hiding the address in flash mail

hi all,
i'm trying to send a mail, whereby the address doens't get shown, but rather just a string like "webdrama" rather than somebody@address.com

can this be done in flash?
i can't think of anything.
I'm using Flash MX..

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blue-genieAuthor Commented:
i get this

<muso>muso@home.com in the to box, i need it to just show muso //in this example.

Oh!  I just tried it (with Outlook) - the full address appears for a short while, then the email address part disappears (this takes a fraction of a second though).

Are you using a different email client? (although it should work with other clients - like Thunderbird).  Square brackets [] can be used instead of the angular ones <> too.

Should be okay though!  I've got other email clients at home, so I'll try them too when I get back for you.
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blue-genieAuthor Commented:
nope, using Outlook too, waited 3 mins, doens't dissapear, have tried the square brackets too.
It definitely works for me!

It does take a few seconds - try typing a message, and sending it to yourself, just to verify the from field...

AFAIK this is the only method that you could use.
Here is another sample - with cc and subject:


Looks like it waits for your to type something first before it changes, and it is quicker to change if it has come across that address before.
blue-genieAuthor Commented:
no, i need it that it doesn't show at all.

Well, good luck!  But to be honest I think that's the best you are going to get (it is something I have delved into a bit in the past).

To get anything better you would need to investigate OLE automation, but I think even that will only send you around in circles, and I doubt you could do that with Flash alone - even if the security in Outlook hadn't been tightened over the years.
What about using a Flash form, and PHP or ASP - then everything you want to hide is invisible?
I have a simple example of this at home - using PHP if this is any help.
blue-genieAuthor Commented:
php not an option to the client, asp if possible to be avoided. i'm gonna wait for the client to get back to me.
I have asp version of a form mailer but you will have to change a little of the asp to match there mail object on the server.  If you want it I can Give it to you.  
blue-genieAuthor Commented:
thanks fixitben, but i dont' want to go that route, i'm looking for a flash only option. i'll leave this open for another day or 2 and then close it .
Oh ok I couldn't really tell from your post It was worded wierd.  

Hey blue-genie

This will definitely work, cuz i've tried it myself.

Part A
1. Open ur Flash MX
2. Place a DYNAMIC text box on the stage.
(a) Select the textbox on the stage
(b) In Properties, make sure it is a DYNAMIC Textbox
(c) Select the icon that says: "Render text as HTML" << it's beside the icon "Selectable" >>
(d) Name the textbox as "mail" ie: type in "mail" (without the quotes) next the Var:
3. Select frame 1 of layer 1, in the Action, change it to Expert Mode so u can paste the following html-scripts in it:
mail = "<a href=\"mailto:someone@address.com\">WebDrama</a>"
4. Save ur flash file as mailto.fla
5. Ctrl+Enter to generate mailto.swf

Part B
1. Open NotePad
2. Paste the following html scripts:

<object width="100" height="100">
<param name="movie" value="mailto.swf">
<embed src="mailto.swf" width="100" height="100">

3. Save notepad file as Mailto.html in the same directory of ur mailto.fla & mailto.swf
4. Open ur html file, click on the link "WebDrama", the outlook express will open to send an email to somebody@address.com


If u'r still not clear, go to the following links to download the files:
blue-genieAuthor Commented:
Saggismoon, thanks for that but you don't get my point.

I'm trying to have that the email address not show up in outlook in the to field, but it should rather read something along the lines of "web drama" ie. as in the aliases set in outlook.

blue-genieAuthor Commented:
i'm gonna close this .

ok - but for you to accept an answer, does it have to match your criteria exactly, even given that it isn't realistically possible?  It's a bitter pill to swallow, but sometimes the only reasonable answer that can be given is "it cannot be done"!

FYI though, it's fine by me that you delete this (life's too short to be so retentive), though I'm just interested to see what your response to this might be ;-)
blue-genieAuthor Commented:
muso, I don't disagree. i've been slapped on the wrist before about that, and yes, if something can't be done, and someone tells me so, that doesnt' mean its not a solution, I'm one for closing questions and giving points for effort, or for lifting the blinkers for alternative thinking.

the solution you provided, while it worked on your machine, it didn't on mine, and the other dude's solution also simply ignored the problem in the first place.

> the solution you provided, while it worked on your machine, it didn't on mine

That's fine!  Thanks for your consideration in any case...


blue-genieAuthor Commented:

put a duller on my day why don't u.

> put a duller on my day why don't u.

Take it easy fella!  I'm happy!!
Wat more can i say?
Question answered by asker or dialog valuable.
Closed, 250 points refunded.
ee_ai_construct (replacement part #xm34)
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Ok, my apologies for "wat more can i say"...
However, does this mean that if ever I should asked a question and no experts can provide me with a solution that I had wanted/imagined, the points will be refunded back to me and the question closed?? Even if the answers were "It cannot be done. It's not possible to do it"
Hi Saggismoon!

I think that depends on how much you want to fight your own corner.  I did say to blue-genie that I wasn't bothered!


I think we all need to remeber that we aren't here for the points just answers.  I think that alot of us have gotten used to just getting points for trying to help even if no answer is resolved because we have so many points to give away.  But all reality there wasn't  a true answer given that solved blue-genie's problem.  So technically he doesn't have to award the points which in this case he choose not too.  So just let it go and go back to answering questions.

>  I think we all need to remeber that we aren't here for the points just answers.

Whoa, where did that come from fixitben?  I hope you haven't misjudged my character!

Muso that wasn't directed to you. I know you aren't.   I stated that because of Saggismoon comment's.

ee_ai_construct   I know you are that is what you do.  LOL

blue-genieAuthor Commented:
blimey, I almost feel obliged to assign points - emphasis on "almost".

Saggismoon's suggestion, while yes required alot of typing effort, didn't even attempt to resolve the issue of not showing the address but an alias in the to field in outlook.

get over it. there will be other questions. I promise.
My comments regarding whether would the points be refunded doesn't mean that I am all out for points-grabbing here. I just wanna clarify my doubts, that is all. I am no experts (as shown in my profile) and I seldom answer questions. However, I do occasionally ask a few questions here & there. I have encountered situations like such before, where my questions were not answered to what I have expected/wanted, sometimes answers were not even addressing to my questions (like this case I tried to suggest a solution to blue-genie, totally not to what he/she wants), that is why I asked, if in that case, can I withdraw the question or get back my hard-saved points (over time) so I could post another one more urgent problem/question...

To muso: I am not bothered by the fact that i wasn't awarded any points. In fact, points awarded or not, I'll be happy if someone accepts my answers. It shows that the little knowledge of flash i know can actually help someone.

To fixitben: I hope u do not think of me as fighting for points bcuz my all-out intention was to clarify my doubts. Time & time again, I have faced situations where I needed help (need to post a question) but I do not have enough (sometime zero) points to do so just bcuz I have used it up for other questions which some experts did not really answer to those... I hope u can understand.
> To muso: I am not bothered by the fact that i wasn't awarded any points

I knew that ;-)

All I did was answer your hypothetical question with a hypothetical answer.  I guess my choice of words was not too appropriate in retrospect though :-/
Sorry Saggismoon When I read your question I was just rubbed the wrong way.  Now that I read it again It doesn't sound as bad. I just thought you were whining.  But now that I have read it again on a different day it doesn't sound that way at all.  So thanks for clarifing.  

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