ASP Encrypt Problem

Hi all..

I have a problem with asp encrypt.. I always encouter this error message when i try to log in my system thru an IP address. The strange thing i that, onli my computer is experiencing this problem. I tried loggin in using another computer, with the same IP address.. and it's sucuessful. Izzit the problem wif my ASP encrypt or wad..?

The error i have is:

Persits.CryptoManager.1 (0x800A0001)
Object already exists.

Please help.. I need it rather urgently.. Thanks in advance
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jewel11Author Commented:
Hi sajuks,

I've tried the first website, and i've set my 'Set Context = CM.OpenContext("mycontainer", True)' to 'Set Context = CM.OpenContext("", True)'.. it's working fine for my computer... but, when i log in using the other com (which was working previosuly), it could not log in..

As for the second link... im not sure where should i change the permission settings  for the file.. ? Should i change it in my own computer or on the computer which in accesses the website..?

Both the links actually address the same thing.
You need to perform this where the dll has been installed
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jewel11Author Commented:
oh..~ den y izzit tat when i change my codes from 'Set Context = CM.OpenContext("mycontainer", True)' to 'Set Context = CM.OpenContext("", True)', the page is working for me.. but it's not working for my friends's com.. ?
Did you try rebooting the m/c
Also did you remmebr Step 10 Select the Reset Permissions on all Child objects and enable propagation of inheritable permissions check box.
jewel11Author Commented:
it's working fine now.. the problem is with the permisson access at the main computer..

Thanks a lot..~
Thanks for the points and grade
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