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I would like to start a pay-per-click advertising campaign, but I need some advice please.  

First, is this something I can learn to do myself reasonably well and in a reasonable amount of time, or is this something you recommend I hire an expert to manage?  I was quoted $1000 to manage a 2500 targeted visits pay-per-click program by a marketing company, but I feel that's unreasonably high.

And secondly, if I do it myself, where is the best place to get some advice on this?  And, for example, what is the best tracking software you recommend I use in my web site, and what is the best software for managing a pay-per-click program?  What software or combinations of software do you recommend I use to determine the best keywords or phrases to use for pay-per-click and what software would be best for analysis of a ppc program?  

I want to do ppc in a big way, but be very professional about it.  I know if not done correctly, mistakes could cost a lot of money.  What links, resources, ebooks, etc do you recommend?

Thank you for your help and advice.  Points will be split.

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Steve -

>is this something I can learn to do myself reasonably well and in a reasonable amount of time, or is this something you recommend I hire an expert to manage?

Doing it yourself and 'learning on the job' is not an option for your business in my opinion.  You have a web presence that could quite easily have been number one in the SERPs for all your products if you had sought professional advice from day one.  I suggest you learn from that experience and employ a professional.

Choosing the right professional requires some homework. Start here and put PPC in the keyword box also search on Google for |ppc management company| and look at the AdWords on the right as well.  You should be able to compile a list of 20 or so companies that you like the look of.

Then you need to reduce this to a short list of two or three by introducing yourself to these companies and asking questions. Don't get technical, just tell them that you are a business man and only interested in ROI.  Ask them how they will monitor and report ROI and from the answers that question alone you will be able to tell a lot about the company.

You can see a list of additional questions that I provided to assist in choosing an SEO company here and some of them will be appropriate for PPC management.

Remember what George Santayana said 100 years ago "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".

- duz
Steve234Author Commented:
Hi duz,

Actually, I have sought professional advice from day one.  It has cost me almost $10,000, two years, and a site that still is not where I want it.  So that is why I was hesitent about paying another $1,000 for something I thought I should learn to do myself.  Another saying, "Give a man a fish, feed him one day, teach him to fish, feed him a lifetime."  That's all I was thinking of.  I would gladly pay another SEO company another $1000 dollars if they could come through on their promise of making me page one on google.  I never got to page 1000 according to after paying another SEO company $1000 over a six months time period to "dominate my industry".  If you think you can do better, we need to talk - seriously.

I will be following your advice above and I will let you know what happens.

Thank you.

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> Give a man a fish, feed him one day, teach him to fish, feed him a lifetime.

Build a man a fire and he'll be warm tonight. Set him on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

There is FAR too much text on your homepage to read, I get bored by the 12th paragraph. BTW Aria are selling AA's for 1p+VAT each.

Serena HsiMarketing ConsultantCommented:
Why do people use pay-per-click advertising? The idea is generally to gain mindshare or attract potential customers or clients. You could use a two-way buyer/seller network instead. The cost per lead is well worth the random clicks. Although, with a service like BuyerZone, you'd need a legit product or services offering.

Also, if your website content is busy or you have no landing page, forget PPC advertising or investing any money with companies that claim to boost your web traffic. If there's nowhere for your visitors to go, why should they stick around your site?

Ask the people at, they can help you on your web traffic issues, is a decent site for online lead generation.
Serena HsiMarketing ConsultantCommented:
A moment of clarity.. what I meant to say was the cost per lead from is a lot better than relying on the random clicks that may come from random web traffic that is sent to your website.
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