SEND/RECEIVE ERROR: 0x80004005 Operation Failed

On our company LAN we have a NON-EXCHANGE (i.e. WE DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE SERVER) mail server which uses standard pop3 and smtp.

Everyone uses Outlook 2000 - 2003.  Everyone's Outlook works fine with the exception of one user....

One user running WIN XP PRO SVC PK 1 (Microsoft Outlook 2003) gets a SEND/RECIEVE error when checking mail.

The error is  0x80004005  Operation Failed

I've done my searching on the net, KB articles, and EE to no avail, everything mentions something about an offline address book and/or something about an exchange server.  Since we don't run an exchange server none of what I've found seems to apply.

- I've re-installed OFFICE 2003 using ADD/REMOVE re-install option to no avail.
- Deleted POP3 account, re-added it. to no avail.
- scanpst.exe did a PST scan to ensure the PST file was not corrupt (no avail).

I give up....any suggestions?  Someone must have experienced this issue before.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Checked for patches here?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Realizing you're not on a server, these steps here may still apply.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Outlook 2003.
When you manage e-mail, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:
When new mail arrives in your mailbox, you may receive the following error message:
Sending and receiving reported error "0x80004005" : The operation failed.
When you send mail, you may receive one of the following errors: 0x800ccc0d or 0x800ccc0e.
This issue may occur if you are using Norton AntiVirus with the script blocking feature enabled.
To resolve this issue, use one of the following methods:
Disable Script Blocking in Norton AntiVirus
In Norton AntiVirus, turn off the "Enable script blocking" feature.
Disable New-Mail Notification in Outlook
Note This resolution may help with the issue with new e-mail, but it does not fix the issue with sending e-mail.

more here.;en-us;329936&Product=out2003
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TheBrothaULuv2H8Author Commented:
I should have mentioned I have also down office updates.  

And the KB article you suggested talks about offline addressbook synchronization with an exchange server, <B> we don't run an exchange server </B>
Hi TheBrothaULuv2H8,

When did this error start occuring ?

Does it happen even if an email is sent from that account ?

Have you tried to recreate the profile , most of the time it does work so
take a backup of all emails and go to control panel ---> mail --> delete the profile and recreate one again

Put your email account and see if it would help

Post back

TheBrothaULuv2H8Author Commented:
Yes sending is no problem...I'll try your suggestion right now.
TheBrothaULuv2H8Author Commented:
I realize I actually deleted the PROFILE earlier (called OUTLOOK), then re-created a profile (NEW) and called it Patrick.  To no avail.  Good try though.
After you created the new profile , did you import your PST file again and recreate the email accounts fine..

Is it possible for the user to check his email going to website or in other words through webmail.
If yes, check to see if there is any email with large attachment that is blocking or if there is any problem in his email account..

Try talking with ISP or email provider aswell

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TheBrothaULuv2H8Author Commented:

The PST file resides on the users home directory (which is on the file server) not his local machine.  Yes I updated his newly created profile to reflect the location of his PST file  Y:\username\Outlook PST\outlook.pst

The user is able to access webmail without incident.  I will also check to make sure there is no attachment problem or a message with a messed up messed ID which may also cause the problem.

As far as the email am the email provider.  We host our own email (which as previously stated email works fine for everyone except this user).  This user just began experiencing this problem a month ago out of the clear blue.  
TheBrothaULuv2H8Author Commented:
Problem resolved here's how I resolved...

-I logged into the user's account via webmail.

-The user said he never used webmail until Outlook stopped working.

-I deleted the OLDEST message in his inbox (since I assumed that was the offending message since he never used webmail until the day Outlook stopped working).  Hope that made sense.

Once I deleted the oldest message (which I assumed was the offending message corrupt message ID sunray reminded me that I had this problem a long time ago and it was a corrupt message ID which confused outlook causing the 0x80004005) error, after deleting the offending message outlook properly downloaded all messages.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE  sunray gets the points on this one.

PS:  ASTAE I totally missed your suggestion, but FYI we don't use Symantec or Norton AV any longer.  Thank you though.

Glad you got it solved
TheBrothaULuv2H8Author Commented:
No...THANK YOU! =)
If the problem isn't with Norton per astaec's post above, run MSCONFIG and disable all under the STARTUP tab, then reboot and try again.  This error is normally because some 3rd party app is blocking access.

Also configure Outlook Express with the same settings and see if it can retrieve messages or whether it errors too.
Oh, if unchecking all stops the error you would obviously begin turning things back on until you identify the culprit.
TheBrothaULuv2H8Author Commented:

Thank you but this topic is closed (resolved).  
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Terrific!  Hats off to Sunray.

Thanks Asta..
Watch out for comments by Traval.. he is too good at Outlook...
I am having the same problem, please help me, i have tried every possible solution, it still is not working. it was three computers now its four computers.
TheBrothaULuv2H8Author Commented:

I've found that error 0x80004005 usually means a message has a corrupt header.  What I do when I get this error is process of elimination (to determine which message is holding up the rest of my messages).

If you have a webmail product, or the ability to go into the users inbox on the server, move all the messages to a temp area leave maybe 3 or 4 messages, then have them try again.  If it still gives the same error, then one of the messages you left in the inbox (on the server) has the corrupt header.  If you DONT get an error and the messages download in Outlook, then go back to your TEMP area on the server, move some more message BACK to the users inbox/mailbox.  Then have them download again.  Do this until you get the error again.  This is basically the process of elimination.  One message is corrupt, when Outlook comes across the corrupt message, it refuses to download that message and any other message currently waiting to be downloaded UNTIL the problem message is deleted off the server.

I hope that made sense.
Thanks TheBrotha,

I found my situation was a little different, the watchgaurd soho 6, although we had 50 user licenses with 20 IPs, it was not being authenticated for four IPs and hence the problem. But i still dont understand those machines could browse.

But I reset the Firewall, and it all works good.

thanks everyone
TheBrothaULuv2H8Author Commented:
Glad it works.  
same problem here with only one pc on our LAN.
turned off all rules and filters, turned off fprot, restarted firewall.
still getting the error

The msOutlook is definetly seeing the email box, but the logs just show:
nmsgs=11 ndele = 0
i then changed the configuration of msOutlook so that emal was left on the server. It did not help.

So then, even though we knew it would not help, we setup a new profile using the same parameters. Amazingly, this worked!
Question: what information is  a profle keeping? the pst is the same as we still have all the local folders and rules, so what is diffferent?

client is msOutlook build 9.00.2720, server is senmail 8.14 running on RedHat 9

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