Driver for Kyocera Mita CI 7600 color copier with Fiery X2e controller

I'm having a problem setting up this copier to print from Windows network. I was able to set up the IP address from the controller, copier recognized and set to the domain name of the network. I was able to ping the IP address of the copier from Windows Server 2003. I created a standard IP port with the IP address of the copier and tried to set up this copier as a network printer. Is it possible to send a print job to the IP address of this printer through DOS command?

Anybody out there that knows where I could find the driver for this copier, please help me out. Thank you.
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wyliecoyoteukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
he queuename may be something like M2_print
It depends    on the manufacturer, I`m afraid.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Try here:
Choose Legacy Products| Color/MFP to find this model.
joekasmijanAuthor Commented:
Thank you Masqueraid. I was on that web site yesterday but didn't even think about Legacy Products Color/MFP. There are only drivers for Win 3.x and 9.x, do you think it will work for Windows Server 2003 or Win XP? Today is Sunday, I won't be able to give it try because the place is closed.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
hmm. almost certainly not :(
may be worth an email to their support team but I guess they dropped it before XP/2003 may be NT/2K drivers though and these would give you a better chance.
If this machine supports PostScript, then just about any PostScript driver will work for it, as long as you don't try to access any device-specific features. That means that things like tray selection may or may not work.

To send a job to the printer from a DOS command you should be able to use the FTP command (bring up a DOS prompt and type FTP then type ? for help - you can get help on a command by typing help command). Alternatively, you can use COPY filename LPT2: if you first capture LPT2 with the NET USE command, as in

NET USE LPT2: \\PCname\PrinterShareName /PERSISTENT:YES

The printer has to be sharable on the PC before NET USE will work. And neither FTP or COPY will work if the job is not in a language the printer understands.
joekasmijanAuthor Commented:
I got an e-mail from Kyoceramita tech support suggesting me to go to the link below to download the driver. I don't have the chance to do it yet, probably tomorrow. I'll post the result for all to share. Anybody out there that have comment about the message below, please post them in. Thanks again.

Message from Kyoceramita tech support:

For WinXP or Win Server 2003 support you would need to download the  Adobe Postscript Driver for Win 2000  (from the Adobe website at:  and use our existing PPD available in the current drivers.

NOTE*** This is a kernel mode driver, 2003 blocks installation of kernel mode drivers by default. Follow this procedure to un-block the installation of this driver:

To Un-block the installation of kernel-mode printer drivers

   Open Group Policy.
   Under Local Computer Policy, double-click Computer Configuration. Double-click Administrative Templates,  and then double-click Printers.
   Right-click Disallow installation of printers using kernel mode drivers, and then click on Properties. On the Setting tab, click Disable, and then click OK.
   Use the Add Printer wizard to load the Windows 2000 kernel-mode print driver.

   To open Group Policy so you can edit the local Group Policy object, click Start, Click Run, type gpedit.msc, and then press enter.
   In Windows Server 2003, Standard   Edition and Windows Server 2003,
   Enterprise Edition, installation of kernel-mode drivers is blocked by default.  In Windows XP Proffessional, installation of kernel-mode drivers is not blocked by default.
   You must click Disabled to un-block/allow the installation of the kernel-mode print driver.

You can get ppds for the X2e ( and many other models) from the Fiery website:

I believe that machine was actually a badged Minolta
Also, if you are using a standard tcp/ip port, you may have to configure it as LPR, not raw. ( only the later models support smb or port 9100 printing). the queuename is probably "print"
If that is the case, you may have to set it up on a server and use hdhondt`s suggestion to print to it from dos.
joekasmijanAuthor Commented:
Thank you Wyliecoyoteuk. I did try what Kyoceramita tech support suggested in their e-mail but to no success. From Windoows XP, I created standard IP port, then went to Adobe web site, downloaded the Adobe Postscript Driver for Win 2000. Ran the file and it created a 'Generic Postscipt Printer', but failed the test print. I will try to configure the port as LPR as you have suggested the next time I'm there. At the mean time, more comments are welcome.

Thank  you all.
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joekasmijanAuthor Commented:
This problem was solved by connecting the printer/copier via parallel centronic cable to a host computer and shared over the network. The driver used was one of those Kyocera model printer/copier. I thank you for all your support and I would like to honor the points to Wyliecoyoteuk.

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