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Files Sharing slow in Windows XP workgroup

Hi Guys,

I have a client who has a small workgroup of 6 computers (all XP) of which one system acts as a file server. The file server machine is a new one replaced a week ago. It has a 110GB HD and 1GB RAM and a 1000Mb NIC.

The client computers experience a delay of 2 minutes in opening a file from the server machine. Have tried most of the solutions found on the Internet and nothing helps. The following are a few that I have tried:

1. AV disabled for the shared resource on the Server machine and all client machines.
2. Simple File sharing disabled on File Server and all computers.
3. Add network shortcuts disabled.
4. Disabled firewall on all computers.

Any help would be much appreciated!!!


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Hello rbkumaran =)

I think this PAQ will interest u :)

Very Slow network file access on XP Pro and Win 2k3 server
rbkumaranAuthor Commented:
Hi SheharyaarSaahil,

I've seen that PAQ before. The problem, the system that is sharing Internet and providing DNS/DHCP is a different one than the server. And the DNS settings on the client machine point to this machine that shares Internet.

Any clues???

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rbkumaranAuthor Commented:

All the machines are running on Windows XP Sp2.

rb.... now this a pure networking issue.... why dont u post a 20 pointer question in Networking, so that experts from there can come here to help u in this question..... !! :)
rbkumaranAuthor Commented:

managed to solve the problem.

the files had reference to the old file server machine in its header.

Renamed the server to match thw previous one and that had solved the problem.

Thanks for all who tried to help me with this.

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