CD in the CD-ROM is it a must?

when an application asks you to insert the CD in the CD-ROM, is it a must?
although i copied the whole CD contents to my hard drive so i won't have to put the CD whenver i use the application but still its asking me to do so!

any way to solve it?

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nelsonjr71Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you try the methods I listed or the ones LRI41 listed?
They will work for you.
Now, seeing that you don't have a CD rom drive in the laptop. You would need to create the cd image on a computer with a cd rom and transfer the image to your laptop. Then you can install the emulator software on your Laptop to access the cd rom image just as if it were the actual cd in a real drive...

Good luck!
most times do this you must edit .ini files to make it look else where for the files
program makers do this to stop you from giving the cd to uncle sam and him doing it and give it on and on and on.....

what program is it?
Asta CuCommented:
What is your Operating System and version?

If have copied system cab files to your hard drive, you should be able to point to that directly.

If W98, 98SE or ME, try
start-run-sfc to scan for system files (checks for file integrity and adds files which are corrupted or deleted) ... point to the place on your HD where the cab files were copied.

If XP start - run - sfc /scannow (space after sfc).

What were you doing when this message came up?  Is it the Windows disk that is being requested or an application disk for software that you installed?
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one thing you can try is to create an image of the cd rom on your hard drive and use a cd rom emulating software.

Do you have CD burning software? Most of them allow you to create an image of the cd rom to the hard drive.

Second you need a CD Rom emulator. Here's a great free one, I use it to do the same thing your wanting to do.

It will allow you to create up to 4 virtual cd rom drives with drive letters assigned to them. You can then run up to 4 different CD rom images at a time. Really cool...
it is probably a must... unless you get that software
that 'mounts' the CD as a virtual drive
Another way to create a cd rom image (.iso file) is with software such as ISOBuster:

Just install the software, open it up, then put your cd rom in your drive.
Next right click the CD drive icon in ISObuster and select" Extract CD <IMAGE>" and under type choose RAW. Then simply select a destination location and a filename.
Sometimes putting a SUBST into the Autoexec.bat file is worth a try.

XCopy the contents of the cd to a folder, say C:\CDDRV

then the command in autoexec would be (say we want to use the H: drive to emulate the CD Drive)

SUBST     H:    C:\CDDRV

Then if you install the application from that drive, rather than the D drive, it may work.
Asta CuCommented:
We still have no idea exactly what the problem is.  Based on the question, it sounds like it has to do with Windows and the Windows cab files installed on the Hard drive, no?

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CD image software that a folder on the hard drive is a CD in the disk drive

Comment from DavidBirch2dotCom Date: 09/29/2004 10:09AM PDT      Comment      
there are a few professional program to do this or so I remember ... have a look at this beware if you are going to just copy the program for a friend or sometihng that is not legal and is against membership rulesDavid
Comment from AkirasLoveChild Date: 09/29/2004 10:11AM PDT      Comment      
Hi,Yes, there are utilities that allow you to do this. We use one at work a lot for a demo DVD made by this company: There are others available and I'm sure you can still get some free ones on the net with a little searching around.
Comment from AkirasLoveChild Date: 09/29/2004 10:13AM PDT      Comment      
Spooky! In the time it took me to write that answer, someone else suggested the same product!
Comment from DavidBirch2dotCom Date: 09/29/2004 10:14AM PDT      Comment      
lol *evil laugh*
Comment from shankar_ms Date: 09/29/2004 10:21AM PDT      Comment      
Check out""... and do not use this to do software piracy...Sh
Comment from jltoops Date: 09/29/2004 10:39AM PDT      Comment      
ID recommend ALCOHOL 120% stuff works great for just about everythingcd image to disk assigning images drive letters. it even worked with most disks i tried it with.JAY
Comment from jarjarbinx1979 Date: 09/29/2004 10:53AM PDT      Comment      
ID I go with jltoops ALCoHOL 120% is possiably the best
Comment from pjcrooks2000 Date: 09/29/2004 12:47PM PDT      Comment      
As shankar_ms saysDaemon tools is free and will allow you to emulate 4 extra CD rom drives.  This is particularly cool for Games and like you say software that requires the CD to be inserted in order to run it.  However you say that using folder in windows and I do not think it will allow you to open up a folder rather it will look for a BIN, ISO, or any other CD image as your question mentions.The just use you CD copying software to create an image and mount it into Daemon tools.good luckpjcrooks2000
Comment from za3_za3 Date: 09/29/2004 02:29PM PDT      Comment      
hello;there is a program as i remember virtualCD or virtualDrive that ca n copy the cd as new drive in the harddisk;have funabdo
Comment from cwkhang Date: 09/29/2004 05:25PM PDT      Comment      
check out Free virtual CD ROM for Windows XP 2.1

almahaAuthor Commented:
I have this software called The Learning Company, Learn French.
I want to install it on my lap top that doesn't have a CD-ROM and i have intentions to go and buy the one that comes with it but i'm in a hurry for this Software!
so i tried to copy the CD on my USB hard drive and paste it to my laptop's hard drive.
it installed successfully but then when i ran it, it still asked me to insert the CD!

i tried to edit the .ini file but i couldn't find anything relevant to my case in there!

This is the Setup.ini

APPTITLE = Learn To Speak French 7.0
GROUP = The Learning Company\Learn To Speak French 7.0
//Hkey_CurrentUser\Software\The Learning Company\Learn To Speak French 7.0\Path
//this should correspond to the Reg entry made by the install
RegEntry = The Learning Company\Learn To Speak French 7.0
//SRDatabase Name
//SRDatabase Dir
DBDirName = LSFE7_0
Language = FRENCH

VER = 3.0.0
MSGTITLE = QuickTime Installation
DETECTEDOLDER1 = Your current QuickTime version is
DETECTEDOLDER2 = .  Setup will now install QuickTime version 3.0
DETECTEDNEWER = Setup has detected the latest or a more recent version of QuickTime on your system and will not launch the QuickTime version 3.0 installation.
DETECTEDNONE = QuickTime was not detected on your system. Setup will now install QuickTime version 3.0.
Path = \QT\setup.exe

Title = Microphone Test
Message = Setup will now launch the Microphone Tester so that you can check the current status of your microphone.

thanks alot
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