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Active Directory LDAP: Group membership incomplete


I have got a heavy problem with active-directory ldap access:

I try to find out which user is in wich group - or which users belong to each group.

The problem is, that in AD the "Domain Admin"-group has about 20 group members, but in LDAP-sight it has only 7 ??????

I tried [difde.exe -f export.ldf -r "(cn=Domain Admins)"] and got also 7 members.

In each way (even ADSI) there are only 7 members, but in reality and the "Active Directory Users & Computers" there are about 20 members.

One thought is, that it depends on this ActiveDirectory that was migrated (updated) from an Windows NT4-Domain. Perhaps the migrate failed for these users - I have not tried it with another domain yet.

Any thought getting that right ?

Thank you !
Sincerely, Caronas
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caronasAuthor Commented:
p.s.: It is a Windows NT4-Domain updated with Windows 2003 Server Standard (Full Version)

           You question sounds more like an admin related one.
May be you should try posting this qn in OS area. Here it is more programming stuff.

good luck.
caronasAuthor Commented:
Hmm ... thats somewhat right, but ldap interface is used with programming only - administrators will not see that problem, because the AD User&Computer shows it all right.
caronasAuthor Commented:
I used some diffent methods (e.g. VBS:

set group=GetObject("LDAP://cn=Domain Admins,cn=Users,dc=mydomain, dc=de")
for each member in group.GetEx("member")
    WScript.Echo member

The code you used is only returns the "member" property of the group. But, it is possible that the group can have members which are not listed in "memeber" property. This happes for "Primery Gourps".  For example - X user has primery group "Domain Admins", "X" user's primerygourp peroprty get set, not the member property of the group.

Users and Computers makes additional LDAP query to find members by looking at the primery groups of the users.

Hope this helps....


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