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Identify components on Dell Inspiron 2500

Customer has Dell Inspiron 2500 with XP Upgrade installed on top of ME...OS is corrupt and I want to wipe HD and install W2K...

I ran Belarc to identify components so I could download correct drivers from Dell website...

When I go to Dell website, enter the service tag #, virtually none of the indicated component driver downloads are what Belarc says are installed on this laptop...

I seem to remember a few years ago where Dell had an online scan to id all components so you could get correct driver...can't seem to find it...

How can I positively id all components on this laptop so I can be certain of getting the correct dirvers???


Steve Mutchler
Steve Mutchler
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2 Solutions
Try Everest Home Edition, very useful tool.

Here's a link to the ispiron 2500 drivers

http://support.ap.dell.com/ap/en/filelib/   sorry wrong link above
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       Try This Link... http://support.ap.dell.com/ap/en/filelib/results.asp

If it fails, Instead of the Service Tag, from the System Drop Down Menu, have the System Slected as Inspirion 2500. The Link Above may not work as it does this with the help of cookies... anyways juts give it a try. But you are assured of getting the drivers by just selecting the System Type and then Browsing to get the drivers as the Website is not picking up the Service Tag.

Try this Link... http://support.ap.dell.com/ > Select the SYstem Type > Click Go ? Next Page Click on Downloads on the top > then you will know...
Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:
Thanx guys...

I've been to the support pages you are suggesting...and as I indicated, none of the drivers listed are for any of the components that Belarc says are on the laptop, with the exception of the video...

Perhaps Belarc is mis-adentifying the components...

Going to try the Everest thing...

Other Dell desktops I've reloaded from downloads, I have not had this kind of problem id'ing the components...putting in the service tag gets you a selection of 2-3 of each comonent and it's usually pretty quick and easy to determine which is actually used...

But this little bugger is giving me some problems...


Will post back
Bellarc maybe reporting incorrectly. You can believe me :)  ...

Details of Inspiron 2500

The Inspiron 2500 uses the integrated Intel 82815EM Graphics Chipset.  The chip itself has no dedicated onboard memory, instead it dynamically uses system memory.  An additional 4MB video cache card can be added at purchase of the Inspiron 2500.  

The integrated audio chipset utilizes the SigmaTel AC97 codec.  This codec is a general purpose 18-bit, full duplex, audio codec that conforms to the analog component specification of AC’97. The STAC9704/07 incorporates SigmaTel’s proprietary Sigma-Delta technology to achieve signal quality in excess of 95dB SNR.


Click on  the Link to Download the Drivers for the Video for your Inspiron 2500 ( OS WINDOWS XP )


Release Title: Video: Intel 815EM Embedded Graphics, Driver, Windows XP, Chinese-S, English, Japanese, Inspiron 2500, v., A03  

Filename: XP2872_2.EXE (6.19 MB)

Hope this helps
---------------------------More info on Installation -------------------

Hard Drive Installation (via WinZip) with HTML Pop-Up Window for

1. Click Download Now, to download the file.
2. At the Export Compliance Disclaimer window, click Yes, I Accept
this Agreement.
3. When the File Download window appears, click Save this program to
disk (Windows XP users, click Save) and click OK. The Save In: window
4. From the Save In: field, click the down arrow then click to
select Desktop and click Save. The file will download to your desktop.
5. If the Download Complete window appears, click Close. The file
name icon appears on your desktop.

1. Double-click the new icon on the desktop labeled XP2872_2.EXE.
The Self-Extractor window appears.
2. Click OK or Continue.
The Self-Extracting Driver Installation window appears and prompts to
extract files to C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R33887.
3. Leave all of the default settings and click Unzip or OK. If the
directory doesn't exist, you'll be prompted to create one. Click Yes. A
Self Extractor window appears and indicates C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R33887 files were
4. Click OK.
Follow the on-screen installation instructions in the window.

HTML Pop-Up With Install Now Button
1. The Dell Software Installation Documentation window appears.
2. Click the Install Now button. A File Download window appears.
3. Click Run this program from its current location and click OK.
The Security Warning window appears.
4. Click Yes. The InstallShield Wizard window appears.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Next to Everest, you could try PC-Wizard 2004, that detects even more hardware on laptops than everest...and also freeware, download from www.cpuid.com

Blue Rishi
To find the component recognizer that you were referring to, go to the "Current System Configuration" tool at http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/my_systems_info/en/details?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs&~tab=3.

I got there using the following path:
1. Go to http://www.dell.com/
2. Click on "Customer Service and Support" on the middle right.
3. Click on  "Product Support" on the top left menu bar.  This step is counter-intuitive and seems redundant, but it takes you to more options.
4. You will see "Current System Configuration" under the "Support Resources" section, as well as a link to the "Original System Configuration" tool.

The "Original System Configuration tool can also be helpful for determining components.  I also like AIDA16 for creating

- Will
Oops, that last post was cut off.  I was saying that I liked AIDA16, but it looks like that company has been taken over by the Everest guys.  You can find AIDA16 on a bootable CD with a bazillion other useful utilities on the SystemRescueCD (http://www.sysresccd.org/).
Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:

Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner...

I will be working on this laptop Tues eve, will report back then...

Wiped the HD today...downloaded the drivers I THINK I need...we'll see...

Good luck!
we all are waiting anxiously ;)
Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:
Well.....much ado about nothing...:)

W2k found most of it...the drivers I downloaded from Dell were the correct ones...

What really threw me off was when I ran Belarc, it was not identifying anything except the video like Dell has it listed in their drivers...and I tried the other hardware checkers listed above...

One question...I assume a couple of you have an Inspiron 2500...

This laptop has a RJ11 and a RJ45, but there does not seem to be an internal NIC...no drivers that I can see on the Dell site...
Belarc and AIDA don't see any NIC...there was no NIC in hardware properties when XP was installed, but then again that XP upgrade was so bastardized that I'm suprixed it found a keyboard...

Any ideas on the NIC???

I gotta spread some points out...all of you tried your best...

I'll go thru the answers again and try to be reasonably fair on the points...

This really belongs in a separate question, but...

Look under their section for the modem drivers.  Also, check the "Original System Configuration" to see if it really had a NIC/modem shipped.  Some of their laptops had the ports, but not necessarily the card.  Do you get a link light if you plug in a network cable?

Also, you might want to look at Dell's modem drivers.  Sometimes one download covers the modem and NIC driver for those all-in-one units.

If you get really curious, you can open the bottom panels.  There should be a mini-PCI card installed in one of them if you have the NIC.  What is your Dell Service Tag?

- Will
Your Inspiron Motherboard has Rj11 and Rj45 but it may not have a Mini-PCI Combo Card installed. In that case you wont have a Modem or Lan function although the jacks are on the system.

If you do not have a mini-pci combo card ( for both Modem and NIC ) installed you may need to buy one.

The Inspiron 2500 uses a Actiontec JClass 10/100 LAN + 56K Modem Combo Card
For More info on this card click this link ( check under Mini PCI Card Assembly ) http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/ins2500/en/sm_en/remove.htm#1024986

You may also find Mini-PCI Cards for Modem alone or NIC alone. But always a Combo card is preferred as your system has only one mini PCI Slot. The link will show you where it is located.
MiniPCI card Specifications

V.90 and K56flex dual-mode support
Digital line protection
Complies with Microsoft’s PC98, PC99 requirements
Supports Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) power management and is capable of WOR (wake-up on ring) from D3 cold
Data mode capabilities: ITU-T V.3; extended rates: 33.6 Kbps-2400 bps, V.32terbo, V.32bis, and fallbacks; TIA/EIA 602 standard for AT command set V.42; error correction (LAPM and MNP); V.42bis and MNP Class 5 data compression.
Fax mode capabilities: ITU-T V.17, V.29, V.27ter, and V.21 Ch 2, TIA/EIA 578, Class 1 Fax.
NIC Specifications

PCI bus compatibilty MiniPCI specification
Connector RJ-45
Power requirements 200mA @ 3.3VDC
Dimensions Mini PCI Type IIIB. (44.6mm(w) x 59.75mm(l) x 24.8mm(h))
Operating temperature 32 - 131º F (0 - 55º C)  
LEDs Link, Transmit/Receive
Standards conformance IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3z, IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.1q, PCI 2.1 specification
Duplex mode Full duplex / Half duplex
Speeds 10mbps, 100mbps
Hope that helps.
Please dont use Belarc :(((((
Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:

I really hate having to try to divide up points and make it somewhat fair...

Hope this is ok with everyone...

XSINUX gave the most...

Nashville not too far behind...

Still having an issue with the NIC card...I find it curious that there would be a RJ45 and a RJ11 on the computer, but the card seems to be for the modem only...

Still researching out that issue...tried the Actiontec combo drivers, didn't take...

Many thanx
You cannont install Combo Drive unless you use a Combo M-PCI card. The RJ45 is just added so that if you use a Mini PCI combo ( Modem + NIC ) card. You may be using only a Modem Mini PCI card. Hence no NIC function although you have Rj45Jack.

If you take the Modem card out , do you think having the Rj11 port would help ? No. So same holds if you do not have a NIC supported card

Thanks a lot for the points mate !


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