Issues with apostrophe and Access query

Posted on 2004-10-05
Last Modified: 2010-05-18

I have a query done through to an access database.

The query goes: Select * from TableName where where sLastName Like ' & strName & '

The issue I am encountering is when I try to query someone by the name "O'neal". I get an OledbException error. I know the apostrophe is creating the issue so this is what I am trying:

If strTemp.IndexOf("'", 0, 1) Then
   strTemp.Replace(Chr(39), Chr(34)) ' to include only a quote instead of a single quote
End If

However, the value in the strTemp remains the same as if the replacement never happened. What am I doing wrong?
Question by:Luis_Romero

Expert Comment

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your replacing the single quote  --> ' <-- with the double quote --> " <--

so what its doing is ending your string prematurely, so it would look like this:

"Select * from TableName where where sLastName Like "O"neal"

just use the double quote convention

yourSQL = "Select * from TableName where where sLastName Like " & Chr(34) & strName & Chr(34) & ";"


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or, you can apply the Replace function to strName:

yourSQL = "Select * from TableName where where sLastName Like '*" & Replace(strName, "'", "''") & "*'")

why are you using the LIKE operator, rather than =?

If you are going to use LIKE, then you should include the Wildcard charactrer (*) in the Where Clause.


Accepted Solution

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ID: 12234053
Here is what I "used to use" for this purpose:
Function FixQuotes(ByVal myString as String) AS String
        Return "'" & Replace(myString, "'", "''") & "'"
End Function

sqlString = "Select * from TableName where where sLastName Like " & FixQuotes(strName)

Although the better (actually longer but more elegant) way is to use the command object and append the values as parameters to your query as :

sqlString = "Select * from TableName where where sLastName Like "
Dim mySqlCommand As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sqlString, myConnection)

workParam = new OleDbParameter("MyLikeClause", OleDbType.WChar,50)
workParam.Value = strName

The command parameters automatically fixes the quotes etc for you.

Ajit Anand
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Replace dont replace characters in current string. You get new string instance with replaced characters.
So you need to assign result to strTemp.

If strTemp.IndexOf("'", 0, 1) Then
  strTemp =  strTemp.Replace(Chr(39), Chr(34)) ' to include only a quote instead of a single quote
End If
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by:Bob Learned
ID: 12237463
To create a SQL query looking for a single quote, you need to escape the sequence by using two single quotes.

strTemp =  strTemp.Replace(Chr(39), Chr(39) & Chr(39))


Author Comment

ID: 12240091
Thank you for all the response. Using the Parameter criteria with the OLE was the best solution because it takes care of a number of characters that otherwise I would had to manage manually.
Thank you all.


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