The DNS Server encountered an invalid domain name. Event ID 5504

I am getting this error message in event viewer on a server running Server 2000.  The interval between errors is about 15 minutes.    This server is a DC and is running Exchange Server 2000.

Event ID 5504
The Dns server encountered an invalid domain name in a packet from  The packet is rejected.

The IP listed is the router.  If I restart the DNS server service, the error ceases for a few days and then starts again.  Also, Incoming mail isn't being delivered while the error is occurring.  DNS Server is setup as a forwarder.

Can anyone provide me any information on how to correct this issue?

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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Seems like we're getting somewhere; your DNS settings are incorrect; I'm not sure if this causes your 5504 error, but it needs to be fixed.
Assuming DNS is running on your DC: Your DC needs to point to itself *only* for DNS resolution. The clients need to point to your DC as well *only* for DNS. The forwarders section in your DNS is the *only* place in your entire domain where your ISP's DNS should be listed. If you have a second DC running DNS, let it point to your first DC as primary DNS, to itself as secondary.
In your DNS settings, make sure Dynamic Updates are enabled. Verify that you have a host name entry for your DC, and that the SRV records were created.

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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Hello "Tnewman"

  Take a look at this link;en-us;838969

This is a HotFix in Win2k Servers. I am not really sure if it is included in any of the SP's, as I cannot find a date for it in the article above.

You may want to contact Microsoft ( Link is provided on that page above ) and question them about it, As this HotFix is only available for phone in support only. So it may already be in the SP3 (or) SP4

Take Care and HTH's

There's a post-SP4 hotfix available that might cure this. You'll have to call MS and tell them that you need the hotfix described in the article 838969, and they should send you an email with a download link (and they should not charge you for the call).
Event 7063 is recorded in the DNS log of Event Viewer in Windows 2000 Server
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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Hello [oBdA];

  Same information that I posted right above you :-)

That's what happens when you get a phone call while you're typing ...
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
That is fine.
The same has happened to me, and the person posted " Echo " to the message.

Take Care
TnewmanAuthor Commented:
Hi guys!  I called MS and they emailed me the hotfix mentioned by Carzzkis and oBdA.  After applying the fix and rebooting, I'm still having the same problem.  Any other ideas?

Thanks again!
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
You can try this.

turn off the [ forwarder ]

I do not have a Win2k Server running DNS, so that is about all that I can tell you to try.

  I read it some where that turning off the "Forwarder" in DNS, Will resolve the problem.

  And it may be in your NIC Card ?? So I am not really sure.

Take Care
TnewmanAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I can not turn the forwarder off.  It is vital to my operations.  All of the workstations in the domain use this DNS for it's primary and the isp's DNS as secondary.  With exchange server you need a local DNS server.  Any other Ideas?
TnewmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help guys.  I finally got this straightened out.  My main problem was having the DC point to itself for DNS resolution.  Had a few other minor problems, but all has worked out.  Thanks for your advice
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