Error locating a Domino Directory entry for certifier /OU=abc/O=xyz: Entry not found in index

Hi everyone,

Problem in domino server. My server & client are all in R6.5.1, the server is working fine, then suddenly alot of my clients can no longer connect to the server. They are recieving an error "Server Error: Entry not found in index". But if they use a web browser, they can access their mail files. Also if i open their mailfile from the domino and refresh/replace the design, still they cannot access from notes client even if i tried reinstalling notes client.

On the server console we also recieve this error
"Error locating a Domino Directory entry for certifier /OU=abc/O=xyz: Entry not found in index"

This are the task that ive already done. But unfortunately, all of this doesnt solve the problem

1. Refresh/Replaced the domino directory design
2. Replaced the names.nsf from the backup names.nsf
3. nfixup, nupdall & ncompact the entire domino
4. nupdall names.nsf -t "($ServerAccess)" -r
5. nupdall names.nsf -t "($Users)" -r
6. Delete names.ft / create new names.nsf index
7. Tried to restart domino sevral times already

Please help us...

thank you
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Check the certifiers view in names.nsf

There should be an entry for your certifier (ou=abc/o=xyz)
If it isn't there, you'll need to recreate it - somehow.  See if you can locate the documents in an older replica, or from backup !


I found with a ND6 upgrade that using the certifiers (eg: creating a new user) altered some of the OU certifiers and caused havoc with new users and recertified users based on that OU unable to access the server. The solution was to restore the certifier from backup, then recertify it with the O certifier. No problems with the certifier since then.

In your case you may need to recertify the user IDs as well after this.

GL :)
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Renew the certificate of the OU certifier ID.  You might want to delete the old cert doc before then.

This is a useful question as it provides an answer to an upgrade hazzard. I suggest keeping this one.

Thanks :)

Yes, and a rather obscure one at that!

I would says points to you, JJ! Be good to see you answering more stuff here.

Thank you oh sage ;)
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