Modem wont work on Reinstalled OS on Toshiba Satellite HELP!

Reinstalled OS on my Toshiba Satellite Laptop, Modem won't work now, there are Modem files when I run search in System32 folders and a few other folders so its there but when I try to connect they say no modem detected!  Tried downloading a few free modem software from the net ran them on my Toshiba and installed them (just ran through the prompts and install prompts didn't save any particular place).  But again no modem detected.

Let me know if I need a toshiba specific modem or if I can run on any modem . . . also is there anyplace I should be "installing" these files a specific folder or something?  Thanks.
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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
mostly from Device manager,,,,, but its not listed there, then Download this utility and install it,

EVEREST Home Edition:

it will give u a list of all the hardware attached to ur system, note down the correct
version and make of ur required device, and then search for the appropiate drivers either on
the manufacturere site, or u can also find them on :)
Hello hholt01 =)

Toshiba doesn't supply a separate cd for device drivers, they are present on the the OS Recovery Disks,,,,, so if u installed OS from recovery disks, the modem drivers shud also be installed !!

what error code does ur device manager shows ??
and what model of Satellite ??
hholt01Author Commented:
Ran the Toshiba Recovery Disks and they put up the ol "WRONG MACHINE!" errors so I ran a friends recovery disk (long story) Could that be the problem that the OS isnt talking to the modem hardware on the computer the right way?  I was able to use a cable modem on it and connect to the Internet but again there was no "signing in" to the cable connection.  I'm at work right now but Ill get all the specs on the laptop in about 3 hours for everybody . . .  ALSO only now do I see that there is a "modem" section under hardware to the mods do we move this thread? thanx
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these Recovery cds contains an IMAGE of an OS,,,, like we do with ghosting stuff...
and this image contains all the device drivers plus softwares plus OS,,,, and when we use these disks, it just copies and image back on the laptop !!

u used another system's recovery cds, means now ur system has all the drivers and software of another system,,,, which must have different devices than ur's system !!
And that is the reason, modem is not working... and who knows tomorrow u will find another device not functioning :-/

using another system's recovery disk was a bad idea, techinally as well as legally, it wud be far better if u wud bought a standard XP cd and used it to install XP, and after that u cud get the drivers for ur devices from Tohiba website !!
hholt01Author Commented:
true true, not sure wether its the whole OS or what, that was reinstalled, as far as the legalities I still have all 3 computers (plus recovery CDs and disks for them) that I ever bought and my friend and I co-own a biz together so we share everything.  Im not one to pass judgement but from some of the stuff I read on "Toshiba Laptop says WRONG MACHINE! when recovering" threads it sounds like Toshiba likes ripping off their buyers 3 years out (and I even paid $15 to have new recovery CDs sent out to me--the Toshiba rep didnt even mention that the new recovery CDs would also give me WRONG MACHINE!).  Toshiba needs a recovery CD to use their recovery CDs, I lost more hair these last 2 weeks then money but thats before I just get fed up and lay down 100s to fix this thing.  Ok Im done ranting but thats the backstory of the situation.  

More to the point on this I found this website: 

and saved some of the modem drivers to disk under toshiba (they list 4 of them) could this do the trick?
i dont know the make and model of ur modem..... if u know it, u can download the drivers for it and can install them on ur machine :)
hholt01Author Commented:
"Comment from SheharyaarSaahil  feedback
Date: 10/04/2004 05:15PM PDT

i dont know the make and model of ur modem..... if u know it, u can download the drivers for it and can install them on ur machine :)"

How does one go about finding that out? is it Marked on the bottom of the machine? Or in the Control Panel?  
hholt01Author Commented:
I finally found the right driver @'s website.  So they do list the drivers there at the support Toshiba page after all.  That was a mighty brain drain!  Thanks for all your help though.
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