Is it authenticated domain user?


I have a token (hAccessToken) belonged to a current user:

::OpenThreadToken(::GetCurrentThread(), TOKEN_QUERY, TRUE, &hAccessToken));

Is it possible to determine whether a user is authenticated in domain or not? How?
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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then you'll have to go the hard way. Get the Token's UserSID and use the code at
The easy way is: Compare the value of the "USERDOMAIN" env. variable to the local computer name. If they're identical, you have a local logon. The hard way: Use 'LsaQueryInformationPolicy()' as described in
NetwrkGuruAuthor Commented:
I can't obtain "USERDOMAIN" because my code will work on the other machine using DCOM protocal. I have only security token.
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When ever you get an access token, it is always after autheticaion. The user is already authenticated in your case.  Why do you want to check this again?
NetwrkGuruAuthor Commented:
User can be authenticated within workgroup or within domain. I want know exactly that user is authenticated within domain.

Code at works only for workstations. The question is still open.
Milind00Connect With a Mentor Commented:  this code only tells you that where the machine is. By this you will not know if the user is logged on to machine or domain. The user could be a domain user or machine local user. You can use GetTokenInformation by specifying  " TokenUser" and get the SID of the user. And from the SID you can seperate out RID. Remainig will be domain SID or machine SID. You can verify that.
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