WinXP Pro can't find Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P10

Latest USB drivers installed.  Sony software can't see it.  Doesn't show up as Win device.  Only indication it's there is icon in system tray "to safely remove DSC".
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Jupiler78Connect With a Mentor Commented:
But I asssume before you could see it in the explorer as a removable drive, with a drive letter.
Can you tell me what your drive letters are? what you could try is starting up your pc without network or cd-drives,dvd-drives

Hi gtkuhrt,

Could it be possible it is there but it is getting assigned a drive letter that is already in use?

Do you have multiple HD's, CD-rom,DVD--rom, network drives?

gtkuhrtAuthor Commented:
Don't know.  How do I check.  No letters are assigned to the camera when I try to map it and camera doesn't show up as an option to connect to.  Haven't added any new drives since I re-installed.
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gtkuhrtAuthor Commented:
Don't remember seeing it in explorer before.  Definitely isn't there now.  Use to be automatic picture download from Image Transfer (Pixela) software.  Current drive letters are a: floppy, b: none, c: SATA RAID 0 (dual raptor drives), d: Plextor PX-708A, e/f/g: separate partitions on 200 GB SATA, h: mapped to printserver, i: mapped to Win2k machine.  
gtkuhrtAuthor Commented:
Disabled all but hard drives.  Camera uses drive H but doesn't show up in explorer.  Thanks for the help.
Thanx for the points. My guess is that you could change H to J for the printerserver? Or else give J to the Camera?

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