Experts compete to earn these points. Don't be stingy!

There seems to be an issue with all the high point questions that I have been posting...It seems that many experts are getting offended.  Hence, my apologies...I hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jaime OlivaresConnect With a Mentor Software ArchitectCommented:
1) There are many EE members that cannot "gift" 10,000 points like you. Maybe they deserve more help.
2) It is not polite to encourage to "compete to earn the points". We don't live for and don't need the points.
3) You have to put specific questions about specific issues, not to ask "Heeeeeelp" or "I can't get it!"
Hope to be constructive.

edelossantosAuthor Commented:
Hello Jaime,
    I am still new to this engine and unfortunately I am still new to programming.  The reason I subscribe to this engine in the first place was due to the fact when I took concepts to be better explained...they would it explain in such a way that I still did not understand...or I ran into tutors that did not want to help.  Even some of the professors...and not all...could not explain the material to a point that I can not understand...and trust me when I tell you...when I am not in nose is stuck to the books...for I am older than most students and understand the importance of higher education.  I don't mind paying for tells me that the majority of you experts are teachers or professors and or novice programmers.  I will make an earnest effort to be more specific in my questions...and once again I apologize for any disrespect or foul mis-impressions.  Regards.  Del
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Waiting for your questions now...
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edelossantosAuthor Commented:
I am still working on the problem...I will resubmit once I've given it a shot.  Thank you.  Del
Del, many experts don't care much about points. The question title is the major attraction for me, then the questioner's name, then the points. However, if points are less both the title and the questioner should make a compensation.

I would advice you to put your question on the top (not a makefile or a cillion lines of code and no question) *and* only close your question if you are really satisfied. I would say that there are only a few experts who like it to get points while the next question shows that the previous problem actually wasn't solved.

Regards, Alex
edelossantosAuthor Commented:
Hello Alex,

   It sure is nice to hear from someone.  I have taken the advice into consideration and will definately make it a point to asking my questions more professionally.  I am concerned; however, that no one is replying to my posts.  I am thinking that it is the nature of the questions perhaps or maybe it is possible that I have wrongfully given the impression that I want ee to do my homework for me which incidentally support has spoken to me about.  The fact of the matter is this, I am dangerously close to rocking out of the Computer Science program due to the lack of skills and experience.  However, I have made arrangements to not fail nor quit, due to the fact that I enjoy programming and thankfully I have been working with the professors and they in turn are working with me.  Unfortunately, I am a late bloomer so therefore I am slightly behind the power curve.  I really and genuinely need help with the coding and thus far with practice I am starting to get the hang of it.  Some of the questions that I have posted have been in desperation which would explain the unorthodox methods and approaches that I have used in naming my questions.  At his point in my life Computer Science and programming is something that I need to conquer for myself...due to the fact that as a youth I always used to quit when the going got tough.  As the old adage and proverb goes..."Winners never quit and quitters never win."  Luckily I have been able to hook up with a study group at the university that has been able to help me out, but even with them sometimes they do not know all of the answers or can not explain in such away that I can understand which is what makes ee so nice.  Quite frankly I have learned more with ee then I have at the university with the exception of my current professor whom I happen to think is outstanding.  I really do need the help...if concerned with question being homework I will ask the question in a different forum, but it would sure be nice to have some input whether its positive or negative.  I apologize in advance to all at ee If I have offended and or disrespected anyone and I also realize that I am not doing anyone a favor with the high be honest it is the other way around.  I also realize that not all can afford to have unlimited ponts which is another reason why I give so many and also to mention that I appreciate the excellent information.  At any rate good talking to you...if its not too much bother...would you please look at the ta...I am stuck with the coding of implementation to get my code to run.   Please advise.  Del
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