After downloading and installing the Admin version from download.com thinking it was compatible with the Datacenter Edition of Windows Server 2003 as it was a minimum requirements app this app has prob caused a bsod 00000007f so I want to get rid of it.

There's no uninstaller in Add/Remove Programs or in the program diretory I can find - how can i completeley remove it?


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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
> so what should I do at the key you suggested?

In the location , check all the subkeys and look for any reference to diskkeeper and remove it , if found
make sure to backup the registry before doing any changes
sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Serotonin_X_Infinite,

I see that one of the issues of Diskkeeper is that it cannot be uninstalled fully or properly.
have you tried to remove the diskkeeper folder in the program files to see if that would help ..

Once removing it , you can remove all instances of it here
Look in the sub keys of this key

After that you can run a Registry program called Registry seeker

Hopefully it will work for 2003.
Try all these and see if you can remove diskkeeper and also get rid of BSOD.

Can you give the exact error message that you get when you get BSOD.. May be not related to diskkeeper atall ..

Serotonin_X_InfiniteAuthor Commented:
Now deleted the Diskeeper folders from the Executive Software\Program Files\ location.

Don't want to mess up registry so what should I do at the key you suggested?

RegSeeker is a minimum requirements app.

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Serotonin_X_InfiniteAuthor Commented:
I've used RegSeeker with deault search options to do this for me as there are many subkeys - is that good?
Serotonin_X_InfiniteAuthor Commented:
search term= diskeeper

Before doing any changes to registry , make a backup and
btw, there is an option in regseeker to backup registry before doing any changes..
cyrnelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I know, stupid question, but did you log in as admin before trying to remove? When I've installed it I did get an add/remove item. It might not remove the program files folder completely but it should clean itself from any active system participation.

I'd contact diskeeper support before editing the registry. There's a good chance something besides the registry entries are causing the crash. Put another way, you have a small chance of fixing things and a good chance of causing more issues. They should be able to identify the bsod information or at least your crash dumps.

They're at: tech_support@executive.com
Or:  818-771-1600

Don't know how they handle non-contract support these days. I'd start by mentioning their install has taken down a production datacenter system. Someone will probably help.

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