Urgent!!! Recover data from temporary profile

I recently joined a Windows XP machine to a new Windows 2003 Domain. The user's old profile is a local machine profile. I made a big mistake when I was trying to move user's data from old profile to her new profile - both My Documents and Desktop. I had an issue with logging into the new domain. it shown the profile is somehow corrupted, and a temporary profile will be applied. after login, I started moving data over from the old profile to new profile (I forgot I was working on the temporary profile). after I copied everything over - including some very huge and important databases, I loged out the user. I realize everything is gone when I log back in.

I wonder if anyone knows if there is any way to recover the lost data. I'd very very much appreciate your help
BTW, the XP machine has service pack2 installed, and Norton

Jerry Jay
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VertigoRayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Further help:

Do what aindelicato > VertigoRay > dramatix01 said ... the 3 posts together is your solution.

"DO NOT install software, browse the web, wokr with applications that save data to the hard disk, etc"  


Good Luck!
Have you looked in C:\Documents and Settings\
Have you looked in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users or C:\Documents and Settings\Default User and looked in those respective My Documents or Desktop ??

If not, do a thorough searc of the C drive... go to START and RUN and use CMD.

From the Command Prompt, go to root  CD\<enter>

do a search for a filename you know...  C:\>dir/s filename*.* <enter>

This will search the entire drive faster than windows search tool.

If those fail, get a copy of OnTrack Easy Recovery Pro... Do a RAW scan and it will recover all deleted folders (even temporary ones)
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Be careful using Recovery Tools After the mistake has been made.  By this, I mean if you install the Recovery Tool after you've already deleted some files that you want to recover, you may be over-writing your lost files.  It's best to install the Recovery Tool to another Computer and hook the HD with the lost files to the Other computer as a slave.  This way you don't accidentaly over-write part of her database making it un-recoverable or corrupted.

Good Luck!
Also, DO NOT install software, browse the web, owkr with applications that save data to the hard disk, etc.  You could potentially overwrite the deleted data that you wish to recover.

There is a free utility called Restoration that you could try (http://www.download.com/Restoration/3000-2094-10322949.html?tag=lst-0-1.)  It is a very small, standalone app.  It works well for me in a pinch, but you need to decide if you want to put faith in a free application!  It all depends how critical this data truly is.

Hope this helps.

Dave L.
What are your folder settings (Control Panel, Folder Options, View...)?  Click Show hidden files and folders. Uncheck Hide extensions for known files types.  Uncheck Hide protected operating system files.  Then look again in the Documents and Setting directory for a directory listing that is theuser'sname.000  The files _may_ be in there.
JerryJayAuthor Commented:
Thank you very very much for your advice. I did change the Folder Options setting not to prevent hidden file and system file from displaying. I did full disk search by both file name, extension name, and even by content. but no luck. the user has absolutely no backup of the database.
Any further help would be very appreciated.

Jerry Jay
WHOA... How does Vertigo come away with the prize ... ?
I second that question...

I realise that this is an old post but I beleive I have just had a similar problem. Did you find a successful resolution.
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