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Which language to use? For server-client programming.

Hi, I'm currently doing a project which requires server-client programming and I need advice on which language I should use. I've learnt Java programming and VC++. Basically the project is about remotely 'controlling' a network of PCS using a mobile phone.

A user can power up all the PCS on the network using the Wake on Lan. A user can also select from a predetermined list of program/commands to run via the WAP site and the server sends this request to the specific PC. The need of the client is because it opensup alot of possibile functions rather then just Powering up and shutting down the PC.

5 Solutions
 You can use Java.
 Java provides JTX API for converse with monile devices.
 J2ME also usefule for your purpose.

All the best.
You may want to consider C# for the purpose, simply because it's more closely integrated with the Windows operating system than Java is (I assume it's Windows you're running on your PCs). APIs for controlling PCs will be more easily accessible through the .NET framework. C# is very similar to Java; I don't think you'll have any trouble picking it up.
I would go with ASP.Net combined with your choice of languages. That way you can use a language your already familiar with C++, while your working your way into C#. No Java performanace probs either.
Look at how they did it with .Net for the remote desktop web package for XP.


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I'd go with Java. Besides being multiplatform (in case you want to someday support Linux or Mac), it's built-in network programming capabilities make development of client server apps a breeze.

lewin85_sgAuthor Commented:
Thank you all.

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