mother board will not boot into windows

Hi all,

Been reading and looking for an answer to my problem, my friend just recently purchased a SOYO P4I865PE Plus Dragon 2. I went over to help put his computer together and found a problem, here is what he has:

SOYO P4I865PE Plus Dragon 2 mobo
Celeron 2.6
2x 512ddr
mmx440 nvidia graphics card
WD 20gig HD

ok with all that being said after putting the pc together I was able to boot the pc up and go in to bios. The bios saw all hardware just fine, but when installing the operating system all was well until it rebooted. It will not boot without the xp cd. This is after the complete install of xp, when I take out the cd and reboot the pc it says Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter... It seems that the mobo is relying on the cd for it to boot up. I've taken out memory, used different memory, used one stick as opposed to two, replaecd the hard drive, used another hard drive, cdrom, floppy, and so forth. I do know it runs very well when windows is loaded but the one problem remains. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've built many computers before and have never seen this problem, I can only assume its the mobo.

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, this is a well known phenomenon with WD drives - the setting your are referring to is "Single", as opposed to "Master with Slave".
emoralesivAuthor Commented:

FYI I've flashed the bios with the lastest greatest version, even with the HDD SMART utility on there are no problems with any hard drives.

This may seem obvious, but did you change the BIOS setting to boot from the hard drive?  If it needs the WinXP CD, that means the CDROM is being searched first, or the hard drive has no boot loader on it.
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Have you tried reinstalling windows xp?
mm does sound like a wiierd prob.Have you checked the IDE ports on the mobo.
I have tried this once

The reason was that Virus protecion was activated in BIOS ,meaning nobody is allowed to touch the boot sector and that is exactly what you want when installing a new OS. The OS is simply not put into the bootsector of the HD.

Another possibility is that the boot sector is faulty or polluted with some 3,party software like EZ boot or something equivalent

If  Virus protecion was activated in BIOS you might need to do a repair install or FIXBOOT/MBR after its removed
And yes i also wonder why i did not get en error message, but I did not
emoralesivAuthor Commented:
I have changed the boot order, reinstalled xp, and the virus protection on the mobo was disabled. When you say check the IDE ports what do you actually mean? The ports look fine and as I have stated everything works ecept when turning on the pc. I am going to try the repair install or fixboot/mbr to see if that will fix the problem. I appreciate the responses and will get back to you all. Thanks!
emoralesivAuthor Commented:
Ok I have figured out what the problem was. It was something fairly simple but over looked. The jumper setting on the WD hard drive was set to master BUT should have been pulled as it seems the drives master setting requires a slave present. This doesnt make any sense since most of the time its labeled that way as master w/slave but in this case I pulled the jumper to see what would happen and that fixed the problem. I'm kinda embarassed by this but live and learn. In any case i do not know how to award the points to all that have answered, all answers were in my opinion valid. Can a moderator help me out here?

Again, THANK YOU all for responding an helping out, very appreciated!
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