how to create a merchant account

dear sir ,
i live in lebanon ,
i want to create a website to sell online stuff ,
like digital products ,
do you know a website i can create a merchant account that support lebanon ?
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Sohel RanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One more thing, I like to say about 2checkout, you will notice that in my previous link an expert said 2checkout service can use multi domain in the same account, but the truth is when you sign up, you have to pay US $49 for the default domain, for additional domain, you need to pay US $19.

Hi skynoc

You can have a look at
You can sort out all your e-commerce payment stuff with them. It $49 to get an account with them, which offers all sorts of services to from own profile management, cart setup, product set to payment preference setup through a portal. It also supports multiple currency, which becomes very handy if you are selling digital products internationally.

However I am not sure if that $49 includes a merchant account. But you can go have a look at it.

Hope this helps :)

Sohel RanaCommented:
Hi there:

Check this PAQ :

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I'd reccomend worldpay (

They've been around since the dawn of internet sales and ecommerce so they know what they're talking about and they will most likely have a solution perfect for you.
OliWarnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have no luck with either of those because of your geographic location talk with your bank, or a local large bank about merchant accounts...

You should then be able to use a free solution (such as paired with a secure certificate to sell things.
minichickenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry just my own opinion on WorldPay, although their services are pretty user friendly and all. The cost is definitely higher, in fact maybe one of the most expensive. But I am sure their service level is excellent. Another thing is that, WorldPay requires you to submit a business plan for the products that you want to sell, sales forecast and projections and they will do a risk assessment on your online business. If they consider your online business as risky or you have not made the sales close enough to your expectations, WorldPay will require you to pay some kind of deposit and hold on to your money until your business is stable and sales level is stable. I am sure WorldPay is superb, I've also heard a few good reviews on them, but I have a client that was going to sign up with WorldPay and there was that money holding on by WorldPay issue, so I suggested him 2Checkout, which was a better option for him. If money is not an issue and have no problem having them keep your money for a period then WorldPay should be good for you.

It all depends on what you would like to sell online, maybe your product is considered a low risk product to WorldPay and you wont have those issues that i've mentioned.
My experience with is that they are pretty easy to setup, you dont need to have server-side script language hosting to sell with 2Checkout (not sure about WorldPay though), such as PHP, ASP, etc...

2Checkouts rates just seem a little hefty...
# $0.45 per Sale
# 5.5% of Sale Amount

And no, worldpay have every base covered when it comes to how you want to do things. They can host your cart, they can just host the payment page, or they can accept payments from your hosted payments page...
Well I guess it all depends what you really need and what constraints you have. @Checkout also has several option, of having just a payment gateway and have you own cart or 3rd party carts or you can let use their cart... I guess that 2Checkout maybe more costly in the long run, but i do think it easier to start up.
Yeah always true with all CC payment taking. They either tempt you in with lots of features or flexibility and charge the earth for their services; or they give chaep rates but only let you work in a really fixed environment...
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