A form always staying on top of everything while always been selected no matter what window is open


Is there a way to keep a form on top of everything (i mean everything, any other program loaded etc, just like the task bar) and keep the other window selected. Sorry if this sounds confusing i will tell you what i am trying to do.

I have a touchscreen and it has no keyboard. I want a keyboard to be permenatly at the bottom of the screen and if i selected a textbox in another window and then started typing something in the keyboard the other window with the textbox has to remain selected. My program will then send data to the keyboard buffer, which should then get read and put into the textbox.

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Ignacio Soler GarciaConnect With a Mentor Solution Architech & Technical LeadCommented:
To make a form being on top of everything you have the Form property TopMost.

Just put it to true and its already at the top of any window on screen.

See you latter!


adam_pedleyAuthor Commented:
Just a thought

basically identical to how onscreen keyboards on PDA's work

except i need it an actual full size computer
ThomasFrankeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using windows xp you can try the OnScreenKeyboard (osk.exe).
{might already be included with 2000 but im not sure...)
It gives you the desired functionality.

Hope this helps
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If you are using VB.NET just set the TopMost property of the KeyBorad form

in case you are using VB6 use the API
SetWindowPos and pass the argument, HWND_TOPMOST and the handle of your Form

there are two ways..
either make it a Model Dialog and use it

or if you dont want a model dialog and want to make it like MSN popup window.

this is a C++ way
adam_pedleyAuthor Commented:
thanks all
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