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Hi Experts,
I will be teaching a Beginner's Access course in November and I wanted to be able to tell my participants what the storage capacity of Access.  That way I can advise them to consider a more robust DB like SQL if they know they will exceed the storage capacity of Access.  Thanks.
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shanesuebsahakarnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
2GB per file (Jet 4) or 1GB (Jet 3). You can exceed the total 2GB capacity if you use multiple MDBs but you are still limited to 2GB per table.

Search the Access help file under "specifications".
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Access can store 2Gb of data.  However, most Access apps I've worked with tend to become very slow after 25Mb or so.  This # will vary greatly based on developer opinion, and what exactly you're doing in the app.

Beginner's Access course  = Usually a bunch of secretaries that may have experience importing Excel spreadsheets into a table, and running queries.  Been there, taught that.

Hope this helps.
Pardon me for saying so, but if you don't know this stuff should you be teaching the course and advising on Access vs SQL Server?
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> 25Mb or so.

I've got a few running at 800MB+ :-)
Lookup specifications in the help file....why post that question here when the information is so readily available?  Below is from the Access 2003 help file....Mike

Attribute Maximum
Microsoft Access database (.mdb) (Microsoft Access database: A collection of data and objects (such as tables, queries, or forms) that is related to a particular topic or purpose. The Microsoft Jet database engine manages the data.) file size 2 gigabytes minus the space needed for system objects (system object: Database objects that are defined by the system, such as the table MSysIndexes, or by the user. You can create a system object by naming the object with USys as the first four characters in the object name.).

Number of objects in a database 32,768

Modules (including forms and reports with the HasModule property set to True) 1,000

Number of characters in an object name 64

Number of characters in a password 14

Number of characters in a user name or group name 20

Number of concurrent users 255
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
> I've got a few running at 800MB+ :-)

Zowie Batman.  That's a lot...  =1 user I hope?
Nope. 5-10 users.
I had a 405mb mdb with 22 users before we switched to sql server....imho, it's really more the number of users than the size of the db that seriously affects performance
Agree with Sid on that.
Dizzydee20Author Commented:
Thanks for the comments all...

the limitations of MS access 2003 data's store
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