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Hey all, i want to know the proper way for setting up DNS using simpleDNS plus. I have a domain set-up like so...

domain.com          A record
www.domain.com   A record

The reason domain.com goes to another machine is cause that's where i have a mail server, but now they can't see their website if they just type   domain.com. How do i resolve this, how do i implement an MX record? Thanx all in advance!!!
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TRobertsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you create an mx record for your domain name to specify where your mail server resides.  Instead of an A record it should be an MX record for the domain.com.  You can still point www for your domain.com to your webserver using a A record.
engineroomAuthor Commented:
So there is no A record for jhsoft.com?   What if someone types that in a browser, will the site come up? Also, what if some one has as there POP  jhsoft.com will it still work?
You also need to setup a forwarder, that is a DNS server to forward queries to if your local DNS server does not resolve an address.
jhsoft.com is therefore check out

On my lan we have a dns server for local addresses only.  I have set a forwarding ip address to send all queries that not found on the local dns.  Some dns servers you can set to cache these queries for a given period of time so that it does not have to look it up every time it gets queried.  Your DNS server must be the authoritive server for its domain if you wish for its names to be public and on the internet, otherwise you can use it for internal lan purposes.
engineroomAuthor Commented:
Sorry man, i totally forgot about this question. Thanx for your help!

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