Always on top table to cover banner advertisements


I'm using a free web host that has small advertising banners at the top and bottom of each page (60 pixels high) Can someone tell me how to create a table with a white background that always remains on top and thus hides the advertisements. The tables don't need to move when you scroll down the page...

Thanks in advance for any help!
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ee_ai_constructConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No ethical advice or lectures from me.
Experts:  No more posts to this question please.

If you read your User Agreement I believe that you will find that you get free service in exchange for leaving those banner ads in place.  EE prohibits the discussion of material that will contribute or lead to the violation of other sites user agreements.

The question will be deleted in 24 hours.  It can not be answered without violating the EE Membership Agreement..

Please consider this a warning about posting questions of this type in the future.

Your points have been refunded pending deletion of the question.

Community Support Admin
Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:
well that would be against the TERMS AND CONDITION of your web host. and noone @ EE will help you with that.
I don't think this fits very well under the membership agreement. It is doable, but I don't feel I can supply a solution. Does an admin want to clarify this?
siono1Author Commented:
Thanks for the ethical advice but that's not what I asked for in the question. I pay all my taxes and regularly contribute to charities! (This is not a joke by the way) Can anyone overcome their high moral standards and try and help me out? :-) and please, no more lectures except from the EE administrator of course!
Sorry buddy.  The member's agreement says you cannot:

- Planning illegal activities, such as creating computer viruses, building a bomb or counterfeiting money or pirating software, Serial Numbers of products for which you do not have a registered license.
- Promoting any products or services that are unlawful at the location at which the content is posted or received.

This is definetly one, the other, or both.  

So you pay your taxes?  This means you should have unlimited rights to everything else available being free?  Not quite.
Either pay for it or look for a different free host that doesn't do this.  You won't get help with this here.
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