Easy NAV 2004 Uninstall

As part of a script I have written, it would make things a lot easier if I could somehow *uninstall* Norton 2004 from the command line. I found the .msi file that norton uses, and tried the uninstall with the /x parameter, but it threw an erroe about the msi needing to be run from setup.

There has got to be some way to uninstall NAV2k4 from the command line...anybody have any suggestions?
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You always bring interesting questions to the table..

What kind of script do you deploy and what exact error message you get and when?

Are you leaning towards "having to uninstall Norton 2004 by command prompt only " or it is because you feel it is easier to do than any other method ?

One of the reasons why I ask if you have to uninstall Norton only by command prompt is that , If you have previous experiences in uninstall Norton Anti-virus , it is always like mere uninstalling from add/remove programs will do no good unless you manually uninstall or remove all registry entries from the registry. Personally , I had hard time once without removing registry settings until i stepped on to this cool RNav tool..

If you want to remove only by command prompt, make sure to check this to remove all registry entries aswell

Removing Norton AntiVirus 2004 from Windows XP/2000 after Add/Remove Programs does not work

DVation191Author Commented:
I'm glad my questions amuse you sunray =)

The basis for the script is for a retail tech employer. I have written a script that takes a new retail PC, out of the box, "tunes" it up (with various registry tweaks and spyware tools), installs NAV2k5, updates NAV2k5, reboots, installs SP2, reboots, installs Post SP2 updates and shutdown.

It does *all* this with no user intervention whatsoever...running everything right from a USB Flash drive. The problem is most retail PCs come with 2004 (a trial) preinstalled...and installing NAV2k5 on top of NAV2k4 without uninstalling first causes all kinds of problems with LiveUpdate as well as other issues. Removing NAV2k4 first solves these problems...

Except I can't make that part of the script because I am not sure how I can perform this uninstall from the command line.

I'd like to duplicate the exact process Add/Remove Programs runs when you click "Remove" next to the Norton 2004 entry. Whatever it runs, I want to be able to do from the script.
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I guess you are doing something really amazing ie something without user intervention and from USB drive.

Apart from that removing the action that is involved from add/remove programs , as I said you should look at the registry entries that needs to be removed. I guess you can create some kind of *.reg file that can be deleted using a batch file or so ..
let me research some more to see how to uninstall from command prompt as personally i have not done that hence off the mind I cannot think how to accomplish


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DVation191Author Commented:
Actually, symantec provides a reg file on their support site that is used for a manual removal of norton. While I'd prefer to use the msi uninstaller, doing it manually from the command line isn't ot of the question. The reg file, combined with some directory deletions could work. I'd probably have to add some taskkill commands to shut off norton 2k4 before doing the removals. Now that idea might be worth pursuing.

OK .. Sounds like you can do the job with the reg file itself. Yes starting the machine should tell you what all process Norton is using and using taskkill you should be able to shut them off..
or use process explorer to see what norton uses
so what did you use finally ?
DVation191Author Commented:
Your comments helped me to put together a combination of registry keys (to remove norton references), taskkill to end processes and command line folder deletions to get rid of norton...maybe not the cleanest, but it works.
Cool.. Nice to see that I have helped you ..

Looking forward from you other interesting questions in the future.

Can you post the solution here or here:


I would appreciate it. I'm looking to do the exact same thing you are.

Thanks a bunch,
Rick G
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