Communicate through a tunnel (ssh?) 300-1000pts

Okay experts!
1. I'm from Germany and my english is not very good. :o(
2. I am not very good at programming.

What I want to do:
I'd like to exchange data (Text and numbers!) with 1 other PC over the Internet using any protocol.

My computer connects as follow to the Internet: WLAN to a router, over a Mac as Gateway and filally over a Server. So others cant ping me or send me anything, except i send a signal and want an answer.
I dont know, what protocol I should use (and how to build the programs)... But it should be a p2p program, so both have the same rights...

I'd be happy, if you could give me a good answer :) <- newbie

Thanks in advance!

Ps: Points variable!! (up to 1000)
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KyleyHarrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I recommend that you download the INDY TCP components. they are open source. There are many peer-to-peer demos
that you can build from.

do a google search for "INDY DELPHI DOWNLOAD"

you'll find it.

Other that that help, your question is far to broad of scope and this is not a "Write a program for me" forum

Ivanov_GConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with KyleyHarris, Indy is the best choice.



you can use TIdMappedTelnet (for server) and TIdTelnet (for client). There is a demo inside...
BTW with Telnet you can execute commands on the remote system shell. For example DIR, COPY, etc. If you want just to send/receive some data, you can use TCP Client / Server...
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Ne000Author Commented:
Ouch, I forgot to give you the points, sorry! :(
I hope 200 for each of you is ok and fair.. If it isn't, please tell me! :)

Downloaded it and I think, I'll be fine ;o)
Ne000Author Commented:
BTW a big THX @ both :o)
Welcome. No problems
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