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Our network is running Win 2K as the DC, and we have set up basic folder redirection (for all users).  The My Documents folders, App Data, Desktop, and Start Menu have all be redirected to a network share on the DC.  This works swell for most users, but I have three or four users who are software developers and are complaining that Visual Studio .NET stores a lot of things in those folders.  This redirection (they say) slows down compile times, and creates other issues (permissions with the .NET framework).  

So, the real question is: how can I disable redirection for just those three or four users?  I looked at "Advanced" redirection, but that only allows you to change the redirection location by user group - not turn it off for a particular group.  Any other ideas?  And secondly, if I do disable redirection for those users, how can I make sure they don't lose any data?

Thanks in advance.

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Fatal_ExceptionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would approach this a little differently than CDCOP does, as I believe good AD design requires the creation of specific OU's for all your users.  Control your basic Security (password policy) via the Domain Policy, but use separate GPO's for the OU's you create.  Do as CDCOP mentions and place your developers in a separate OU and configure their policies separately from your other OU's.

Either way, it should work for you..

Do they have their own group? Like developers? If not make one. Add them to it. Under the Group Policy permissions in the OU, add their group and DENY read and APPLY. This will override the redirection for them. Deny always overides allow.
Actually, both methods are correct. I would just look at not redirecting Application Data. However, that said, I don't really see what would be in App Data that would cause a problem. The one thing that doesn't get redirected is Local Settings. That always stays local. That should be where all the temporary compile files are being stored. Might also go to a developers machine and test it both with and without redirection. Of course, it may not be worth the hassle (politically that is).
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ThorinAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone.  I am accepting Fatal Exception's answer because this is what I will actually do.  I appreciate CDCOP's answer, and it is certainly correct, but would not work in my environment because there are a lot of other settings in the Domain Policy that need to be applied.  

Thanks also to DanGilbertTX, I appreciate your thinking about this.  This was my first thought as well - we are running a 100 Mbps network and even if it is pulling info off the server it shouldn't matter.  But, after further review it came to light that MS has at least one bug betwixt VS.NET and folder redirection.  Check out:;en-us;825007&Product=vsnet for more details.  And, knowing our friends at MS, I am sure there are more.

Thanks again everyone.  EE once again makes it look like I know what I am doing!


PS  Any additional thoughts on 'gotchas' with making these changes?  I don't want anyone to lose anything....
As always, when MS introduces a new technology (.NET Framework) there will be hiccups (big ones) along the way.  But from what I have learned regarding this new framework, it will end up being quite a boon to our networks in the end.

Creation of new OU's and the placement of your users within them should pose no problems.  Just remember that a GPO is applied to users (not groups), and only the users within the OU will have the policies deployed.  As long as you do this, and apply the correct security permissions on the GPO, you should have few problems.   And remember that some GPO's will only be applied after several reboots of the client.  Refreshing the policy does not work for all GPO's....

Good luck...  and thanks..

Oh.. and make sure you are doing good backups on your DC...  One of the most important backups that some Admins forget is the System State..  Just thought I would mention this just in case..  :)

Actually, there is a gotcha. On the Folder Redirection part of the GPO it has two tabs. The 2nd tab (I forget what it is, maybe "Options") has some check boxes. One of those says "Leave Data in new location when policy is removed" or something to that effect. You will need to make sure that isn't checked if you want the data to be moved back locally automagically.
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