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Norton Antivirus 2005 Upgrade problem with Windows ME OS.

I recently purchased Norton Antivirus 2005 Upgrade via dowmload from Norton Antivirus 2004. I cannot fully install 2005 because the program gives me a "Trial Period has Expired" warning and gives the options of purchasing the software (which I already did) or clicking the radio button that i have already purchased the software and to activate it by typing in the activation key into a box below. I copy and paste my key from the confirmation email from Symantec for the 2005 upgrade into the box and I get "there is already another instance of config sys running". then my amount of RAM drops so low that nothing works and I have to restart. I've uninstalled the Antivirus and am running at 72-79% free on "performance". I read at the Symantec help page that it may be due to haveing a virus or worm already in the system that is preventing the upgrade. I don't know what else to do. Thanks in advance.
1 Solution
Hello Terror72 =)

>> I read at the Symantec help page that it may be due to haveing a virus or worm already in the system that is preventing the upgrade.

Either run an Onlien Virus Scan to confirm it >> http://housecall.trendmicro.com/
or Run Stinger in Safemode ==> http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger

check if they are picking anything or not ??
also goto Start>Run>msconfig>Startup
and untick all applications except Norton entries
restart and now check if same problem or not ??
Are you having some kind of upgrade or full installation of Norton 2005..

Not sure if you had removed norton going to add/remove porograms only but make sure to use the instructions here

to remove all registry entries.
Restart the machine and then try installing 2005.. check if that would help
In my experience with Norton 2005, you *must* uninstall norton 2004 before installing. I have encountered all kinds of issues by not uninstalling first. You might want to try that first.
Have you given any thought to breaking away from the Norton paradigm?? I ask because people seem to be okay with Norton, because they are used to the performance and security actually receive. However, is that enough?? Personally I perfer to BLOCK viruses from entering my system period. Norton seems to detect them a week or so after your infected and the damage is done. Well, I'll list all the programs which I use to protect my system along with a few sites I like to use for researching purposes. Norton users pay special attention to http://eeye.com/html/research/advisories/index.html  , you'll notice the number of issues with symantec products.

Kaspersky Antivirus 5.0 (new version) http://www.kaspersky.com/personal
This program is the best by far. It updates every 3 hours, scans web browser scripts also.
I've tested many other virus scanners through the years and this is by far the best.

AVG is also a great virus scanner (more for home user) not to mention they have a wonderful FREE edition.

Sygate Personal Firewall Pro - Compared to ZoneAlarm or Nortons which both have tons of exploits to drop their service like a fly. Sygate is the choice for a software firewall.

Sygate has a home editon for free as well.  www.sygate.com

AD-AWARE - www.lavasoftusa.com
If you can afford it by the PRO version, the extra feature AD-WATCH is well worth it for it monitors your registry and notifies you of any changes made allowing you to ALLOW or REJECT the request on the fly.

RegistryProt 2.0 - http://www.diamondcs.com.au/index.php?page=regprot
This is a free program to monitor all changes to registry. This is a must in security for you windows machine. Big help in eliminating spyware, Trojans, backdoors, etc..

BHO Demon - www.majorgeeks.com/download3550.html  (mirrored)
This is a must now-a-days if your running Internet Explorer! BHO is used in a lot of the recent IE exploits as well as keyloggers. Windows XP SP2 offers something along these lines, but why trust M$.

IDS ( Intrusion Detection System ): - snort.org
I was reading my Windows & .NET Magazine, and it has a great article on SNORT. Setting it up and everything. Page 51! Or you can buy the book SNORT 2.1 Second Edition. This program is absolutly promising, this is for extreme paranoid users & advanced users.

http://isc.sans.org/index.php?off=diary -Everyday info on the latest exploits/virus/security issues.
http://eeye.com - perfect for advisories and the best security software.
www.majorgeeks.com - Every program a nerd could think of!!
www.sygate.com – Great Software firewall.
www.kaspersky.com – Best AV on the market.
www.lavasoftusa.com – Best spyware removal program.
http://www.grisoft.com – Wonderful FREE AV.

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