VPN Incoming Connections, How Many?


I want to set up a VPN network. I have a DSL connection in my office. I have 3-4 locations that I want to connect to the VPN network which have a standard 56K dialup connection to the internet (actually 1 of these locations has broadband).

So what would be the best way to go about doing this.

The office machine has WinXP Pro and all others have Home Ed.
I heard you can setup VPN on WinXP Pro to accept incoming VPN connections. But how many simultaneous connections can you have (Is there a limit)? If WinXP Pro can accept more than one incoming connections how can I set this up using a broadband connection.

If the above is not possible. How else I can set VPN up. I think it would be possible with windows Server, but I want to keep cost down, and also the people using the office PC can't be trusted with windows server installed on that PC. But I don't mind investing in additional hardware if needs be.

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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
Here is some reading on setting up VPN connections in XP both from the server point of view and the client point of view:

Installation of the Windows XP-VPN Server

Installation of the Windows XP-VPN Client

How To Set up VPN Connections in Windows XP
I have not done anything with VPN connections, so I am not sure whether you can have multiple incoming connections.  (Perhaps the reading above will answer that.)  But there is an overall limit for inbound connections for XP Pro of 10, as described in this MSKB article:

Inbound Connections Limit in Windows XP
Fatal_ExceptionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Without a doubt, the proper way to set this up would be to install a W2K/3 Server and configure the VPN there.  But if you wish to do this with XP acting as the VPN server, you can...

VPN-incoming connection on XP (VPN-server)


As I have never setup an XP box as a VPN server, I do not at this time know the number of concurrent sessions it allows...  Perhaps there is a registry hack that we can use for this.. If I find one, I will post back.

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hmmm  That is what I get for trying to find the darn connection limit..!!  Guess you beat me on this one, Lee..!!  :)  
Thanks, auk_ie.  Glad to be of help.
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