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Hello -

I have a Word mail merge that gets data from an Access database.  When the records are merged, some records will generate 3 section pages, some section 4 pages, etc.  What I need is to add a blank page to the records that generate "Odd" section page counts.  The merged document gets duplexed (via a printer with duplexing capabilities).  I need to make sure that a page from one record does not duplex on to the back of other records when it prints.  Can this be done?  

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Why can't you just set the printer not to print back to back?

Assuming you have Windows XP, you can go to Control Panel, select "Printers and Other Hardware". Then select "Printers and Faxes". Right-click on the printer you want to print to and select 'Properties' from the contet menu that is displayed after right-clicking. You should have the option of setting either double or single sided printing. If you want to do this in word, you would also have to choose "Print..." from the file menu. Choose "Options..." in the dialog box which appears, then depending how your Word is setup, you will have to look somewhere to set something so that only single -sided printing will be performed. Hope that helps.

amrnormanAuthor Commented:
I am working with Windows 2000.  Upon the merge, I could have a total of 156 pages, based on say, 35 records.  These pages are consecutive.  Duplex printing is automatic.  My problem is that some records generate three pages, others generate two.  I need the total page count for each record to have even pages.  Otherwise, I end up with page three of record one printing on the back of record two.
Does Windows 2000 have the option of opening the Properties dialog of each printer available on the network? If so, then try doing it that way. I'm sure there is a way to print single pages. You said you wanted to insert blank pages in between so it's just the same as printing single sided, correct?
amrnormanAuthor Commented:
Hi.  I do not want to print single sided.  These are letters that I need to have duplexed.  I am trying not too kill too many trees. If I have record that has three 'single' pages with text on them, I want two singles to be duplexed on one piece of paper and the the third single page to be duplexed on a second piece of paper with a blank single on the other side.  I have tried working with section page parameters within Word, but have not had any luck.

Use section breaks - Insert/Break/chose either odd or even.  This will then force the following section to be displayed on the next odd or even page.  Notice that this will only be apparent when you look on File/Print Preview.

This I would suggest that you have an odd or even section break at the end of the mail merge record.



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