X Server on a monitor less system.

Can I install X Server for using User Interface on a monitor less system remotely (it's a dedicated box in DC) ? I'm running Redhat Fedora 1. How can I do it ?
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Yea You can use the display command if you have and X Client on the machine you are using so this is how you would do it .
start your xdisplay on the client.
Display = ip of machine you want to use to view the X Server:0  
then  startx -g 1024x768 -d 32

or you can start Kdm and usr a program like X win 32  and
just type in the Hostname or ip and X in that way , Hope that
answered your question .
Good Luck
Installing VNC server on the server would be another option.
one point to note.

the display variable is uppercase "DISPLAY"

an example would be (assume you are in bash)

export DISPLAY=

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just install the server on that system
then login by using ssh -X username@host
(X11Forwarding has to be set to yes on the remote side)

if you want to trigger any application just type the command. If you still want to use your shell, add an &
e.g.: ssh -X sumpi@shuriken
sumpi@shuriken:~$ mozilla &

after that, mozilla is started on my local XServer and I work on the remote machine...

sSmpis solution is good, I would ust add that this can work eve if ou use Windows, grab yourself a copy of cygwin http://www.cygwin.com/ configure it up ssh to the remote computer using the -X extention
hqtrungAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all of your reply. My problem is I don't know how to setup XFree86 on RH FC1.
Please help .
Well as you only need a very genric configuration to start with try running

XFree86 -configure
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