Monitor Samsung 170N Blinking

I have a problem with a monitor I read a few posts, but I think those users were dealing with PC's, I have a laptop, so am not sure how I can get inside and check various components.

I have an IBM X22 laptop running Win XP.
The problem is with the Samsung 170N Monitor.

The monitor shuts off then if we hit F7 it will come back up.  It will do this interminitly throughout the day.

I have tried the following:

Changing the power management settings on the laptop to turn off monitor never.
Made sure display settings were on 1024x768.  Also happened on the other settings.
Updated ATI Radeon display drivers
Updated Samsung drivers
Bios Flash

I am not sure what else to do.  It is a laptop so I am unsure how to pull out the video card, and I really don't have any others to try.

My next step would be to switch monitors.  Any other suggestions?
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Boot into the BIOS (hit the <del> or other special key to get into setup) and look for a page on power management options.
Make sure the laptop is running on AC, so that any power management (in the BIOS, or in device manager) does not kick in.  Check the monitor for a power saving setting and turn it off.
GDoucetteAuthor Commented:
IT is docked.  How can I check power management in the BIOS?
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This problem could be caused by DVI/Analog RGB connection and its settings in drivers. Try to change these settings on the right value (tzn. if you have the monitor connected digitaly, turn on digital connection and vice versa)

hope this helps.
GDoucetteAuthor Commented:
Adjusted Power Management in BIOS, that didn't help.

Removed Logitech mouse and replaced it with plain IBM mouse.

What is a DVI/Anaglog connection?
You are interested on the ENDS of the cables, not cables themselves
Your Issue is Known to IBM. How ever there is no FIX ( IBM Document id:  MIGR-40935 )

click this link for more info from IBM

Most Laptop Manufacturers ( IBM, DELL etc ) uses [ Fn ] [ F7 ] key to toggle the display from LCD Screen to External Monitor. Its a part of the function than a problem.

GDoucetteAuthor Commented:
Well I decided to hook the monitor up to my machine.  An IBM desktop, it worked fine.  I then decided to give the user an NEC flat screen monitor.  The person I took the NEC from has an IBM desktop so I decided to give him the Samsung monitor.

Well I hooked th samsung up, and I didn't even have time to get to the other persons office, when it started blinking.  

I unhooked the samsung and hooked it back up my computer and it started blinking too.  So I am unsure why I was able to use it the first time without any problems.  Maybe carrying it moved some wires around.

So I called samsung and they requested I send it in for repair.

Thanks everyone for your help.
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