dell latitude d500 driver problem

last year i purchased one dell latitude d500 model laptop.
unfortunatley i lost my windows xp os cd and drivers and utilities cd.
last week i formatted my laptop and installed windows xp professional from an another cd.before in my laptop i used windows xp home edition. later i downloaded the drivers from dell site by giving my service tag number.
i installed the drivers for VGA, Modem, Sound and is working fine.
but when i goto device manager i getting the yellow question mark mentioning other devices.
below that there is two yellow exclamation marks and mentioning one is "network controller" and the other is "universal serial bus ((USB) controller".
i coudn't find any drivers for fixing this problem from the site. can anyone help me to solve this
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will probably need service pack 1 to fix the USB drivers, and you will need the specific motherboard (laptop) driver from Dell for the network driver.
jojoojackAuthor Commented:

i fixed the problem for USB controller by installing service pack 1.
i installed the chipset driver from the dell site. but the same error ("network controller") is still there.
i installed the network card driver , it is also working fine. (intel (R)PRO/100 VE network connection).
i can connect to lan through this network card.
Is everything working at this point, then?  If it's just a matter of getting rid of that message, you could try removing that specific driver in device manager.
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jojoojackAuthor Commented:
is this drivermaybe for the wireless lan driver?
jojoojackAuthor Commented:
i got the problem that,it is the wireless lan driver problem.
i got it from the same site and it is working fine, my wireless lan also.
thanks for taking  attention to my question.

I'm glad it's all working - don't forget to close this question:
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