How do I read Excel files in Coldfusion

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After much searching I have decided to join EE so I might be able to solve my problem.

I got some code from my fellow developers to read a Excel file in Coldfusion but it no longer works in MX

<cfquery dbtype="dynamic" CONNECTSTRING="Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)};DriverId=790;Dbq=#Session.filepath#;DefaultDir=#Session.filepath#;" name="InputQuery">

Then I managed to find some COM object thing that is a Custom tag that suppose to do the same thing..{ReadXLS.cfm} but it also doesn't work

Is there anybody out there that can actually do this?

Custom Tag / CFFile / CFQuery .. I don't care.. I just need to get the excel file read into CF, after that I will split the data and validate it and write a text file out to do the rest of my process.. In a perfect world I would ask the end-users to actually save the Data Dumps as CSV but I can't and they will not do this... So I need to somehow read the DATA from the Excel file.

My next option is to just do it in PHP... but that would require a whole new system.. and I would rather find a solution to my current problem than re-write everything in PHP

Kind Regards
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DNS-less connection is no longer supported in MX.

This site shows you some workarounds
With the introduction of JDBC drivers in ColdFusion MX, dynamic data source connections (also referred to as DSN-less connections) are no longer supported. This is because ColdFusion MX uses the data source services provided by the underlying J2EE server. It is possible to closely simulate this functionality however.

Dynamic data sources in ColdFusion MX
<cfquery dbtype="dynamic" CONNECTSTRING="Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)};DriverId=790;Dbq=#Session.filepath#;DefaultDir=#Session.filepath#;" name="InputQuery">

is not supported anymore.

Either create an odbc and setup the administration area for the ODBC,
then change your <cfquery> to sumthing like
<cfquery name="InputQuery" datasource="Your_dnsname">

or use the workaround given by macromedia and modify your all queries
 like this
<cfquery name="test" datasource="dynamicMDB">
   SELECT FirstName
   FROM Employees
   IN 'C:\mysite\db\cfsnippets.mdb'

i would personally go for step one.
Setup the ODBC then modify the <cfquery tags>
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DNS-less connections is no longer supported...... NOT has a very nice solution to make this all possible..

The requirment was reading in files on a server in a on-going basis.. and this nice little CFX tag does just that.. no more worries as my problem has been solve thanks to pinaldave. I knew it was not all that tuff..

Thanks for the link and time guys.. My work here is done.

Kind Regards

PS > no longer exist...
glad to help you and have a good day,

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