Creating a dial up connection

A client of mine lives in an area where DSL/Cable Internet is not available. As I have some bandwidth to spare I was wondering if the client could remotely connect to my network and access the Internet? If so then what kind of hardware do I need?
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yes client needs a telephone line and modem in pc. similarly server will have a telephone line attached to th e modem in the server.
how to creat dialup connection on windows xp
for server, have a look on
and the link i posted in my last post;en-us;323415
is for server as far as client as well, but follow the steps for client configuration in this post as they are wth graphics.
You would be able to achieve this with a Wireless network between you and the client... Depends on how far he's located from you... up to 5Km could work...

If the distance is bigger than that, you'll have to see if you can set up a line-of-sight connection between the houses.
This will prob. turn out to be rather expensive as well.

Let me know what the scenario is?

well.. .then again, he could also phone you with a modem and you can accept the incoming connection to allow him on your network...

Should i rather elaborate on this?
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For a simple setup, you need a telephone, connected to your modem(external or internal to your machine) and allowing the client to dialin, while prividing the dialup client ip settings OR dialup client can specify settings to connect in.
Give us some more info, what OS you have and what OS your client will be dialing in with? it will help to give you exact step by step guide.

Uhmm.. What I understand is that you are asking about giving a dial-up service for a customer;

Solution might be designed depending the equipment you have in hand, here is two possible ones;

A PC with modem, Windows 2000/2003 server. After configuring RAS (Remote Access Services) (the config is quite straightforward), you client may dial the server, authenticate and connect to Internet.

Another option is using a Cisco (well or any other brand) router or access server to accept dial-in connections. This might be rather expensive as a stand-alone solution for a single customer but you can utilize it if you have such a device alread in your hand.

Hope this helps,
wilkersonsAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for all the help ...I should have given more details. I have a Win2003 Network. Have a cisco 1721 router with a T1 card. The client will have a XP - OS. Have a spare Cisco 1600 series router but cant tell if its working or not will have to check it..
nazirahmedCommented: will probably need a switch in this case if you are going to use the router(although can work without the swithc by pluging your pc directly to the 10/100 port and client dialing into router and the rest routing handling the ip communication between client and your pc hosting internet.  BUT i think if its a matter of just one client then use the modem side. Install modem on the windows 2003 server(if its a server) enabling routing and remote access and allow the client to dialing. here are few links for coinfiguring windows 2003 for rras

How To Set Up Routing and Remote Access for an Intranet in Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition and Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition;en-us;323415

you may need this as well
How To Configure a NAT Server in Windows Server 2003;en-us;324264
wilkersonsAuthor Commented:
nazir the client needs a phone number to dial into right? Can u explain how the whole thing will work. Thanks
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