Is this possible: 1 apparatus (USB) with 2 computers


I just want to know if the following can be done:
I have an external USB disk which I want to use with 2 computers.
Can this be done??
so, I mean: PC1 - USB disk - PC2  ??
(I know that I can share it, but that's not what I want to do).

Thanks in advance.

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You might want to check out this site. All the cables that you will need to connect your drive are here. (Depending upon the distance between the 2 PCs)
No, USB devices are not meant to be used by two controllers.  What you're looking for is a network storage device.
lapijnAuthor Commented:
Hi and thanks for your reply.
Is that cheap, a "network storage device" ??
I'm looking for a really cheap solution, otherwise I'll just share it....

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It's probably a little more expensive than a standalone USB drive, and you need an existing network to plug it into - most people have this already if they have a broadband router with built-in switch.
First Question: Are You networking these PCs
Second Question: Are these standalone machines and are you asking if you can transport and use the disk on the 2 machines. If this is the situation, the answer is yes and depending on the size of the disk, I would make 2 partitions - one for each PC. But be aware, if it is an external drive and you are going to transport it frequently, you'd better protect it.

i recommend that u buy this USB extension

(about 4 pounds UK)

Just plug the drive in and then you can plug it into 4 PC's (You are going to need adequate number of USB cables as well)

Get them here:

Hope this helps!
lapijnAuthor Commented:
Hi, mjmat, and thanks for your comments(callandor also).

2nd:yes, it's a 3,5" disk of 80GB, putted in a "external case with USB". It has only one USB input,; so how should I connect the second PC ??


Have you tried that?  USB hubs are uplink devices: you can hook up four USB devices to one computer (host), but as far as I know, you can't hook up four computers (hosts) to one device.

lapijnAuthor Commented:
Thanks mjmat, this is what I need !
No just finding it....
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