT time: 20:34:20


Power Up Diagnostics

Init NVRAM Log
LED Test
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1 Solution
Well, is this a flash upgrade or CatOS upgrade, I mean did you upgraded the flash memory or software in it ?

Anyhow, here is the procedure for sup I.

There stuff has a build in, a very small version of CatOS, burnt in the ROM so you can TFTP the full image to flash and run from there. Too boot from that image;

1. Remove sup I, yes, this is the way to do it.
2. Locate the boot Jumper, for Sup I FX (5005-5006) this is J25 (jumper 25 / boot) and for Sup I TX (5009) this is J24 (diag on).
3. Place a jumper connector (this is unfortunately not available on most cases (look one from your IT department, from you old harddisks or somewhere else :)
4. Reinstall SUP I and poweron, you end up in boot mode.

2 options to load the image is to use Kermit protocol and TFTP, kermit should be avoided when possible.

Rest is : copy tftp slot0:
verify slot0:c5aaa-yyy-xx.121-8.bin
remove Sup I
remove jumper
boot :)

Thats it... Hope this helps...
I am not exactly sure about the syntax of copy and verify commands in the boot prompt, but you will easily figure out once you get there. Sorry I don't have a chasis at hand at the moment.
bluedragon99Author Commented:
Cool the jumper is the key i needed boot commands are no problem..i'll try later on today and let you know.
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bluedragon99Author Commented:
It has J28 and says supervisor engine with no number never seen that before, it must be a 1 though im guessing
bluedragon99Author Commented:
Worked!  Thanks!
I'm glad the problem has been solved.


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