Replication MS SQL CE

I want to set up Replication in this environment:
Sql SERVER CE clients (handheld devices - PocketPCs), WebServer running IIS, SQL Server machine running MS SQL and beeing the publisher!

can somebody step me through the process. I've never done this before and am slightly confused about it right now.
thanks beforehand.
kind regards, Martin.
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danblakeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a hint...

There are many types of replication available, you will need to be a little bit more specific -- but the above link gives information on this.
Artform04Author Commented:
I looked at all the articles on here. unfortunatelly I didnt find anything very relevant

Basically I'd like to set up merge replication:
In a two servers environment, where I guess I would do the following:
place IIS on one server and configure the SQL Server Publisher and Distributor on another server. The server running IIS can be isolated from the Internet by a firewall. SQL Server CE clients, running on Windows CE-based devices, synchronize by connecting to IIS. Another firewall can isolate the SQL Server Publisher and Distributor from the IIS system.

How do I set up the IIS on one server which gets the data from the SQL serverPublisher and distributor on another server.

Artform04Author Commented:
In the environment described above;

When in the create Publication wizard, I'm asked;
Make <<server>> its own distributor or Select a server to be the distributo - should I make myServer its own distributor?

When I do this the following message gets thrown at me:
"SQL Server Agent on '<<server>>' currently uses the system account, which causes replication between servers to fail. In the following dialog box, specify another account for the Service startup account.

I'm a little puzzled from this.
kind regards,
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This is because you are using the local system account for your sql-server agent... This does not have network permissions which replication requires...

Have a look at:;en-us;321822
HOW TO: Replicate Between Computers Running SQL Server in Non-Trusted Domains or Across the Internet
SQL Server Replication does not use IIS.
Have a look here for some detailed setup information ...

This gives some more account permissions, the how-to article is for your more advanced setup.
Artform04Author Commented:
I carried through some installations, IIS will be used thought, I think I didnt explain myself very well.
I'll reexplain:

An Internet Server API (sscesa20.dll), called the SQL Server CE Server Agent, is installed on my IIS server. That agent communicates both with the SQL Server CE Client Agent, which runs on the Windows CE device and the SQL Server 2000 publisher which runs on the server machine.

I'm setting up basic authentication for IIS. I'll also created a new folder on the server machine which I made shareable, so IIS user can access it.
(Right now my IIS is behind a firewall and the shared folder is not accessible from IIS.)
So that is my situation right now.

Could you please point out any important points I need to carefully take care off, keeping in mind I have nearly no experience with user-accounts, etc... (I am mainly a programmer) perhaps a few steps from here.

I will repeat this only once more, IIS is not used anywhere or any API for the replication parts of SQL-Server CE / SQL Server 2000.
IIS API may be used if you are creating a web-interface for your clients, the Replication does not rely on a client-interface and is setup/managed using Enterprise Manager / Query Analyser.

I do not understand why you are giving me IIS setup information, I'm not going to tell you how to build a web-site using SQL Server as a back-end as this is not the question asked unless you are after something that is not replication.  I have explained sql-sever replication for you... given you the steps you require to setup the replication, what is the problem ?
Artform04Author Commented:
I asked the following question:
I want to set up Replication in this environment: Sql SERVER CE clients (handheld devices - PocketPCs), WebServer running IIS, SQL Server machine running MS SQL and beeing the publisher!
can somebody step me through the process.

I've clearly said setting up replication in that environment. I received something quite different.
I'll give you the points because I don't have time for this.
kind regards,
I think that you are not understanding the purpose of this site.  IT is for people to offer advice, not do somebodys job for them -- sometimes they will point you in the right direction and give you all the information you need -- this needs to be digested and understood because blindly following instructions leads to a lack of understanding in many areas such as security of replication.  If you have a look through my PAQs you will see that I have managed to guide people to setup replication using SQL CE Edition pointing them at various other articles and offering assistance in the process. You have just come back and said the components you wish to use for replication which your enviroment contains, which is fine. I have given the instructions that are required for replication to be setup..

If you do not understand where to place your distributor that is concerning, it is a decision you have to make.  There are many reasons why you may have it on the same server or a different one -- that you will decide upon a number of factors that is important in your enviroment.
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