Windows XP RAM was decresed to lower memory

Posted on 2004-10-04
Last Modified: 2010-04-25
I have an AMD Athlon +2400 with two 256Mb RAM (512Mb), windows XP user, but after a months later, when I checked system properties and found the RAM was decreased to 448Mb. It was definitely 512Mb before. Why does this happen? Please let me know. Thanks.
Question by:1hippo
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Hi 1hippo,
> when I checked system properties and found the RAM was decreased to
> 448Mb. It was definitely 512Mb before.

So you are sure that you saw system properties when you got the machine and it was 512 to start with..
if yes then have you tried removing one of those RAM sticks and checked if it would show 256.
Try one first, if it is showing 256 , remove it and try the other one alone. Check if they both show 256 seperately ..

Technically speaking if both are working , they should not be displaying wrong like this.

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it's a long shot... does your graphics system use any of the system ram for itself? Probably a setting in the BIOS that relates to this.  Hit F1 or Del (depending on mfr) on boot to see this

Info on the mobo and/or graphics card could help us here.
try these:
Everest is good too:

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Thank you for replying.
DanCh99's comment helps me to realize that it something to do with graphic system. I put the video-editing card (Matrox RT.X100 Xtream) two days ago. Actually, I tried to install this card and faced the error said "set up cannot continue because your computer requires at least 512MB of system memory (RAM) for use with your Matrox RT.X system. Please upgrade your computer's RAM before running set up again."

But if this editing card uses some of the memory and make it insufficient memory for the system, do I need to install another RAM for the system?

Please give me an advice.

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I try Belarc Advisor and shows Memory Modules information, which is 448Megabytes Installed memory, but Slot’0’has 256MB Slot ‘1’ has 256MB Slot’2’ is Empty. Two 256MB memory should be 512MB. Is it because video editing card?
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Can you try with another graphics card and see if it makes a difference? If so, you're probably on the spot here - it has to do with the Matrox card. Does the documentation for this card mention anything about interaction with system memory?
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DanCh99 is on the right track, most likely your MoBo has a integrated video that's taking 64 MB of RAM, that will account for the 512 MB.  512-64=448.

If you don't have another video card you'll need to increase your memory or use an add on video card.  With the later you'll need to disable the integrated video from BIOS

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The motherboard seems to have integrated video, and this is where your lost memory is being used.
If this is so and you installed a new PCI video card, you need to go into the BIOS and disable the onboard video.


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Thanks for your advices.
I have been trying to disable a setting of onboard card from BIOS set up. (My computer’s motherboard is As Rock K7S41GX). It shows that ‘total memory 512MB with 64MB shared memory’ in the main menu. In advanced window, I can change a setting of an ‘onboard VGA share memory’, but I can only chose from Auto, 32MB, 64MB or 128MB. I cannot disable the onboard-shared memory. It also shows AGP aperture size from 16MB to 256MB, but again there is no disable setting.
Is this meaning I have to buy a new RAM?  
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If I'm not mistaken your MoBo will deactivate the onbord video if you have an AGP card installed and set it as the primary video, to do this

On the BIOS go to Advanced screen, look for "Resource Configuration" and then for "Primary Graphics Adapter" and set it as AGP
I belive is under "Chip Set" configuration.
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