Debugging in Jbuilder 3 with Windows 2000

I am using Borland Jbuilder 3 enterprise and recently moved from Windows NT to Windows 2000. Before everything worked ok, but now under 2000 the debugger no longer works (although there don't seem to be any other problems). When selecting debug I get the following messages
"The specified module could not be found"
Followed by
"Unable to debug ......"
I know Jbuilder 3 in way out of date, but upgrading is not an option, so just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and maybe a solution.
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Giant2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Not specifically. It asked when you install the product. (Custom or general installation).
The Debug use a particular port of your Pc (It use JPDA to connect to the JVM instance). Normally this port is open (it's high).
I suggest you if you forget something during the installation of JB3.
>"The specified module could not be found"
Seems you have not installed the debug.
What kind of installation you use?
ScoteqAuthor Commented:
Our JBuilder installation has not changed, it is installed on a server running NT.
We still have some workstations running NT and it still works from these. Is there maybe something that we need to install on the workstations specifically for the debugger?
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One problem you can encounter is the old java version you can use. If you want to use to compile/debug with a newer version of Java (1.4 for example) you must change the Version of the classes (it can support only to ver...45).
Other problem, if you install all the product's packages not be encountered.
ScoteqAuthor Commented:
We are still using Java version 1.3.0, and did'n re-install java. It is installed on the same server as before (NT). I then launch it from a workstation, if I launch it from an NT workstation it works if I launch it from a 2000 worksation it doesn't. I will try and install it on a standalone 2000 workstation to see if I still have the same problem.
>I will try and install it on a standalone 2000 workstation to see if I still have the same problem
Ok, but keep attention on what packages you install. (Custom or general installation).
Hope this solve your problem.
Bye, Giant.
ScoteqAuthor Commented:
Thanks Giant,
I re-installed JB2 on a standalone 2000 machine and it works ok, so it must be a problem with our installation on the server that we need to sort out.
Ok. Thanks.
Happy to help you.
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